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New Orleans Bachelorette Party Ideas

Celebrate a Bachelorette Party in New Orleans Louisiana

Bachelorette party ideas in New Orleans Louisiana

NOLA has some amazing clubs and bars with best food and cold drinks. You could go to Marigny and hear some wonderful music at Three Muses or another of the remarkable clubs there. You could go to Napolen house for drinks. Some bars have open-air seating. Here are some best choices.

Port of call

This location has a burger. Boy, does it have a burger. Placed right on the edge of the Quarter, Port of call provides what can be explained just as a burger lover’s dream. Its burgers are big and forever made-to-order. The environment is dark, old-quarter, combined with a slight sea-going feel. The prices are right, the services best.

Coops palace

This pretty bar & grill has some of the top food, most wonderful portions, and the friendliest environment you are likely to find anywhere. The extensive menu specializes in domestic flavor. We advise the gumbo, the tasso fettucine and crawfish, and just about any of its other seafood dishes. The Jambalaya is extraordinary, the booze is cost-friendly, the music from the jukebox loud, and friendly sound, if on occasion a bit too tattooed for Pop and Mom. Great prices too, by the way.

Molly’s at the market

Molly’s is a hangout for the domestic media types and on any given night or day you might run into – or have to step over- one or another of those folks. Molly’s is an Irish pub type of palace, and it makes what is probably the top Irish coffee on the planet. Sometimes it has not food, sometimes not.

Harry corner

The slightly seedy Harrys is placed on the corner of Dumaine and Chartres and is mostly definitely a neighborhood pub. It does not dish up food, it serves booze. Lots of it. The environment is French-Quarter smoky and dark, and often decorated with different locals.

The Jimani

This is an amazing place. The Jimani is a genuine bar and grill, with the grill actually in plain view behind the bar. The menu is restricted to the usual chicken and burgers, but this location makes the top Rueben sandwich you have ever had. 8 TVs scattered around the walls, and if you are looking for a location to watch football, this is it. Its friendly, dark and relax as well as well-worn pair of shoes. The night crowd there contains a lot of the waiters, bartenders, and waitresses from other locations in the Quarter.

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