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Are you seeking more info about Los Angeles strippers? Are you thinking of a strip club for our private LA strippers to come out to you? Add some spice to your party by bringing some Hot Party LA strippers conveniently to you. Get on board with our exotic dancers like Latinas, Black, Asian exotic dancers just by calling The Hot Party Stripper planners. You may want to reserve some beautiful Los Angeles strippers online as they guarantee a spectacular night to remember.

Ladies, these musclebound hunk male dancers will make your friends drool and leave you speechless as you fondle their chest and chiseled abs! Gentlemen, start your motors and get in gear for a bachelor or birthday party that will go down in the record books. These exotic dancers with bronze tanned bodies will spew all they have in their performance abilities to entertain your guests in the classiest way.

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You can hire a dancer to meet any sort of entertainment custom to your liking. Hiring a male dancer or girl exotic dancer is a cakewalk with Hot Party Stripper which guides you through the steps. Live once and live it up! Let your spirit run free. It is shown time and time to party like an animal. These entertainers aren’t cheap, given the obvious of what they do, but having our performers reach out to you is far better than what mainstream strip clubs offer. Hire a private dancer by simply calling in to speak with our event coordinators so they can arrange all the essentials for your party to go well!

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Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for making our party! I was put in charge of getting the entertainment for a friend’s bachelor party but I’ve never been to LA in my life. We were there all weekend and I decided to do one of those party boat things… I honestly didn’t think Los Angeles party strippers could go on the boat with us but you guys took care of us and it was amazing…without Summer and Cindy there, it would have honestly been a total drag (can you imagine 10 guys on a boat for 3 hours alone? Not that exciting). They actually hung out with us on Venice Beach boardwalk after the party. Anyway, thanks again! A+++ service.
David Andrews, Pasadena, California
YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Seriously! Me and 4 of my girl friends came all the way to LA at Huntington beach for vacation and we thought a wild last night was in order. It was kind of last minute so we thought we would have to settle for some short guy with a beer gut but Matt was SO HOTTTTT. If he would have fit in my luggage I would have taken him home with me.
Stephanie Osmant, Anaheim, California
Hey..just wanted to drop a message and say thanks for last night…my brother loved the Los Angeles strippers show. He just turned 21 and Stacey gave him the best birthday party I’ve ever seen. We all stayed at Redondo beach which had a great vibe. The only thing I’m upset about is that I didn’t get such as sexy Los Angeles strippers for my birthday haha
Sean bro..That party last week was UNBELIEVABLE. I knew you said you’d hook me up but that was INSANE bro. All 3 girls were smokin’ and Danny will never be able to forget that. He honestly thought he was going to just play poker with the guys and maybe have a few drinks LOL he had NO idea that 3 Los Angeles strippers would show up at the house in Woodland Hills. Amazing bro. Leave this on your website if you want. I don’t think any of the other dudes are getting married anytime soon so I’m going to have to make another excuse to do that again. Such a sick night
Vinny D
Sean thanks for making sure everything got taken care of yesterday. Never had a party bus before and you guys got everything hooked up for us and it was dope. The 2 female Los Angeles strippers you sent brought a expandable pole to hook up into the limo bus. They performed some great pole dancing and lap dancing. The girls dressed up as sexy police girls arresting the bachelor at our place in Thousand Oaks. He got so nervous when they wanted to arrest him. The girls were hot but dressed as if they were true LA police officers. This was a novel event for sure and really appreciated how professional the girls looked. One of the girls actually gave me her physician that did her boobs phone number. I told her I wanted to get my girl a boob job just like those she had lol.
Matthew H., Thousand Oaks
Just wanted to send a quick email and tell you my mom loved it last night she always said mother’s day was “so boring” so we thought we’d surprise her real good this year lmao. She had no idea what to expect and she was freaking out when Jason showed up. By the end though she was getting into it! She even said it was like a dream she had about vin diesel LMAO!!!!!!! —
Jennifer, Madison and Susana
My friend had his 40th birthday party in Temecula with Britney-Lee and Chloe Los Angeles strippers show. On behalf of myself and the other guys , we wanted to say we enjoyed your Los Angeles female strippers. My friend Mike is having his birthday in 2 months and the other guys and I already said we want to have the same 2 girls.
Steve , Temecula
We reserved Sir Skee Los Angeles Male Strippers to perform at my girlfriends party in Oceanside. He was just like he looked , very good performer too. Los Angeles male stripper Sir Skee picked some of the girls up and twirled them around in circles. Plus , he took it all off giving my girls some great lap dancing. I have had a lot of male dancers in the past and have to say Sir Skee was a great performer. Thanks
Delicious , Oceanside

Unbelievable show your girls put on. The dressed as cocktail waitresses at the club we were having our bachelor party at and the girls came in serving drinks. Then the Dj at the club stopped the music and announced our party bachelor boy to come up to the stage where they sat him in a chair. The girls put on a very good show for us and the entire club. Thanks again we will do this again for sure.

Josh, Orange county

Los Angeles Strippers

It’s Time To Have Fun Celebrating a Birthday, Bachelorette, or Bachelor Party in Los Angeles

There is no doubt that one of the most exciting and cool moments in the entire process of a wedding is when we get to throw an awesome bachelor or bachelorette party for a friend of ours. No matter what your friends tell you, you know that a classy yet wild show will be extremely fun yes having a dancer come out to your party is for fun, not a raunchy thing to do it’s purely entertainment and fun time for all the family and friends. This is when everyone gets fired up and wants to make sure that this is going to be the best time they can possibly have. It will be something that they will never forget as this is still a novelty having exotic dancers perform and honestly in most cases it’s enjoyed a lot more by the guests than the person who is getting married.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the guest of honor has a fantastic time that he or she will remember because this is the last night out as a person that is not committed to someone else for life. This is a really big deal and you need to make sure that the party has as much eye candy as possible but more importantly, you want some Los Angeles strippers to perform and put on a nice show with sexiness and also be amusing as a novelty. Reliability in a company is extremely important as many dances at events just don’t show up from time to time. Make sure the company is legit and even owned by a dancer themselves like Sean Michael’s himself who has won the USA strip off 2 times and playgirl man of the year. This is why you need to hire the services of for your last night out with your friend. We have the most professional and gorgeous female and male dancers in the business and we make sure that everyone has the best time when they hire us.

If you need an amazing strip show in the Los Angeles area all you need to do is call or email or reserve online and we will get back to you with the perfect solution for your particular needs. We do many different types of shows and we make sure that everyone is pleased with what they see. You can also hire female and male waiters and waitresses that will be serving drinks and food all night while showing off their beautiful bodies with an option for body paint. These are just some of the many services that we offer and no one is as good as we are at bringingΒ life to your event as we specialize in all sorts of entertainment with the goal in mind for you to enjoy yourselves.

Strippers in LA

To bring out a little devil while you’re in The City of Angels, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a few of these beautiful dancers before your wedding for your event. Whether you book a private room in a bar or club or have the exotic dancers meet you at the hotel, these dancers are always great fun for the bachelor or bachelorette and give them one last glimpse at their single life before they take the commitments of marriage. While there are male strip clubs in LA, having some private Los Angeles Strippers will let you choose the perfect match for your guest of honor. Does the bachelor have a thing for hot Latinas? Maybe the bachelorette has a desire to see three huge, hunks, ripped male dancers with abs perform at the same time. Regardless of what the party boy or girl wants, you are sure to find it in Los Angeles.

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