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We are the top company for strippers in Dallas Texas. Time to value being able to get out and enjoy life. Add new colors, new stories to your life. Let’s start the stories with a good time. The hottest time for all events is here with us. We’ve been planning shows for over 31 years. We have the hottest performers in Dallas Fort Worth! Make your event private and high-toned with exotic dancers of your own. We come to you at your convenience. There’s no need for a typical chaotic strip club when you can throw a private party for all your rules. Book your show online now! Ride hard tonight. The event that all your guests are going to talk about.


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Some great dinner and show ideas like bringing 2 male studs to your birthday can really surprise your girl. Guys, turn it up, it’s late at night, and you’re ready to party. Bring some of the hottest Dallas dancer’s shows to your place. Lose your state of mind and have a good time. Reserve gorgeous strippers in Dallas with G-strings. Also a styling and profiling male hunk to soothe your eyes. Call us today at (214)-256-4252. You can order us online with our exotic Dallas dancers. Life is too short, and so is the amount of time. You have to celebrate special events like birthdays or guy’s night! Why don’t you make it a great event? Ditch the mainstream process, and just get out of the box!

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Celebrate a Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

This area is one of the most exciting cities in Texas to throw an event with strippers in Dallas. Celebrate a bachelor party with us will be a great experience for everyone. The city has amazing clubs, and other tourist places to live it up.

You will get a long list of services to make your event end in style. You can head to a great nightclub and have our dancers come by. In contrast, popular Dallas clubs are other options. Club 8 can make a perfect arrangement for your friends before you tie the knot. You can have our dancers come to you at the club. Hotels with nightclubs are the perfect all-in-one place for a bachelor party. However, private parties with hot exotic dancers in Dallas are a great option too.

I can still feel the rock hard abs and the steamy hot body whenever I close my eyes; these Dallas strippers have spoiled me for other men. I had organized a bachelorette party in Dallas for my best friend Beth last night whom I have complete pity for because after that party, everything seems to be an anti-climax. We are hardcore Texas gals, and in Texas we like everything big, if you know what I mean. And, I am pleased to say that our expectations were not only met, but pleasantly surpassed. We had the time of our lives last night with some of the most amazing performances and the girls were just attracted towards the hot strippers like finding the only pair of shoes that fit you. Thanks so much for sending JD to our party, gratefully
Susana, Austin, Tx

We were about 30 girls in a suite of a hotel eagerly waiting for some spicy entertainment to begin and we were not disappointed. We had hired two dancers named Seduction and JD, one black and one white so that everyone is happy. Firstly, the strippers for hire came on time which was a delight because there is nothing worse than waiting for them in desperation and secondly, they had some fabulous costumes and music which burned the house down. We had a white policeman and a black firefighter and the way they danced and moved their body and stripped down to their bare bottoms, ignited some burning desires and almost had us commit crimes, which was an irony but we somehow held ourselves back. Thanks

Kelly, Austin

We got Dominic and Miguel were very professional and were able to handle nearly thirty wild women with utmost grace. Their performance ended with a huge bang and they were nice enough to get some photos taken with us at the end. Till now I have received calls from seven women at the party for their contact numbers and by that, you can imagine how good they were. They were very convenient and there were no issues regarding payment and let me just say that I am a fan. I still have to throw another bachelorette party in about a month’s time and there is no way I am not having these strippers perform there as well. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone who is looking for some high-quality adult entertainment in Dallas for any sort of party. The only problem I had was that we ordered only two strippers and next time I don’t plan to stop at just two. Thanks

Dara L
We had our bachelorette party in Dallas Texas last weekend. Chad came dressed as a firefighter and did a amazing job. We had 12 girls at the party over at the ZaZa hotel. The hotel gave us a great deal because we were a celebrating a special event bachelorette party. Chad did a very good job dancing for all the girls, he was very personable and took pictures with all of us. He picked up the bachelorette and spun her around like a toy LOL. Thanks again,
Wendy, Arlington
Thanks for the amazing Boot Scoot and Boogie Cowboy show that Dorian put on my girls bachelorette party. He has one of the most amazing personalities for any Dallas male strippers that I’ve ever spoken with in the past. My girlfriend is 5ft 11 inches so Im glad Dorian was the entertainer that came to the party to put on for our event. He broke down some good 2 stepping dances to the songs my girlfriends love the most. Dorian was fantastic. Thanks
Stephanie , Fort Worth
My girlfriends ordered a male stripper for my 30th birthday party. He dressed up as a military soldier given that my husband is in the military. The guy you sent was so nice and his outfit was perfect. All my girlfriends went crazy over him and his ripped abs and big legs. His name was Dominic and just wanted to tell you he did a great performance. We will be sure to order again with your company. Thanks
Maria , DeDoto
Wow what a great time we had a 2 girl on girl show. Feed the kitty was my favorite part of the show. Most of my friends liked the fire blown out of the pussy cat show though. I cant believe how those girls dont burn themselves on that LOL. Well thanks Cherese for setting up out party with some great advice of what girls and where to do the party at. I appreciate it and wanted to say thanks,
There are many services out there that offer party strippers, but the truth is that very few of them have the right kind of people. If you want to be able to have the greatest show and the hottest strippers you can find, you need to look for Sean Michaels and his team of amazing professionals. He has trained and worked with the most dedicated men and women in the business and this is why the service has become legendary. I hired both male and female strippers for a show and I was very happy with the results that I got. They are pro and also extremely sexy people who know exactly how to get everyone to have a blast.

