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Hot Party Stripper is roaring with Miami Strippers. Get them right now. Our Miami strippers for rent are obviously incredible. Make it memorable with us. You can find several great places here. Food Bus Tour and David Busters are in Miami. Visiting these places is standard.

Magic City of Independent Exotic Dancers in Miami

The real pleasure is in the evening. Our Miami Strippers are very renowned. Moreover, their routines are more than just a lap dance, they are a must-watch.

Miami Female Strippers

HotPartyStripper is a Miami exotic dancer agency that rents you the best strippers in town. Our team consists of some of the sexiest, most fun-loving, and most beautiful female entertainers in Miami. Albeit, you’ll be amazed by how much these exotic dancers can do for you! Hiring a stripper is a fun time.

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Miami Bachelor Party Strippers Packages

Guys - Book your Ballers Bachelor Party Experience with our Miami female strippers. Our sexy bachelor party packages make it a mere simple process. For the best pricing, planning, and unique ideas with the full menu of Miami strippers
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Guy Exotic Dancers Miami

Looking for a girls night of fun? Our Hot Party Strippers can come and give you and your friends a night to remember. Certainly, we offer unmatched entertainment with the best dancers Miami has to offer

As for the ladies, we’ve found the hottest male strippers in Miami. These are private strippers for a bachelorette. Our men have great strip show skits, perfect for a Miami bachelorette party. Hiring a stripper is a must.

  • Bachelorette Party

  • Birthday

  • Divorce

  • Girls Trip

  • Girls Night Out

Bachelorette Party Male Stripper Packages

Ladies - Book your Unique Feeling of the Hottest Bachelorette Show with Miami male dancers. Our owner is the Playgirl Man of The Year winner and Local Deco Drive Winner six times. We have sexy Miami exotic dancers for your bachelorette party. Contact us for the best prices, quality of performers, and unique ideas.
  • How much do strippers in Miami make? The owner Sean Kaptaine Kapetanakos, states anywhere from $200-$5k in one night.

    1. First, the girls make more than the males for service fees and tips.
    2. Second, the ladies can make anywhere from $200-#5k in one night. The guys are about $150-1k.
    3. Third, it depends on how many events a dancer has and what kind of parties they are in. Female strippers make more money at bachelor parties as opposed to birthdays. Male strippers make more at bachelorette parties the more wild the girls are.
    4. Finally, if you are a good-looking lady or man wanting to increase your revenue apply for a strip job online.

Hot Party Stripper -Trusted & Created in Miami

  • Hot Party Stripper is an undeniably award-winning company that offers high-end entertainment
  • Sean Michaels, the former male dancer, owns it!
  • Seen on many TV shows. 1 example Big Brother in Image

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Vendors

See these places for weekend packages

You can enjoy some of the most luxurious top-rated hotels in Miami. They approve of our Miami strippers. Check out Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau hotel.

SLS is the best for a bachelor party at the pool and the W Hotel in Miami Beach.

Also, stop by and see daytime hotel parties at Cleveland or Mangos bar. Here is a nice twist for a bachelor or bachelorette party to dance the night away.

Swing by Setai for a fantastic bachelorette or bachelor party dinner.

We love Barton G in Miami Beach. You see the owner there celebrating his bachelor party here in the video above.

Have a bite at Kimodo’s restaurant in Brickell for a bachelorette party dinner. This place has the vibes that everyone loves.

What are some bachelor party trends in Miami

Miami strippers for bachelor parties

Miami strippers

Bachelor parties in Miami wth private strippers are different than the stereotypical Vegas-style bachelor party. While those two cities have their place, they’re not Miami’s thing. Meanwhile, avoid strip clubs at all costs when planning a bachelor party in Miami or surrounding areas. Instead, let our experienced and professional Miami strippers come to you!

Strip Clubs Miami Dont Compare to Private Party Miami Exotic Dancers

Some things are better left to the imagination, and that’s true of a bachelor party in Miami. That’s not to say you have to avoid everything and anything fun. You can have a great time. Just steer clear of strip clubs. These lap dances are from private strippers. So, the experience with our female entertainers is epic.

305 Strip Clubs or Hot Party Stripper Private Dancers

The first reason to stay away from strip clubs is that you will be disappointed with their Miami female strippers. They’re not what they used to be, and if you go into one of them expecting a wild night of debauchery, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Secondly, the last thing you want is for your bachelor party in Miami to end with a trip to jail.

Wild Life for Miami Nightlife

In this day and age of smartphones with cameras everywhere, it’s just too easy for someone to snap some photos or videos that could end up on social media…or worse yet, in the hands of an extortionist who wants money from your friends or family members.

Thirdly, strip clubs aren’t what they used to be. You may have fond memories of going with your buddies to one of these places when you were younger, but that doesn’t mean it’s still the same. A lot has changed since then, including that strip clubs are now filled with many different kinds of people looking for different things.

Lack of Attention at Strip Clubs

Finally, there’s the fact that strip clubs are not a good place to meet women. If you have little game to meet women. Then it’s easier just to rent Miami female strippers for your event. Our female entertainers are all for you. You can find plenty of people who have stories about how they met their future wives at one of these places, but in reality, it’s probably more likely that you’ll run into someone who is looking for nothing more than a quick way to make some cash or has some other ulterior motive. Markedly, it’s best to avoid these types of situations altogether by avoiding strip clubs altogether.

Miami Exotic Dancer To You

Role plays leave memories. The novelty of the business is like adding spices to your food or icing on your cake. Both male dancers and exotic Miami female strippers dress in costumes if requested. Order a sexy schoolgirl or a naughty French maid female entertainers. Get some room service that goes beyond the call of duty. Or a hot teacher who needs to discipline his students. We even role-play your favorite video game cosplay. Hiring a stripper is a lot of fun. You get the idea.

Conclusion Private Miami Exotic Dancers Are The Winner

Both private events and strip clubs are unique. They have various benefits. It relies upon what you are searching for. Certainly, what you need to get. Chiefly, will be the amount you will spend:

However, at private parties, we combine a show with an outfit. Also, our Miami female strippers perform toy shows. You will have your own decision about music. Lastly, we serve you like a king. More than a lap dance is needed. Hiring a stripper with us is an epic experience.

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