Las Vegas Male Strippers Apprehend Criminal

A fight broke out at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas after a man who has been identified as Joey Kadmiri, 24, a Las Vegas local with a troubled criminal past, snuck backstage and attempted to steal costumes and props used in a male dance show called Thunder From Down Under with Las Vegas strippers.

The dancers noticed Kadmiri walking around backstage dressed in a costume and at first thought he was a new dancer. When the male dancers realized Kadmiri was actually trying to steal props and costumes, they attempted to stop him at which point the fight ensued.

During the fight, Kadmiri pulled a .44-caliber Magnum handgun, which police say was unregistered, and aimed it at a dancer’s head. Another dancer shoved the gun away, at which point Kadmiri pulled the trigger. The gun fired, but thankfully, the round hit a wall and no one was shot. One dancer was treated for minor injuries to his face and Kadmiri ended up with black eyes and bruises.

las vegas male strippers apprehend criminal

Along with a charge of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, Kadmiri also faces multiple charges of burglary, robbery, carrying a concealed weapon, and other various weapons charges.

Joey Kadmiri claims the incident took place because he was scared for his life and because he was also high on methamphetamine. In addition, he claims to have a mental illness, which has never been diagnosed, that he self-medicates.

Kadmiri was also arrested for an outstanding warrant that was issued in December 2013 alleging assault and battery on a woman who he has been accused of hitting, pointing a gun at, and then locking in a closet. This event allegedly took place back in November 2013, and he is facing kidnapping charges as well as domestic violence charges of assault with a deadly weapon and coercion and battery in that case.

Kadmiri’s criminal history doesn’t end there. In the past he was charged with jaywalking, resisting arrest, and giving false information to police officers. His past convictions include a misdemeanor count of escape for attempting to run from police in March 2010 when he was being arrested on unidentified felony charges.