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If you’re looking for the hottest female strippers in Dallas, look no further than “Hot Party Stripper”. We have the hottest Dallas strippers for your private party. Our exotic dancer entertainment in Dallas is HOT; we bring the HEAT to your party.

Our exotic dancers are ready to make your party a night to remember. Whether you’re celebrating a Dallas-style bachelor party, birthday party, divorce party, or guy’s night out and need some hot adult entertainment in Dallas, Tx. We’ve got you covered! Our female strippers are a perfect gift for your guests. Live and experience life together with live private adult entertainment. You have come to the right place!

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Female Strippers Dallas

Smile. You’re a little excited, we’re a little excited, and you’re going to have an epic time. Whether you need to get ready for a business event or are celebrating the bachelor party of your lifetime, Hot Dallas Strippers is the place to go. You’ll have access to the best female exotic dancers in Dallas. We have a variety of stunning female strippers. You can check out all of our girl’s bodies. Some girls are petite, and some are thick in the right places. Some are blonds, and some are brunettes. We also have every culture working for us.

Affordability. Quality. Variety

hot Dallas strippers

Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is supposed to be the last night of a single life happening. But how do you mark this special occasion? You could spend the night at home or go out with your friends to your local bar – or you could call a top-of-the-line specialty service. This way, you will make this last night truly memorable, and they will even remember it for years. Get one of our professional exotic dancers here at Hot Party in Dallas, Texas, and you will have a really hot time. We work with only the best exotic dancers who know exactly what men need. They know that the little details give a bachelor party its legendary status. Thus, quit worrying about all the details and stuff that can go wrong, and let them get you covered. As soon as you book an appointment with one of our hotties using the promo code on this page, you get massive discounts for booking early! So Don, what are you going to do?

Topless Waitress

You can always call us when you want to host a corporate event, trade show, office party, Christmas party, or any other social gathering. We’ve been serving in the area for years with the most beautiful Dallas topless waitresses in the business. They know how to keep your guests engaged and entertained while serving with trays, mixing drinks, and taking pictures. They’re friendly and gorgeous, so they can easily refresh your booze if you decide to switch it up again or have someone else serve. We have many years of experience with professional hosting and bartending, which we now use to provide entertainment services like bartending and topless waitressing. We realize that great service, as well as a team-oriented atmosphere that effectively works together, is a great combination for success and having fun. Your guests will notice our eye candy because they stand out from the crowd. We’re not the only ones who think it integrates:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Hey, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the party last night. I have to compliment you on your staff. They were amazing! The girl with the blonde hair was really friendly and had a lovely accent, she really helped me out with some clients at the start of my campaign when I was a bit nervous, and that gave me the confidence to get going! Then the girl with the stunning long black hair had me in stitches all night and was doing shots involved in our drinking games which got us all going, as well as having some “fun” with one of my clients who didn’t seem to mind at all if you know what I mean LOL. Anyway, so much fun, and I think everyone in our group went home having had a great time and raving about your team. They all agreed they’d use your company again, so thanks a mill we really appreciated it!

Private Party

Both strip clubs and private events are unique. Both have different pros and cons. It depends on what you’re searching for. The amount of money you will spend.

  1. Private parties combined a show with costumes. The Dallas strippers will bring toys.
  2. You get to make your own music decisions.
  3. We serve you like kings.
male Dallas strippers

Dallas Male Strippers

Are you visiting Dallas, Texas, for a bachelorette party and looking to have a Magic Mike or Labare-trained male stripper? Well, we have a variety of male dancers in Dallas, Texas, available for your special event. Our male strippers are available for all events, including bachelorette parties, birthdays, corporate parties, and more. We have a variety of male strippers in Dallas, Texas, trained in different dance styles.