Dallas Exotic Dancers

Going to a strip club like Labare for a bachelorette party is a great idea. The owner of Hot party stripper used to work there. Another option is a party at your hotel. You can actually do both, go to a strip club to see Dallas exotic dancers, or have them come to you. Going out to nightclubs is a lot of fun. Since the majority of clubs open on Weekends, you can plan to party with us then. If you have a group to celebrate with you, try our bottle service. This is so that you do not have to be in line. Many hotels offer bottle service, and also arrange strip shows with us. Strip dancers to your room to have fun without any hassle from other patrons.

To finalize the perfect bachelor party, you need to hire a veteran event planner. After a rocking event and dancing, you and your boyfriends, girlfriends would definitely start starving. You should plan a formal dinner inside one of the ballroom or meeting space facilities to enjoy some delicious cuisine. It is highly advisable to book private Dallas dancers instead of going to any strip club. It is because even if you are comfortable with it, there are many friends of yours who might not be. So, to make it enjoyable for everyone in the group, make private arrangements.

Celebrate at some of the finest barbecue steak restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth before celebrating at night with your bachelor at or bachelor party.

One thing you cannot forget to do is hiring male or female strippers for your awesome entertainment. While they aren’t only hired for bachelor or bachelorette parties (they can be fantastic entertainment at birthday parties, retirements, going away event, office parties, Christmas parties, guys or girls night out, and other novelty events), having the last party before getting married just wouldn’t be the same without Dallas exotic dancers. Don’t just open the phone book and pick a random event agency in the area, though; every bachelor and bachelorette has different tastes so use a site like ours.

Dallas is the eighth-largest city in the U.S. and the third-largest in Texas. That’s right, it’s a great place to host any kind of girl’s night out, birthday party, or something special for the beautiful and deserving of fun bachelorette girl. Since it has so many unique places that have something for everyone, the city makes for such a huge selection of entertainment. Even Randy Master Blaster one of many famous male dancers is still in an area in great shape. How about boating trips at sundown or first-class clubs and restaurants in the evening? Dallas is a very trendy place with ultra-modern facilities and budget resorts to make any social memorable for years in the future.

When it comes to daytime activities, the art scene is truly booming in top museums, performance halls, and award-winning architectural designs. New York Magazine even recently rated the region as the number one city for art aficionados. This area is also a great place for those who love to eat, with top-notch international cuisines being regularly offered in the city’s fine eateries. Upon eating, one can add some Dallas dancers acting as wait staff to surprise your guests. This added element has a very good outcome.

An event dinner just wouldn’t be fun without food and male or female strippers in Dallas. So, when planning your day out, always keep that in mind. Heck! Even if you rent a limo for the day, be sure to have some fun snacks hidden away so that everyone can have something to munch on as the day moves on. Then when you are all ready to eat out you can pick a fine restaurant like Stephen Pyles or Fuse at the very center of Dallas in the arts district for some highly acclaimed fusion cuisine, also known as TexAsian food.

There are a number of nightlife opportunities, due to a large number of posh bars and nightclubs. Places like Pearl are very easy-going with plenty of amazing drinks and live music. But if you want the girls to have a sparkling great time and ensure they never stay bored, why not take them to a pool hall, dance club, or comedy club. Places like the Kismet Lounge have a very posh setting without the posh prices and are always guaranteed to have great music that the crowd will enjoy. One can seek to plan Dallas dancers to come out and perform a comedy skit like a Dallas exotic dancer dressing up as an old woman or man. This is a great way to surprise friends. The Comedy House can get your future bride cracking up and falling off her chair from laughter – a great way to spend the night before a lifetime of marriage.

Another message from the owner: Comedy was part of my routine at some strip shows. I’ve taught most of the strip dancers how to perform doing various comedy acts. Ask the sales staff on the phone about all the different cosplay roles that we can offer.

Getting Naughtier For More Adventurous Bachelorette Parties

While strip clubs have generally been man’s territory, more and more women are jumping on the bandwagon as a fun place to host their bachelorette parties. And Dallas female strippers especially are happy to entertain them!

