San Antonio Strippers

San Antonio Strippers

Let us pour all-inclusive big smiles that last! Get that sensual party going with the hottest San Antonio Strippers. Are you thinking where you can find San Antion dancers near me? Well, have a ride with our private dancers! Get some of our hottest ladies in Texas to perform body shots and bachelor party games. You can have your favorite private dancer now for your event. Ladies, bring our male dancers out to your baby shower. Book your exotic dancers by calling (210)-807-9770. You can also reserve online.

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San Antonio Texas Girls
San Antonio Male Strippers

San Antonio Male Strippers

san antonio female strippers

San Antonio Female Strippers

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San Antonio Female Strippers

San Antonio Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Looking for Texas hotspots to hold a bachelor or bachelorette party? San Antonio doesn’t come up too often perhaps due to the fact that Austin is just an hour’s drive away. Don’t be fooled people; San Antonio is one of the hidden gems in Texas. This city can lead to one of the most memorable nights your best friend will ever have.

If the bride or groom-to-be is a sports fan and you’re having the wedding sometime between October and April can always start the party off by going to a San Antonio Spurs game; if WNBA is more your taste, the Silver Stars also call San Antonio home. Some other places and San Antonio attractions are here to see when visiting.

One of the most unique features of the city of San Antonio is that it’s located right on the river. This is where you can get a lot of bachelor and bachelorette party ideas to choose from. The obvious choice might be just to spend the night walking down the river and doing a little bar hopping. With some of the best clubs and bars in Texas this is fine, but don’t forget the bachelor or bachelorette party should be something that can’t be done any time. it needs to be special.

Rather than walking down the river, take a boat down the river. There are plenty of cruises that go down the river all night and you can easily rent one of the tour boats out with your special party, the guest-of-honor, and the rest of the company to take a unique journey through the city and have a more private setting to celebrate such a momentous occasion. If you want to eat on the barge you have that option, but Tex-Mex has a special place in San Antonio so it’s almost a sin to not grab a few tacos. If you are wanting a more unique locale, having dinner on the observation deck of the Tower of the Americas may be exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll have the best view of the San Antonio skyline from 750 feet up-a a great location for pictures and memories.

As the night wears on it’s an awesome idea to head back to a more private location (preferably at or near the hotel where most of the guests are staying). This not only allows everybody to make it back safely but gives you an opportunity to take things up a notch and surprise the bride or groom with a stripper. Having a little fun entertainment will help ease the tension around the impending wedding and give your best friend a final taste of single life before they settle down. Strippers aren’t only for the guys, either; bachelorettes can enjoy the fun with San Antonio male strippers.

Whether you’re looking to party the night away and hop from club to bar on the river or are looking for a more private bachelorette or bachelor party by renting a barge cruise, San Antonio is a great place to be. You can have all the great memories and experiences the region has to offer without dealing with the overcrowded areas of Austin. Check out the city and plan your birthday party accordingly.


There are so many games guys can do from paintball, eating to contests, beer pong with the female strippers, and more. The groom should never feel comfortable until this weekend is over.

San Antonio Male Dancers

San Antonio male dancers

San Antonio Male Dancers

All of our San Antonio Strippers have won numerous talent shows, been seen on TV and in the pages of Playgirl Magazine. Need a black performer in San Antonio? We have several to choose from. Need a Latin dancer in San Antonio? We have the best! We have the fittest exotic dancers in San Antonio! Hot Party Strippers. We are owned and operated by the same performers you see on the website. Call us to get started!

