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Madison strippers – Are you looking or asking “are there any strippers near me?” Our exotic girls are available for any event you have. Imagine your friend’s faces, when our wild girls show up. We have the best strippers in Madison, Wisconsin. Our exotic dancers are beautiful, fun and will keep your guests entertained all night long. You can celebrate with our female or male strippers at any event, including tailgate parties! This is much better than going to a strip club because we come right to you.


The ladies love getting down on the dance floor and shaking their booties for everyone to see! They’ll even give out lap dances if that’s what you want! If guys are celebrating, they can get up close and personal with one of our hunky male dancers. Everyone will be sharing your memories about this party for years to come, so book now before someone else does!


The strippers in Madison, WI area, come with a thriving metropolitan community and great cultural diversity with some being in college or in the performing arts industry. These exotic dancers that you choose, are highly skilled and take pride in what they do.


Hotpartystripper is very different because the owner was a successful entertainer for 22 years. We know what it takes to be a good performer and to show people a good time. We have been requested to put together TV shows and won multiple contests in the industry of entertainment. Why choose Hot Party Stripper Madison for your bachelor party? We have been the number one informed bachelor party agency in Madison Wisconsin since 2005, and our customers know that they will receive an amazing experience from us. Whether it be a theme-based event or just some fun games with friends at home on Saturday afternoon during a good football game party; trust me when I say these performers are not only entertaining but also memorable enough so you can tell others about how great their party was well into adulthood! In order to make sure we capture all aspects of this fantastic atmosphere (including visual effects), Hot Party Stripper launched its very first interactive epic party games brought to life. In addition, many of our clients have come back to us loyally because of the amazing performances of our Madison strippers. Our customers constantly reserve and re-book our services.


So you’re ready to book your bachelor party strippers in Madison, Wisconsin. Hot Party Stripper will hook you up with an unforgettable experience. Check out our prices page to see the layout of our bachelor parties. Starting with a first down, it’s all about you, the guest to second down toys aren’t just for kids, third-down there are football games to play with our girls, and fort down all the special-teams requests.


Milestone birthdays are of the utmost significance and importance of having one of our party strippers. As long as you’re 18 years or older, you can have a surprise birthday party. We also have all types of costumes to add. Check out the Brink Lounge here in Madison, which will take a party of as few as ten people, to a maximum of three hundred.


Ladies reserve the ultimate bachelorette party experience with yours is. As a former USA strip-off winner twice and playgirl man of the year. The owner of Hot Party Stripper operates a very professional group of male hunks that will bring swag and sexiness to your bachelorette party locally.

madison female strippers for a bachelor party


We are always ready to celebrate the holidays with you. Valentine’s Day couples welcome a delightful couples night out. Mardi Gras carnival events, we got your beads and dancers. St. Patrick’s Day with our little leprechauns or our girls dressed up as you’re lucky clover is super hot. April Fools’ Day surprise stripper at the office is hilarious. Easter playboy bunnies are something to add to this weekend. Cinco de Mayo, we bring tacos with lap dances on the side. Surprise Mother’s Day with a beautiful male dancer or even one of our sexy ladies. Armed forces days are always something that we cater to. Memorial day a three-day weekend. Let’s party on a boat. Father’s Day is significant and the perfect day to surprise Dad with a beautiful stripper. Celebrate independence day with a bang. Bosses day and mid-October are something to surprise and appreciate your boss with some hot strippers. Celebrate Halloween with us. We have all types of marvelous costumes. Veterans Day is crucial to us, and we stand about attention for all of our soldiers. After eating all of your food, Thanksgiving needs some beautiful exotic dancers to come by. Then it’s December, and we have sexy Santa and Miss Santa as well.


Our male dancers in Madison, Wisconsin, have worked out and practiced their routines. They are ready to come out to your bridal party or your bachelorette party dressed in costume, ready to impress.


Last-minute occasions, for instance, ladies’ night or guys’ night out. How are Strippers always available to bring the light to your party? So order a stripper to help you let loose with your friends. Our dancers are highly trained to bring life to your party.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled Wisconsin getaway in April, Madison is the place to be. There’s something for everyone in this vibrant city from concerts and festivals to theater and art shows. So round up your friends and family and head on over to Madison – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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