For an absolutely amazing experience in the southwest, you’d come down to San Antonio Texas. In a state that prides itself on history and culture. San Antonio has a few of the most remarkable attractions around. These are the best San Antonio Texas things do:

Stroll Along the River Walk

The walk-around the river is a place designed especially for visitors like you to comfortably walk around on amazing paved paths lined with Cypress trees, bridges connecting the venue from one side to another. Exemplified by its name, this wonderful pathway runs along the San Antonio Texas River which gives this place pleasant weather all year long. As you take in the stunning views of the city, you’ll discover the Museum Reach which features adorable Texan stores and restaurants. You always bring top models over

Visit the Pearl in San Antonio

Pearl is one of the warmest areas in town. Situated at the former Pearl Brewery site, this place has been transformed into a venue to see and be seen. Featuring a food hall and seventeen other eateries and wonderful establishments, it is not surprising that the culinary institute of America has opened a campus here.

Go Underwater at the Sea

The San Antonio Texas sea world is the oldest marine theme park in the world having been opened in the year 1988. Here, you get to admire several sea legends such as stingrays, dolphins, eels, otters, penguins, American Alligators, seals, flamingoes, belugas, tropical fishes, and whales. You can also have a great time on the rides such as roller coasters, animal attractions, and live shows. This huge 250 acres marine park has it all and then, some.

Eat Some Delicious Gluten at the Liberty Bar

The liberty bar was opened in the year 84 by a man troubled with his bohemian fantasies and homed in a former Benedictine Convent at King William’s old neighborhood. This venue acts as a bar cum restaurant and has a wide menu that includes classic southern meals, lab sausages, venison, hearty sandwiches, and pot roast bowls. Though, the finest food serves here’s their homemade bread perfected impeccably by the bakers.

Natural Bridge Caverns

When you enter the caverns, you’ll be amazed by looking at the majestic natural limestone design which serves as a bridge and is sixty feet long. A tourist can select from a range of different tours to survey the natural bridge caverns where you’ll locate various fossils and gems also formations that happened by single drops of water. There’s also the great option for zip line which will take you across the venue and you can marvel at the formations without putting your feet on the ground.

Visit at San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio zoo was established in the year of 1914 and is a cage-less zoo that is home to more than 9000 animals belongs to 770 species. It was one of the primary zoo to successfully reproduce the while rhinoceros with the assistance of their breeding program and also, has one of the biggest collections of birds in the country. The best way to commute through the zoo is by the San Antonio Texas Zoo eagle which is a train that takes you to see the most amazing spots.

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