Our male dancer costumes are Police, Firefighter, Hotel Manager, Construction, and more. Our male strippers are trained in many different styles of dance. They can perform a choreographed show, strip down to their underwear or even go full nude if you desire. We offer a variety of packages (pardon the pun) that include multiple male strippers, games, party favors, and more.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties in Dallas are different than they used to be. The bride-to-be and her friends can get their naughty on with a female stripper if they want. That’s right! There are female strippers in Dallas. Whether your bachelorette party has two males and fourteen females or is made up entirely of females, we can accommodate your request. Let our hot ladies tease you and please you at the same time. We can help organize your bachelorette party while also organizing another type of entertainment. Are you looking for a male stripper dressed as a Cop or Firefighter to perform at your event? How about one that dresses like Doctor Long John or a favorite celebrity? If so, we have hot options for booking at almost any budget and venue choice.

Birthday Party

Are you searching for birthday party ideas in Dallas, Texas? Our female or male strippers in Dallas will do that! Our female exotic dancers are the perfect way to celebrate any birthday. Our toned dancers will give the birthday boy the lap dance of his dreams. If you are searching for a birthday party or gift idea, look no further than The Hot Party and hire a Dallas stripper today! Book now with Hot Party and get additional discounts using the promo code on the phone, Hot Party!

Office Party

Are you looking to surprise someone at the office? Hot Party’s female strippers are ready to pick up the energy at the office, big or small. They will surely please even the most discriminating of tastes with their sensual dance moves and stunning good looks. Our strippers are ready to make your next party a memorable one.

Whether it’s a birthday party, Christmas party, or just a regular old Friday night, our strippers are ready to bring fun and excitement into your life. We’ve got all kinds of girls—from busty blondes to brunette bombshells—and they’re all ready for whatever kind of celebration you have. Whether it’s a birthday party or just a regular old Friday night, we’ve got all kinds of girls—from busty blondes to brunette bombshells—and they’re all ready for whatever kind of celebration you have in mind. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for some fun!


The holiday party is a gift-giving opportunity! Hidden in the occasion is the chance to match a smile on your face with a secret smile in your heart. At Hot Party Dallas, we will help make your heart smile at three levels. That’s three female strippers for every party. Our female strippers are ready to celebrate any holiday and make your party one long-lasting toast to success. To hire our female strippers in Dallas, not only will you be celebrating with your close friends but an elite group of beautiful women. Hot Party has the most attractive strippers in Dallas and can provide the entertainment you want for your corporate event, private birthday party, or even a wedding proposal.

Graduation Party

Are you planning a college graduation party in Dallas and looking for fun and exciting ways to celebrate? Let off some steam before you enter the workforce full-time by hiring a Dallas female stripper from The Hot Party! Our ladies of pleasure will ensure all your friends have an outrageous time. Hot Party is proud to provide you with the best female strippers to make your fraternity parties look like nothing.

Any Occasion Party

Are you entertaining for any reason? Maybe you’re having a party because of getting over a divorce. Perhaps you just started a new job and want to celebrate with some sexiness. Maybe you like to have fun and want to hire a stripper for no reason, and everyone will love it. Our female strippers in Dallas Tx are prepared to help you celebrate any occasion, even for no reason. Enjoy your life and hire a stripper in Dallas to celebrate being alive! Our strippers are the best and sexiest in Dallas, so look no further than Hot Party!

Divorce Party

If you’re celebrating your divorce, you probably feel like you have nothing to celebrate. But now is the time to let loose and have some fun!

That’s why we’re here at Hot Party Stripper. We know that it can be hard to imagine having fun when you’re going through a trying time. But that’s why we do what we do: bring your party to life!

You’ll have male strippers who can dance on tables and female strippers who’ll sing karaoke with you and even play ping pong with their boobs. We’ll get there fast, set up quickly, and make sure everyone is having a great time—even if they don’t want to admit it!

And don’t worry about the legal limits on private strippers in Dallas, Texas: we know all about those rules because we work within them daily. We’ll ensure everything is perfect from start to finish so that everyone who comes will remember this night fondly for years to come!