Testimonials Reviews:

This was the first time I had been in Texas and I didn’t know San Antonio male strippers were a “thing” for bachelorette parties; I always thought that was for places like Vegas.. my friends all insisted that I get a stripper for the bride’s party (they left me in charge of planning) so I didn’t want to disappoint. Thanks for being so accommodating. The reservation form on your site was the reason I picked you guys and now I’m glad I did. The party was a hit, the picture matched the dancer, and everyone had a great time.
Shondella G
Just wanted to send this email to let you know everything went better than expected, Sean. If you want to use this on your site you can. For anyone who is on the fence about getting a stripper from Hot Party Stripper: you won’t be disappointed. Last memorial day weekend (May 25th) my friends and I all got together from out of state for the first time in 5 years. We hired a San Antonio stripper from Sean and he got us hooked up with the sexiest dancers ever. The whole night was a blast and Tiffany was a real professional. Great FUN show that we’ll never forget. Thanks again.
Matt B
Um.. I don’t know how to comment on our strippers “good” without being too forward as I don’t want to pollute your website.. but let’s just say if David was nicknamed “Big D” it would have been appropriate..all of the girls at the hen party loved the show and David really knew what he was doing. He was so handsome, clean, and just delicious… more than one of the girls wanted to take him home LOL!!
Steph J
Lmfao sean.. maybe your girls are too good bro. had to share this story! Me and my buds pooled in to be able to get 2 san antonio strippers for the bachelor party last week and after all their teasing and finally the show, the last thing I remember hearing jonny (groom) say was “if this is what is out there maybe I shouldn’t get married” lmfao keep that away from the bride though lmao.
Jason J

Hey Sean we really appreciate you guys come in through last-minute for my Super Bowl party at the sleep Inn suites San Antonio Texas. All the guys that are really good time and the girls made for a really great halftime show. It was perfect as their favorite singers Justin Timberlake and he was on the halftime show for the Super Bowl so the girls were really twerking for all the guys. Just wanted to make a review for you guys here let you know that the girls were amazing and thank you again for coming through last-minute for us all.

Chris S

Frequently Asked Questions

Our business is online. We spent 12.5 years. I Love the art of sexy dancer. I love this showman-ship. I focus to make the event successful. I chose dancers strictly. I focus on team. I performed dance in the world. I spent 22 yrs,. I won USA strip-off twice. I won playgirl man of the year. I hired by Chippendales. I have bonded with 300 TV shows. I have bonding with music videos.
Prices are changeable. Rates depend on the performer. It also depends on the location. Please consider that we are bringing the stripper’s club to you. Sean Micheal has won the USA strip off twice. So I know this business very well. According to my opinion, It is foolish to think someone will take their clothes off on easy rates. At cheap rates, you can not achieve the maximum results. For many years my clients call me at the last minute. They try to get a replacement for a cheap stripper that they hired they want me to replace them with some new bozo company off sponsored links. It is too difficult to get a stripper at the last minute. Again it’s not more than foolishness to think that a hot stripper is waiting for parties. She is available 24/7 and ready to just go to a canceled event. Please Reserve Online if you can’t speak on the phone.
Both are great. Sean Michales is a friend of many club owners. He is a partial owner too. It depends on what you are looking for. What you want to get. How much you will spend. It includes drinks. It also have a dancer show. You will have music choices. We have games and lighting. We have different options.
Sean Michaels answered this on TV & Radio interviews. Anyone can dress in a costume. It has no value. Sean Michael can not teach his dancers. Science & art is also involved. what a performer can learn? If we throw dancer on stage. Costumes and roles play a role. We have party games. These are related to the Bachelorette party. This party gives a plus option. Ask the planners to give you ideas. Ask them to give you options.
We have staff to plan your party. They will inform you about package of dancers. They will give you ideas. Details about hotels and air BnB. They will inform you about day and night times. They will inform you about waiter staff. They will give you other options for the party.
Well, strip clubs have many dancers. But they have a lot of customers. Most clients at clubs leave. They have limited time. So special give complete time to clients at the party. In case they can play any music you want. They perform with toys. Private Strippers do not follow club rules for example 3 minutes per lap dance. They make their own rules with the clients.
They come online for fans. They do house parties. Most parties have a time limit of fifteen minutes. They are following all the rules. Sean stated that “He is a medical graduate. He explained the proper ways to stay safe. So we have educated the dancers. They are taking precautions every day. All testing is done. We focus on safety measures at events.”