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Surprise your guests with Miami strippers. Ladies and gentlemen, experience the ultimate Ballers Hotpartystripper package. We began this company in South Florida and can make your bachelorette party or bachelor party happen as easy as 1-2-4. Last-minute near-me parties? We are ready, are you? Check out the bachelor packages that explain all of the epic party details. Miami’s Rockin and his heaven with our wild Hot Party packages.


Hot Party Stripper is Owned by former Deco Driver Sexiest Man Alive Winner and Playgirl Man of the Year won at Cafe Iguanas Sean Michael’s!

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You needn’t waste money on chaotic strip clubs. You find everything at your door. Your place, your rule with your comfort! Let’s get it. Contact Hot Party Stripper LLC. Our final mission is to make your night unforgettable!

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We had a boat party with you guys. You were absolutely fantastic, the girls were amazing. They were a lot of fun they were on time, and they stayed four hours with us. Miami bay area was also a lot of fun, docking at Bayside and Duffy’s in North Miami beach. The owner pointed us to one of their DJ’s at Duffy’s, which got us behind the scene VIP seatings.


It is so much fun we had you guys at a hotel party for my buddy’s bachelor party back in 2019. The owner knows a couple of the owners of Daer nightclub at the Hardrock Casino. This is a Vegas-style nightclub sponsored by Wet and Wild. The owner hooked us up with a pool party daytime event. This was the most amazing part of the weekend.


The exotic dancers we had were gorgeous. Miami is the bomb. This company assisted us with so many options. They set us up with a local hotel resort and VIP parking for the rented car we rented from one of their local exotic car rentals. The owner knows Dave Grutman, the owner of Liv Nightclub at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach, so he set us up with a no-wait in the long line entry as well as VIP seating. The owner also set us up at the Komodo restaurant in Brickel to eat. This place is also owned by Dave Grutman. Thanks, Sean, for the fantastic time, and it was well worth the time to do a review for you guys.


We have had two parties, and both were amazing. We appreciate the excellent services you guys brought.


We spoke to Cher and she was amazing at helping us set up on the phone for our girl’s night. We had two male dancers that were both dressed as cops and were both hot. Thanks

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Miami strippers for hire

That’s me the owner, the chooch with the tiger. You cant rent the tiger, but you can rent an alligator with our alligator trainer. Listen, Hot Party Stripper is the #1 company in Miami that brings not just the ultimate event, but the ‘Ballers Hot Party Stripper Package’  We literally have hundreds of flavors of exotic girls and wild options for your bachelor parties. My GOAL is to end BOREDOM. Whether you need girls for a bachelor party, birthday, guy’s night out, golf trip, boat party, pool party, we can take care of your VIP service treating you like a king.

Live Like A KING
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miami bachelor and bachelorette party packages

We will set up your private bachelor party in Miami. For this, you need to get a couple of strippers from us. What more? Nothing. Let us make some magical plans for your party.

Check the video, see our luxurious yacht or boat parties, pool parties, see how we always give you a thrill. If you’re planning for it, be our guests. Our girls take you to heaven above the water.


Ultimate Bachelor Party In Miami Hangover Cure

Let’s rock your party the day after the bachelor party with our fit female strippers serving you eggs off their legs. Our girls have hot shapes and all types of costumes to role-play. What are you waiting for? Well, there is a lot more to feel like a king.

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Are you a nightlife enthusiast?

Hot Party Stripper provides free, Liquid Help energy drinks. We know how hard it can be to stay up all night and dance away the next day, but we also know that most energy drinks are unhealthy and exacerbate your hangover the following day. That’s why our performers bring you a boost of energy without the crash later on. We bring a great attitude, gorgeous fit bodies, and our energy drinks. Our male and female dancers can bring you Liquid Help or you can ask our staff wherein the over 300 stores in South Florida it’s in. It’s perfect for those long nights out with friends!

You deserve a fantastic experience when you celebrate a bachelor party, which means staying up late and dancing your heart out until closing time. Can I get Hellz yea! With Liquid Help and a Hot Party Stripper by your side, you won’t have to worry about feeling bored after a long evening of fun because we’ve got your back! Get ready for some incredible memories with our bachelor party strippers and our delicious drinks in hand!

Click here right now and order yourself some Hot party Strippers & Liquid Help today!

Ultimate Miami Bachelor Party

So you’re looking to schedule your ultimate hangover type of bachelor party for your best friend. You’ve come to the number one bachelor party service in Miami. We are experts in setting you up with all types of epic party ideas. Check out our bachelor party packages. We have bronze, silver, gold, which is much better than a strip club, and the ultimate Ballers package is breathtaking. Look no further. Man’s greatest invention is a Hot Party Stripper bachelor party.

Check Out These Venues For A Bachelor Party In Miami

You can enjoy some of the most luxurious top-rated hotels in Miami. Check out Miami beaches fountain blue hotel. SLS is the best for pool parties and the W Hotel in Miami Beach. Also, check out daytime hotel parties at Cleveland or Mangos bar. Check out so Setai for a fantastic dinner. As the owner of Hot Party Stripper, I love Barton G in Miami Beach. You see the owner there in the video above celebrating here. Check out Kimodo’s in Brickell as well.

