It’s time to get out on the water!

The warm weather means that it’s time to take a boat trip. Whether you own one or rent one for the day, you’re already thinking about how nice it will be to get out on the water and enjoy the warmer days with friends and family.

But why settle for just cruising around or fishing? Why not turn it into a truly memorable event for you and your friends? Whether you leave the harbor or not, you can do plenty when you are on a large boat. For example, you could have the guys over for dinner or poker and hire some strippers for a private erotic show on the boat. Its time to get toasty with our dancers.

Different Packages

You have a lot of choices for types of shows that would be available for your boat excursion. Consider the type of celebration you will have, which should help inform the shows that will work best for you. Let’s look at a few of the available options to get an idea of what might appeal to you:

If there are going to be lots of people around during this event (which there usually are), then having waitresses who serve food during dinner is probably not going to work too well because they may not be.  Serving so many areas: Nashville, Austin, Buffalo, NYC, Miami, Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Chicago, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Philly, Houston, Dallas, Mobile Alabama, Pensacola, New Orleans, Seattle, Cincinnati, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, Tampa, Orlando, St Louis, Las Vegas, Reno, San Bernadino, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, Minneapolis.


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