Sometimes girls make an entire night of it by dressing up at a fine hotel and then put on brilliant costumes like Mardi Gras beads and colorful wigs, they also find it fun to have an adult toy party. Just before grabbing a limo to take them to the Dallas exotic dancers club. These sites offer them ample places for relaxing and socializing while grabbing some fantastic cocktail drinks at the same time. There is also a ton of excitement in hiring a male entertainer to jump out of cake and dance for the girls into the wee morning hours. Highly recommended entertainment at its best!

A bachelor is a man who is about to get married and needs to party his butt off with his friends because all that will come to an end after the wedding well at least as a single-man mindset guy. Bachelor parties are events set up to enjoy all your last day freedoms of being a man and chasing women. These parties involve hot strippers, drinks with a reunion of friends that has gained huge popularity. This paves the need to introduce new ideas for making the parties more enjoyable and memorable. Here are a few-

Rio Room nightclub, Plush, Avenue, Dragonfly, Le Vu nightclub, Hotel Za Za (a favorite for clients), Ghost Bar on top of the W-Hotel.
The two most common things to arrange are hiring hot models or an uncovered waitress. In addition to the ho-hum routine of pole dancing and beer other things include playing poker, playing paintball, Dallas Mavericks game, Dallas Cowboys game, Texas Rangers game, etc. The availability of a number of restaurants and hotels makes this place a favorite place to host your reunion bachelor party like The Joule, Omni, Hotel Za Za, and more.

Message from the owner: I personally as a male stripper, loved doing shows at Hotel Za Za. It had all the amenities to aid strippers’ performances.

Enjoying football matches with hot ladies serving you as an uncovered waitress serving you beer can really make the event memorable. We have Gameday cowgirl strip dancers that will dress up in cheerleader costumes. Check out our gameday exotic dancer parties above on the website. These sport game events are a lot of fun.

There are lots of models available nearby, so hire a two-girl show. You just need to search for the perfect two for your party and call.

A standard show includes your female performer lap dancing for your guest of honor. She will then interact with your guests and allow some restricted participation.

Girls are ready, screened, and eager to perform.

Different packages are available for hiring strippers which you can choose from a variety of girls.

With lots to choose from in the area, we provide you the best entertainers with packages of your liking to choose from e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and the Ultimate package. See the bachelor packages – in the above menu for a nice explanation.

Dallas Female Strippers

These ladies take the party to the next level with a girl on girl action, blow the fire with fun body shots, suffocate the bachelor with double D cups, splits, feed the kitty, feel the booty, drink lemon shots off an amazing heart-shaped booty, get the bachelor embarrassed by handcuffing him and forcing him to kiss the female models feet, splits on top, body rubs, friction dances, watch the exotic dancers do a toy show, have a swimming pool party with the entertainers or enjoy eye candy with live pole dancing at the event.

Why go to a club and pay a lot more in a lot less intimate casual situation just to get a show that you aren’t satisfied with. By using us, you can get the perfect girl you want to be at the party with all house rules, no club rules. With all of these beautiful hotels, exotic dancers in Dallas, and creative ideas is a dream place to organize your bachelor party and make it the most memorable.

Where to Celebrate with the Best Company

The following are some destinations that permit dancers:

Four lounge

Four lounges is a high-class, beautifully decorated cocktail lounge. The menu of the place changes two times a year so that customers get to enjoy a different flavor of foods and drinks. You will find a range of cocktails here that not only taste great but 100% organic ingredients. Four Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy 100% organic ingredients, sauces, syrups, seats, and more. In cocktail variety, you would enjoy cocktails such as fresh and fruity, watermelon, basil martini, and more. if you are visiting Four Lounge with a big group, this lounge partners with Savory Catering or Maximo Cocina Mexicana to offer bottle service. Although you won’t see strip shows here, you would really enjoy this place beforehand. Then, your party has a full stomach, to now go to the event with Dallas dancers.

The Girls Room

The Girl’s room is a female-only fitness studio, which is mainly famous for pole dancing. Here, dancers consider pole dancing as a psychophysical workout that gives women the ability to find themselves and their femininity. The Girls Room already offers an established package and pricing structure. This place can accommodate 2 to as many as 30 women and you can also opt for private classes. “Exotic Flo” is a fitness-oriented show that teaches how to use pole dancing for building muscles. The girls practice here as well but is mainly limited to pole dancing.

The Lizard Lounge

The Lizard Lounge is a top-rated club in Dallas that is popular nationally and internationally on Friday and Saturday nights. On Thursday and Sunday nights, this place features neo-gothic and industrial music. You will find here free parking or valet service that is open from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Although, liquor won’t be served after 2 am. There are different areas in this place which include the main room, the video bad, and has a rooftop deck. Our dancers can perform here at private shows and entertain you very well without any issues. Make sure to ask the club manager as he knows our staff very well.

Festivities this weekend are the Halloween Event Hollows Eve Costume Ball at BAR13 with your exotic dancers.

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