Private Miami Female Strippers Bachelor Party Packages

Whether you’re throwing a bachelor party or a private party, Miami is great. Business trips or close friends can get a chance to enjoy the beauty of Miami. The hot figure of Miami Strippers can take your breath. When you hire dancers from Hot Party Stripper, you’ll believe us. Only a word will come from your mouth. It will be WOW. Other agencies or adult entertainers give nothing new. But we have special surprises for you. Our girls own some special talents. Our girls can play a role in fulfilling your fantasies which make things new and fun. Nurse, teacher, cheerleader are some of our strippers’ avatars. You can choose your favorites.

Private Party Vs. Strip Club

The biggest problem people face at strip clubs is dissatisfaction. Reason? The crowd. Yeah, I know what you’re saying. You sure you mean the crowd, or do you mean the dancers? No, I mean the crowd, as are other customers. When you go to a strip club, you have to compete with all of the other customers sitting at the tables or the champagne rooms. Some customers may spend more money than you, which can attract the majority of the dancers to spend more time with them. Some customers are friends or, better looking to the dancer’s perception, you’re interested in. Then that DANCER will spend time with that customer over you. Also, most exotic dancers who work at strip clubs love to because of the ego boost, making them feel more significant. Unfortunately, this does lessen the focus on you as a client and more on their validation of being looked at by multiple men simultaneously. Whereas at a private party, the direction of the strippers is directly focused on you and your guests. Another issue with the strip club is that many of the girls get caught up drinking alcohol or doing something else to change their energy state. This behavior changes their state of mind, which negatively focuses on you and your guests.

Well, for a private party, the girls have to drive to you. They need to be sober, coherent, so their state of energy is much higher, more genuine, so the results are you and your guests have a much better time. Another con to a strip club is all of the rules by the local city. Whereas, at a private party, you and the dancers negotiate all the regulations that cater specifically for your event. So as you see, the better result is to contact us to have a private party with our gorgeous girls prettier than girls at Gentlemen’s clubs. Please continue reading to know why we are the top-rated in Miami.

Top-Rated Miami Strippers

How are we different from others? We (Hot Party Stripper) appoint only experienced and 18+ performers. We always value our customers. Also, we try our best to keep them happy. You’re lucky enough to have A+ Miami strippers and dancers. We’re on top to give top-rated service. So, our Miami strippers always remain in high demand.

Pocket-Friendly Budget Plan

We always look after our clients. We give them the best services out of all. We have categorized the package for the strippers. Prices are changeable. They depend on the strippers. We want everybody to enjoy the thing they desire. Get big at a small price.

We have silver, bronze, gold, and the ultimate Hot Party Baller’s packages. You can check out the page for more info.

100% Satisfying Record With Hot Party Stripper

We don’t only use words to attract customers. We have enough proofs that clients are happy with our services. Check out our review section. There you can find the reviews from our genuine clients. You can also get the proof attached with the service. Clients praise our services. Also, they like our performance. Clients find our services the best and always satisfying. They always give tips to our staff. They also repeat their order.

We’re confident with our services and strippers. We can entertain you and your guests well. So you can believe our words. You can bet on our services.

Hot Party Stripper Experts

Sean Michael is the owner of Hot Party Stripper LLC. He has a wide experience of 25 years in adult entertainment. He’s also an expert in planning events. If you’re struggling to host the party, we have the best party organizers. Michael also guides the performers. He helps them to win clients’ hearts.

Michael knows the taste and choice of customers. So, he always delivers the best and A+ strippers to clients. You’re getting everything ready for your party. What are you waiting for now? Let’s book the best Miami strippers from Hot Party Stripper. And start the real party.


Common Questions About Miami Strippers


Prices are changeable. Rates depend on the performer. It also depends on the location. Please consider that we are bringing the strip club to you. Sean Micheal has won the USA strip-off twice. So I know this business very well. In my view, It is foolish to think someone will take their clothes off at low rates yet be a baddie. At cheap rates, you can not achieve the maximum results. For many years my clients call us at the last minute. They try to replace a cheap stripper that they hired elsewhere. It is too difficult to get a stripper at the last minute. Hot strippers are not waiting for parties. They are already working. 


Both private parties and strip clubs are great. Both are different experiences. It depends on what you are looking for. What you want to get. How much you will spend:

  1. At private parties, we include a show in costume. Also, we perform fantasy toy shows.
  2. You will have your own music choices.
  3. We serve you autonomy on the rocks. 


Sean Michaels answered this on TV & Radio interviews. Anyone can work out and dress in a costume. However, our male dancers know how to put on a role-played show. Ask the private party planners to give you ideas. Ask them to provide you with the full down-low on all options raining men. 


We have experts to plan your event. They will give you party ideas. Also, they will provide details about hotels and Air BnB, that many of our clients use. 


