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We present the hottest male and female strippers around. They are a sound fit for any event. For thirty-one years, Jacksonville, FL, area clients have trusted us. They have entrusted us with our expert licensed and authorized adult entertainment company for specific happenings and experiences.

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Hot, Personable, Skilled, Perfect for Any Event

Our male and female strippers are very fun. They can put on an exciting show for the milestone 95th birthday or be wild for your epic bachelorette or bachelor party.

Strippers in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Exotic Dancers

We search for simply the best strippers in Duval County. Not only are our strip dancers lovely to take a gander at, but some are also well-educated and can hold a discussion too. The owner Sean Michaels has six degrees, last attained is a medical doctor degree. We don’t see them as strippers, yet rather extraordinary models whose goal is to help you with feeling engaged and loose. So give us a call to plan your event.

Hot Party Strip Shows

Welcome to Duval County, in sunny North Florida. This is another home to hot party strippers, the largest online adult entertainment business in the world. With our models, available for:

Diversity of Models

Enjoy our performers nearby. Try our stunning brunettes, who add the punch to the party. Go blonde and have a wild time. When you go to a strip club, you have to compete with all the other clients. That means you have to spend more money than them to get the dancers to spend time with you. It makes for a night of despair. You want to be able to sit back and not compete with other men’s wallets. You want to be able to choose the girls and music. At a strip club, the strip dancers have side stages and other clients. Also, you cant choose your music there. With us, you pick your models and music. You also, don’t have to compete with other people in an audience.  This is why you need to contact us now!

Privacy Policy

Our legal privacy policy is located at the bottom of the website. We are legally held responsible for your confidentiality. We also respect our staff’s privacy. We never share your info or data with anybody, aside from the artist who will reach you upon the arrival of your event. We also don’t give out the model’s data. Some of our performers are paying their way through college and their families do not know about them stripping.

What Distinguishes Us

We are licensed and have a certificate of insurance to provide you if needed at a special venue requiring it. We are worth our salt. We have proof of the dancers in many videos. Even the owner is live on TV shows in various videos. Performing at parties. Speaking to you on video. Different dancers in different cities, not the same images in different cities, like you can see with the majority of other companies. We are the real deal. The models with Hot Party Stripper, arent just models. They are an encounter for a lifetime memory. Most folks experience a strip show at a club to concentrate only on the bachelor. However, we aren’t there to engage in the lone ranger, we are there for everyone. They are there to give him a night that he will always remember for probably the greatest occasion in the course of his life. This is why we are the #1 stripper company in Jacksonville Florida. Our customers have a great time because the owner coaches the models up. Our clients always come back for our services again and again. Many clients have their favorite choice of models but like trying something new.

How To Chose A Performer

On the off chance that you’ve never requested a stripper, it’s a simple process. Our party planners on the phone make this very easy for folks. It is as simple as ordering food delivery! We walk you through the process. If one cant call, go to the contact option in the menu and fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Jacksonville Female Strippers

Bachelor Party

So you have chosen to make the next stride during daily life and you’re becoming hitched, well congrats! Let us spice things up for you by sending our gorgeous Duval country strippers to you. Our performers are experts at these parties. Have a young lady dress up as a police officer and cuff your boy. Don’t sweat it. We have all types of party ideas. Reach us today for your event and we will help you. Also, check out the bachelor party page to see more details and options with us. Our girls are ready to rip their velcro garments off.

Birthday Party

Our expert staff is what you need for a milestone birthday. Help us help you. The owner is a medical dr snd says you are not older, your healthier. Let us help keep your energy alive. We have strip shows that will shake the hellfire out of an 18-year-old birthday. As long as you are 18+ you are old enough for a strip show. However long you are beyond 18 years of age, you are mature enough for an attractive strip dancer to rub herself all over you. Call us today to find out additional!

Any Other Reason

Our performers will turn any day of the week into an exceptional day for you. Had a harsh week at work? Unwind with a strip show lap dance and rid of your stress. We are here to unwind your tension helping you relax.


Let us make your holiday outside of the box. Christmas parties are a specialty we have. We have Santas, Ms. Santa, little elves, all with unique costumes to play the part. Halloween is a common night of celebrating and we can surely turn this event up. Our staff is ready at a moment’s notice. Lets us provide more romance to a valentines night. Chat with us more about your next holiday venue.