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New Orleans is a great place to order New Orleans strippers for a bachelor party. On the off chance that you love food, are a drunkard, and a hard-core partier, a New Orleans lone wolf party, is ideal for you. Most activity happens in the French Quarter or Bourbon Street.


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Cher, thanks so much, the 40th birthday party was a hit with Jazelle. She was beautiful. We appreciate your help on such short notice. We had a great time and looking forward to calling you in the future.


Bachelor Party New Orleans Strippers

If you are looking for a unique and rowdy bachelor party place, consider New Orleans. It’s packed with restaurants, historic bars, and nightclubs. This Deep South city is the best place for your guy’s weekend. The bachelorette party guide below goes over all the best places if you are after drinks, seafood, or jazz.

New Orleans, Louisiana bachelor party restaurants

La Boca

La Boca is a place that has tasty pasta dishes and delicious desserts. They also have an extensive selection of cocktails and wine. La Boca is best for big groups, and you have the choice to order from the chef.

Café due Monde

The best New Orleans Louisiana breakfast is cafe au lait and beignets, and no one does it better than Café Mu Monde. The restaurant is famous for its take on tasty French pastries.

Felix Restaurant & Oyster Bar

A tour of New Orleans must include the city’s new, domestic seafood. Felix Restaurant & Oyster Bar has the most popular grilled oysters. The bonus to Felix’s is that you would not have to wait in line long, unlike other famous spots in the neighborhood.

Go to Strip Club or Get Party Strippers To Come To You

No bachelor party would be complete without exotic dancers. This place has lots to pick from. Larry Flynts Hustler Club, placed on Bourbon Street, is one of the tops in town. Other clubs to visit are Rick Cabaret and The Penthouse Club. These strip clubs have many strict rules. In contrast, we have few rules and much fun. We have the hottest New Orleans strippers around for your event.

Listen to jazz

There are lots of clubs you can visit to take in some tunes. At the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street, the Jazz Theater is a terrific place. You can taste a cocktail with no cover charge. Other places are the Spotted Cat Music Club and Maison, both placed on Frenchmen Street

NOLA Strippers Near Me?

We are very fast. We assure you that our exotic dancers in New Orleans can arrive very fast.

Hire Private Strippers vs. the Over Priced Strip Clubs with Many Rules

Celebrate a 30th or 40th Birthday Party with Exotic Dancers in New Orleans Louisiana

Here are gentle strippers clubs in the city for 30th or 40th birthday party celebrations.

See Places For Our Strippers in New Orleans Louisiana

Larry Flynts Hustler club

This club provides bottle service for the night for only $400. Bookings are a must since both clubs are standing space only on weekends during the season.


Nobody is going to say Scores Mansion is the best club in NOLA. It is one of the clubs that lost its liquor licenses in the recent string of strip clubs. But scores have a single thing going for them.

Club Eden

This club will take you out to the suburbs, and domestic bylaws mandate that the dancers wear pasties. That said, strip club locals and fans swear by the laid-back mood.

Penthouse club

This club has long been the New Orleans strip club, king. Famous for having the best dancers. The club is opulent, with two floors and 3 bars. Covers are cheap at $12, and dances will run you around $40. Beware of the upsell; from dancers to servers, every worker tries to keep the lights on.

After you feel let down by a strip club to end everything right. Have our private dancers come out to you. We bring games and toys and have the wildest private bachelor party strippers.

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