Retirement Party 

Hot Party Strippers understands all about retirement. The owner retired from being a Dallas stripper for 22 years. Retirement shouldn’t be celebrated as an ending to life goals. It should be your golden years, and what better to surprise a friend with some exotic dancers in Dallas than Hot Party Strippers? The exotic dancers will put hundreds of smiles on everyone’s face with a strip tease out of this world. Give a baby boomer a wonderful gift from private strippers in Dallas, Texas.

House Party

Private parties being done at home are referred to as “house parties” by Hot Party Stripper. Hot Party Stripper understands all house parties. That is because the owner has done over 15,000 house parties in the Dallas area. A house party is like working from home is to working in the office. A house party has no rules, is convenient, and you don’t have to share entertainment with anyone other than you and your friends.

After Party

You and your friends went out for the night and felt unfulfilled. You guys are looking for something late at night to do after the club. You and your friends have energy, so you don’t want to go to Denny’s or IHOP and finish the night with a small meal. Well, we have male and female exotic dancers in Dallas, Texas, that will come out late at night and make sure to finish your night amazingly. Enjoy some soft skin and super hot bodies, lap dancing on all of you. Or ladies, you went out bar hopping and want to spice things up before sleeping. Have one of our male dancers share some fireball with you, going full monte for you and your girlfriends. Oh, ladies, many of our guys have appeared in Playgirl magazine, so they are packing high horsepower.


Our brunch party package arrives with everyone’s favorite Dallas strippers serving you by the pool. Guys, have our exotic dancers serve you while multitasking lap dances in your hotel room. Ladies, have our cabana boys come out in boy shorts and serve you by the pool. All the other ladies at the hotel pool will be jealous. This is how you truly enjoy every bit of brunch.

College Party

College can be a lot of work depending on your major and if you have to work and school at the same time. Celebrate a fraternity or sorority party with our exotic dancers or male strippers. We can prank your new member while they are all blindfolded. We make stunning costumes for our Dallas male exotic dancers and strippers. We have wild ideas like a Harley Quinn w/popcorn on top or even an Easter Bunny full monte! Hot Party Stripper in Dallas has many wild epic ideas to take your fraternity or sorority to the next level. Our adult entertainment in Dallas is what memories are made from.

We provide adult entertainers for bachelor parties and bachelorette parties in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and beyond. Our services include strippers and exotic female dancers who will perform at your next event, guaranteed to impress! We also offer male strippers who can be dressed up as anything you want them to be, including; Elvis Presley or even Superman! No matter what you need, we got it covered!

Booking early is highly recommended so that we can make sure everything runs smoothly on the night of your event.

Couples Theme

Let’s face it: your love life could spice up a little.

We’re talking about that kind of spice that makes the room smell so good, and your friends all say, “What IS that smell?” We’re talking about the kind of spice that makes your significant other think, “Wow, this is something I’ve never smelled in my life,” Then they have to have it for themselves.

Because we know what you’re looking for—you want a party stripper who can make your night unforgettable. You want to feel like you’re living in a movie or at least on TV. That’s why we offer male and female strippers who can bring a new appeal to date night. Our themes include one-couple themes, lesbian couple themes, gay couple themes, and multiple couples themes.

Whether you’re looking for something tame or wild and crazy—and everything in between—we’ve got you covered! And with our fully-catered service, no one will ever be able to say “no” when you suggest an epic party night full of fun and excitement!

Yoga Parties

Hot Party Stripper is a studio with girls and guys that do yoga. Our studio’s clients include ladies who want to do yoga party and have private lessons with a little added hotness to them. So, if you ladies have a group that wants to do yoga with a little added hotness to it. Well, Hot Party Stripper in Dallas can provide you with exactly that. A male or female personal sexy yoga instructor will come out and teach everyone all the proper positions.

