Celebrate a Bachelorette Party in Colorado Springs Colorado

Spa day

You can adapt this idea to fit any budget. For less expensive choice, have guests bring indulgent gifts like manicure, bath oils, sponges, manicure sets – everything that the bride will need to pamper herself. Hiring a manicurist or masseuse to arrive at the party is a remarkable way to include appeal and interest.

At the high end, definitely, you can arrange for the full group to indulge themselves at a day spa. Depending on the bride-to-be preferences and each participants budget, you can make it a day of best leisure or a beauty makeover. Try getting some exotic dancers near me to show up fast and put on an amazing show.



This choice is best for nature lovers who wants to get out and spend a few days enjoying open-air activities but no desire to hoist heavy packs or spend an hour each evening assembling a tent.

There are many choices in Colorado to enjoy wonderful camping. Dunton Hot Springs, a genuine ghost town changed fashionable retreat, offers grand accommodations in the mountains close to Durango in either rural cabins or tents. Some of the cabins even have fireplaces. You will get tasty meals and even the choice of having a massage at the end of a day spent hiking.

Cooking themed event

Here, too, there is a big range of choices designed to fit any budget. You can simply invite your friends over too cook and eat a tasty meal together. A right gift for this bachelorette party might be cookbooks, or gift certificates for 2 to some of her favorite restaurants in town.

Wine tasting

Mile High Wine trips will pick guests up and take around to some of the top wineries area where the well-informed owners will describe the whole thing you need to know about the domestic vintages you are sipping.

Kidnapping adventure

A German tradition is for links of the groom to “kidnap” the bride away from the reception – generally to the nearest pub, where the groom must go to find her. An amazing variation on this theme could be adapted as the primary event in a surprise bachelor party. Hire a limo to show up at the bride-to be workplace or home – stocked with sparkling wine, naturally. The limo can pick up the party visitors one at a time, or the maid of honor can blindfold her friend and take her to the party’s place.

bachelorette party ideas Colorado springs

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