Well, strip clubs have many dancers. But they have a lot of customers. So, you are competing with many customers for a few dancers. The dancers have limited time. As an example, one song equals one lapdance.

In contrast, we give you a VIP amount of private time. We concentrate on you and your friends only. We are focused on you for the entire event. You can play any music you want, it is your club. Our dancers perform with toys, which strip clubs cant do. Private dancers do not follow club rules, for example, 3 minutes per lap dance. They make their own rules with the clients. 


Yes, the dancer brings their portable music system. There is no need for a customer to arrange music. 


This is up to the customer. Just spread out the dollars. If one can tip a waiter/waitress to bring food to your table, one should tip a performer, requiring much more skill and looks.

Miami strippers dressed in police costumes for private parties

Hot Party Stripper

How Do You Find Strippers In Miami That Are Perfect For Your Private Party

Hot Party Stripper is Owned by former Deco Driver Sexiest Man Alive Winner and Playgirl Man of the Year won at Cafe Iguanas Sean Michael’s! Sean was one of the top Miami strippers in South Fl.

We have many additional options that can be added to your bachelorette, bachelor, or daytime party. Topless Waitresses for those corporate or get-togethers. Gogo dancers for when you want to add a change to your house party. Two to ten girl Fantasy Shows. Super Maxim Models for eye candy events, and CO2 guns for your pool party addition. We happen to own a local costume store in Miami that our exotic dancers use. A stripping event with costumes is a level-up. We assure you a time you will not forget.


Can You Get Miami Strippers for any Occasion?

Girls’ bride-to-be parties and birthdays. We also provide other types of events.

  • Boat parties.
  • Card parties.
  • Golf or Top Golf trips.
  • Divorce party.
  • Girls’ passion parties provide lotions and games.
  • Female oil wrestling in a blow-up pool. Check out our videos for an example.
  • Sports parties with our cheerleaders serving you like kings.
  • Prank surprise for a good laugh.
  • Pizza delivery girls to give you a moon over Miami.
  • Bottle Girls delivers great beverages from a local franchise we work with.
  • Little People can bring smiles overall.
  • Holiday parties.

Rent Miami Strippers For Birthdays

Birthday Parties: Is one of your friends having a birthday soon? Your first question is, where can one find dancers near me? It can be one of the best chances for a person to spend some time together and laugh. However, they cannot do it on their own. Here is a quick look at the things that one can enjoy.
Have toys been added to the show? Well, you can’t get this help at a strip club.

  • At the divorce party, you can play passion party games with them.
  • You can share your cocktails, whip cream, hot fudge, or other food to eat.
  • You can get up and dance with them.
  • Lap dances are fantastic after the striptease show.

Stripers para cumpleaños en Miami

Call: 786-343-5737 para Espanol

Other Ideas for a Miami Bachelor Party

Female oil wrestling is a great idea. Hire female strippers and start the game. You can enjoy their game like WWE. If you like watching sports, go for cheerleaders. We’ve got hot and sexy cheerleaders. They can extend your sports watching experience. You can feel like a king at your sports parties.

Other Ideas for Miami Bachelorette Party

Yes, of course, we have guys with great physiques, handsome faces, tall and collectible, and an excellent rhythm. However, we have hundreds of costumes to choose from to fit a theme of a bridal shower or bachelorette party that’s a favorite to the bride-to-be. The music for the male dancers is added specifically for the costume-themed party that they’re doing. Owner Shawn Michaels danced for multiple years and coached them up to be the best they can and your bachelorette parties.

Miami Bachelor Party Venues

Miami Dade County is also known as 305 or Dirty South, is a happening place full of fun. The owner Sean Michael’s grew up in Miami Florida and trained his staff to guide you with expert knowledge of the entire county. We have major hookups to many nightclubs, gentlemen clubs, restaurants, sports games, boat rentals, liquor shops, and much more. You name it, and the owner will have some sort of hook-up for your group.

Miami doesn’t end only with strippers. You can explore some more:

You can find luxurious and top-rated hotels in Miami. Hotel Chelsea, The Setai, The Clevelander are great. If you’re a party animal, visit them. You’ll love these hotels. You can find crazy drinks, various foods in these hotels. Comfortable rooms with unique room services are great benefits here. If you are a hard party lover, Club Space is for you.

Miami is full of vibrant life all day and night. Especially the nightlife is the heart of Miami. E11even, Dan Vidal, Club Space, ATV Records are the best Miami nightclubs.

Thinking about the places to eat in Miami? Taste can vary based on your group. The guys can select STK, Cleo, The National for their bachelor parties. Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company, The Local House Miami can be favorite for ladies. Also, not to forget Cecconi’s Miami Beach to enjoy food and beverages.

  • Story

  • Blue Martini

  • Kimodo

  • Tootsies

  • LIV

  • Gold Rush Cabaret

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  • La Mar

  • Club Space

  • SLS

  • Baru

  • E11even

  • Booby Trap Doral