Small Group Personal Training

Our sexy female and male personal trainers are ready to fulfill all of your dreams with a naughty twist. Personal training sessions and boot camps for small groups in the DFW metroplex. Say a group of women are at the pool and need one male stripper in a swimsuit that is also a personal trainer but is also wearing booty shorts and doing lap dances during exercise. Our bad boys are high-energy and ready to rock your workout. Some of them are your naughty but nice type, while others are those intense types that love the burn. Girl trainers are also available in lingerie or bikini. We have the best exotic girls who would love to lap dance during exercises called supersets. They can increase metabolism while increasing libido. If your libido is elevated during a workout, your results will improve. So, if you are a group of guys wanting to change fitness goals, we have female trainers in bikinis who can help you get ripped and get fit soon. Do you know what they say? The best workout is one where you can look at half-naked men or women in different attire, burning up the same floor that you exercise on.

Costume Party

Hot Party Stripper is the leading supplier of adult costumes. Costume parties are for people who want to escape their normal lives. They set a fictitious theme in all your guest’s hearts. It’s a way to roleplay and have fun dressed up and cosplaying in a costume of choice. You’ll have an unforgettable night with your friends or family.

DIY Toga

Want an upgrade on your toga party? Let us take you to the next level at your event. Our female and male strippers will come out in the middle of your toga party for a huge full Mont surprise. Have a female stripper dress as Aphrodite for a big surprise. Have a male stripper dress up as a Spartan.

Gay Parties

If you are having a gay party or want some sexy and fun men to dance at your bachelor party, Hot Party Stripper can get hot Dallas male strippers to entertain you.

Lesbian Party

Looking to have a lesbian party? Our female strippers in Dallas will do a strip tease for you and your girlfriends. Our exotic dancers are fine-tuned to performing at your events, and you can schedule girl-on-girl shows with our fantastic female strippers as adult entertainment tonight.


Hot Party Stripper can cater to all transgender parties. The owner of Hot Party Stripper starred in the Birdcage movie with Robbin Williams. We are seeking employment of transgenders for our Dallas transgender strippers. We will not supply adult entertainment to children.

Party Bus

So, bachelorette parties might be like a party bus filled with cocktails and a male stripper in Dallas to mix drinks. An idea that is as spicy as the lap dances on board. We have seen party buses filled with stripper poles where girls can perform a little strip tease before the lap dances.

Party Boat Fishing

If you are going on a party boat fishing trip in Dallas, or surrounding areas like Waco, Denton, Fort Worth, then you should consider hiring one of our female strippers for the trip. They can serve drinks, food, be topless waitresses, and strip for you. The 2-3 hour time slot is just enough for most people to have a good time.

Top Golf Party

Top Golf birthday parties celebrate with friends, music, food, and drinks. People in Dallas can also order exotic strippers to make the party even more memorable. The strippers can do a quick 15-minute strip tease in a bikini to spark a pleasant surprise for the birthday celebrant.

Football Party

When you want to throw the party of the year, it’s important to have a theme. And what better way to make your party stand out than with a football theme?

We know how hard it is to plan an event from start to finish—so we do it for you! Our Dallas strippers are here to help you throw the ultimate football party. We’ve got hot and sexy women dressed in their best football gear ready for action, and they can serve food and drinks and even give their best halftime show while serving as your hostesses!

Everyone loves watching football on Sundays, so why not take advantage of that passion by throwing a football-themed party? You’ll be amazed at how much fun this will be for your guests. Your friends will love mingling with our beautiful women dressed in their favorite team’s gear or uniforms.

And don’t worry about having enough food or drink at your event—our girls will ensure everyone gets what they need before heading home after their visit with us!


Hot Party Strippers will serve topless and give lap dances and body shots at your basketball party. The exotic dancers can dress in uniforms that look like cheerleaders. They also deliver food and drinks to your guests seated at the tables. This is a way to celebrate a basketball party in style.


At Hot Party Stripper’s baseball party strippers in Dallas deliver food. They’ll give you high energy, topless or in bikini body shots to the guys, and lap dances to the girls during halftime. This is how you celebrate a baseball party!


Hot Party Stripper soccer parties are easy to throw and guarantee a great time. With our Dallas strippers, that dress as cheerleaders and deliver food, our dancers will serve straight up or in bikinis. They serve drinks and food topless as well. During halftime, they will provide adult entertainment with lap dances. This is a way to celebrate a soccer party in style; your guests will love you for it.

UFC Watch Party

Hosting a UFC watch party is a great way to bring friends together. There’s so much energy and excitement around the fights. But hosting on game day can be a bit chaotic. That’s why we offer Hot Party Stripper UFC watch parties that happen on game day with our Dallas strippers, that dress as cheerleaders or referees and deliver food. Our dancers serve topless or in a bikini. They serve drinks and food topless as well. Before or after the main fight, they will provide adult entertainment with lap dances. This is a way to celebrate a UFC watch party in style, and your guests will love you for it.

If you would like us to help make your UFC party one of the best nights of your life, then give us a call today


You’ll love the energy of our Dallas Strippers, and your guests will too. Call us today to book a hockey party. The players and spectators get amped up for a big game, as do our Dallas dancers! We will serve your guests drinks, cheer them on, and give them lap dances throughout the game. After the final whistle blows, we can party all night long. For group entertainment like this, there is no price too high.

Halloween Party

We can get hot male strippers in Dallas to arrive at your party in a Police costumes. ! You need to spice things up by hiring a male or female police costume hot party stripper to come in and threaten to shut the party down. All your guests will have no idea what’s going on, plus they will get paranoid that they did something wrong and will be arrested. This is a great prank on a fun Halloween night.

Christmas Party

Merry Christmas!

We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and laughter.

It’s the time of year to be thankful and give back. When you decide to hire our female strippers for your party, you’re celebrating more than just the holidays—you’re celebrating the spirit of generosity. At Hot Party Dallas, we’ll help you celebrate in style by matching smiles on your face with secret smiles in your heart.

You can enjoy three levels of smiling at our female strippers: 1) The smile on your face when they enter the room 2) The smile in your heart as you watch them dance 3) The smile from knowing that by hiring these beautiful women, you’ve made someone else’s day brighter too!

Our female strippers are ready to celebrate any holiday and make your party one long-lasting toast to success. To hire our female strippers in Dallas, not only will you be celebrating with your close friends but an elite group of beautiful women. Hot Party has the most attractive strippers in Dallas and can provide entertainment for any special occasion like corporate events or private birthday parties or even a wedding proposal!

Instagram Models

Hot Party Stripper employs and manages many Instagram models. We are always accepting applications as well. For example, if you are having a party in Downtown Dallas and you’d like to order female strippers for a night out that you can post on social media while enjoying a guys or girls’ night out. The girls remain in bikinis if filmed, and once the strip tease starts, all phones must not be recording.

Legs and Eggs

It’s the morning of a bachelor party, and the guys are starving and have a little hangover. They didn’t order strippers. But now they’re hungry and want some local exotic dancers to bring breakfast… It’s fun to eat eggs off their legs. Or, to put it another way: Strippers deliver breakfast to bachelor parties in Dallas. This type of event is more interesting than watching the typical strippers come into a room for the guest of honor.

Boobs and Beer

It’s a guys night out for any occasion and your thirsty and bored. You call Hot Party Stripper who can deliver what you need. You need some hot Dallas strippers with busty boobs to bring beer with them. We call this the boobs and beer party. Our exotic dancers can feed you guys some ice-cold brewskis while lap dancing.

Bikini Strippers

Bikini strippers remain in bikinis while they dance. They are ordered for private parties that don’t want nudity, and we have the best in Dallas. Our girls are available for bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events, and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our services. We offer many packages and themes to choose from so please feel free to browse through our site and call us if you have any questions.

Exotic Dancer Jobs

Dallas has a wide variety of exotic dancers and stripping jobs. We seek professional and reliable talent in their personal lives, as well as being confident and passionate about entertainment. Girls and guys can work here as exotic dancers regardless of their experience level. We offer strip show clothing and accept both male and female strippers. You can get discounts on our clothing line for strip shows. Ask staff about what outfits, bikinis, and lingerie we have available. You must have your own transportation to get to the events.

Hot Party Stripper LLC – Trusted Launched in Dallas

Sexy lady worker attractive legs for private bachelor parties

Private Strippers in Costume


Sean Michaels addressed this question in many TV and radio shows. Anybody can dress up in a costume and go to a gym. It takes a talented individual to put on a good show. We bring experienced male strippers to your special events. Ladies, Sean worked out a Labare for many years, and I coach all the male dancers to be 50 shades of magic.

A message from the owner Sean Michaels experienced male dancer for 22 years. Our exotic female dancers in Dallas are professional and coached by Sean. This makes the performers so much more complete. We bring excitement and hype up your bachelor party. Even if you’re going out for a surprise birthday party, we have many wild ideas. We come to you and revitalize your bachelor party to life. We do this with our frisky Dallas strippers, sexy strip shows, music, and unique party games. You have to call to ask about our ballers package and specific toys. 

A Gist of Dallas Strippers History

Strippers The art of exotic dancing has a long history in Dallas. It is commonly referred to as Dallas stripping or go-go dancing, but its practitioners prefer to be called “exotic dancers.” These women have built the local businesses that are now commonly called Dallas strip clubs and their clientele—the guests who come in for bachelor parties—prefer to call their businesses “gentlemen’s clubs.”

The World’s Oldest Profession Dallas Strippers Has A Long Storied History

The history of stripping in Dallas can be traced back to the city’s early days. The first strip club in Dallas opened its doors in 1876 (yes, it’s been around that long), and within just a few years, there were dozens more popping up all over town. In the Old West, women were often hired to dance for men at saloons and other establishments. This was done to entertain them but also to help keep them from getting rowdy.

Stripping in Dallas has changed over time, and today, it’s not just about entertaining men. Female strippers are now seen as sex symbols often used to sell products or services (think Hot Party Promotional Models). While it’s still common for women to work together as a group in order to entertain groups of men, most female strippers are also solo performers who dance alone or with one other person at a time.

Dallas Burlesque Shows

In the early 1900s, after the invention of film and photography, people became more interested in seeing nude bodies on screen. But this was considered immoral at the time—so instead of just showing nude women on screen or in photographs, filmmakers used them as part of a larger story about something else entirely.

This led to the creation of burlesque shows: live performances where women would dance around onstage wearing very little clothing (or no clothing at all). Sometimes the novelty of Star Wars burlesque Dallas happens. The idea was that they would use their bodies as props while telling a story with choreographed movements and costumes. This made fun of popular culture or current events. All while being completely covered up by big feather boas or other accessories that hid any nudity from view until they were ready for it to be revealed. Burlesque brunch locally happens presently, just like in the past.

Dallas Strip Club Industry History

The history of the strip club industry dates back to the 1930s when burlesque clubs started popping up in American cities. These clubs were not just places where women performed stripteases; they also served as legitimate entertainment venues for audiences of both genders. However, beginning in the 1940s and continuing through the early 1970s.

In response, some performers began working at private parties rather than being tied down to one establishment. In addition, some dancers started performing privately in their own homes or apartments and at clubs to avoid legal troubles. The rise of home-based dance studios has continued throughout recent decades, with more women choosing this option over working at a strip club because it provides them with more flexibility regarding hours worked per week and the ability to earn extra income doing something they enjoy (dancing).

Dallas Bachelor Party History

Bachelor Parties have been around much longer than one would expect. Interestingly Bachelor Parties can be traced back to ancient history, whereas the start of the bachelor party was reported to be held as early as the 5th Century B.C. The Ancient Spartans are believed to be the first to commemorate a current groom’s last night as a single man.

Although Bachelor Parties have been held since the 5th Century B.C. with the Ancient Spartans, the term “Bachelor Party” did not appear until around 1922. The term “Bachelor Party” became popularized when Ernest Hemingway used the phrase in his short story “Fiesta.” when a newspaper article was written about the tradition. The article stated that “the bachelor party is an American custom with ancient roots”. And it wasn’t until the 1930s that the term “bachelor party” came into the mainstream.

When most men think about Bachelor Parties, it is almost guaranteed that the first thing that comes to mind is the city of Dallas and Strippers. After the 1929 great depression and the repeal of prohibition, many Americans began to travel to Dallas, Tx. for gambling vacations. By the 1930s, this had become popular for men celebrating their last night before getting married. And as time passed, bachelor parties became more elaborate and extravagant.

One of the main reasons for this is the hilarious 2009 hit film The Hangover, which follows four main characters who go out for their friend’s Bachelor Party two nights before his wedding and wake up the next morning without remembering what happened. The friends begin a search for clues and end up confused. They find out that one of them has gotten married, another is missing, and a tiger is roaming free around their hotel room. The film was a huge success. The Hangover has become a classic comedy, and bachelor parties have become integral to the adventure of the wedding planning process.

For anyone planning a Bachelor Party and making the smart decision to plan for it in Dallas, Hot Party Stripper will give you everything you need for your event! We provide everything from beautiful dancers dressed in revealing outfits to entertain your friends, family, and guests and ensure everyone has a good time!


It was a great time, and I have no complaints at all. I was skeptical that the girls would not be hot, but I was wrong. The girls were very attractive and very fun to hang out with. My concerns of getting a bad time from strippers with Hot Party were put to rest. They did an excellent job making me feel comfortable. They kept the party going until the end. I will use them again when we come to Dallas!

Hey guys, I went with my friends to a Bachelor Party in Frisco and it was epic! I couldn’t help but think “man, this would be even better if there were hot girls at the party!” This is exactly what the business I went through thought so they provided two hot strippers that were very accommodating. Both of these girls were easy to talk to and get along with. They made everyone around them feel right at home, and all my friends had a great time. Definitely would recommend getting your party guests some action because it’s not every day that you can have a crazy bachelor party like this.

Hot Party Strippers was the best adult entertainment company I’ve ever used. I was skeptical of ordering a Hot Party Stripper at first, but after meeting my girls and seeing how amazing they were in action, I realized that they really are the best company out there. The bachelor party packages were also affordable which is a huge plus. Hot Party Strippers provided me with great customer service and an experience I’ll never forget.

Hot Party Strippers is a great place to rent strippers from. My friends and I held a bachelor party, and we had so much fun with the female strippers from their company. We booked them online, which was very convenient. The girls looked amazing in sexy outfits and high heels. They did some teasing on the floor for all of our guests, then came over for private dances at the sofa and chairs. We got up close and personal, and the girls were very friendly. Pamela, the customer service rep, was also very pleasant to talk with over the phone about scheduling a time for the strippers to show up. The Bachelor Party was so much fun thanks to Hot Party Strippers! Highly recommend them!

When you need a hot party stripper, these guys can sure help you out. They have the most talented and best-looking people in the business and both the male and the female strippers that are available will truly make sure that your party is something that no one will ever forget. They are highly recommended and they can perform all kinds of cool shows depending on the requirements of each client. They also offer nude waiters and waitresses for your party. This can bring a very original and unique wild element to your events.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in preparing the perfect bachelor party experience. The night was incredible, and I don’t think we could have picked a better stripper service in Dallas. My best friend’s Bachelor Party was all that I hoped it would be, and more. The two hot party strippers were so entertaining and made sure everyone in the group was included in everything they did with us. The women were great and made sure to check in with us throughout the night to make sure everything was going well. Though they were professional, they also had a fun side that made them feel more like friends than stripers we hired for a bachelor party.”