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If you’re looking for the hottest female strippers in New Orleans, look no further than “Hot Party Stripper”. Our exotic dancers are ready to make your party a night to remember. Whether you’re celebrating a New Orleans-style bachelor party, birthday party, divorce party, or guy’s night out and need some hot adult entertainment in New Orleans, LA. We’ve got you covered!

Our exotic dancers are ready to make your party a night to remember. Whether you’re celebrating a New Orleans-style bachelor party, birthday party, divorce party, or guy’s night out and need some hot adult entertainment in New Orleans, LA. We’ve got you covered! Our female strippers are a perfect gift for your guests. Live and experience life together with live private adult entertainment. You have come to the right place! Order with us and get additional discounts using the promo code on the phone, “Hot Party Stripper”


Female Strippers

New Orleans is the home of great food and entertainment. Local New Orleans Female Strippers are the best entertainers in the world. Visit Naughty in NOLA online service to order female strippers to give you a perfect show. We have quality erotic girls.

New Orleans female strippers

Bachelor Party

If you’re looking for a way to make your bachelor party truly legendary, you’ve come to the right place.

At Hot Party Stripper, we work with only the most professional exotic dancers in the area. We’ve been helping men celebrate their last night as single man for years, so we know exactly what it takes to make this momentous occasion one they’ll never forget. Our hotties will show up on time and be ready to go with their outfits, outfits that are sure to set the mood for an unforgettable night. They’ll keep things lively and fun all night long—and if there’s anyone who knows how to keep things interesting, it’s our team!

Our girls have been trained in various specialties, including lap and pole dancing. You can even have one of them teach you some moves if you’re feeling brave enough! If you want something more intimate (or just plain crazy), try out our kinky services—we’ve got everything from role-play scenarios to BDSM fantasies ready to go at your command. Book now with our promo code and save big on your booking!

Golf Party

We have the most energetic adult entertainers. We have been a trusted source of exotic dancers and party strippers in New Orleans since 2004.

Golf courses weren’t always just for golf. There is a history of the golf course that has been lost. A time when it’s all about the game and the clubs. Whether you are living in New Orleans, Louisiana, or nearby. Then your life can be complete if you go to Bouchard Country Club & Bouchard Park golf courses for the bachelor party. Especially for daytime activities. Before you go out into the night with your friends later on. Not only that, but it’s super affordable. In New Orleans (so long as your bachelor party isn’t during Mardi Gras season).

Topless Waitress

Our topless waitresses in New Orleans will keep your guests engaged and entertained. They can keep a good conversation and have a great time doing it! Our waitresses have an extensive history of serving and know how to mix drinks. We have many years of experience in topless waitressing, and we know how to do our job well. They serve with trays and know how to mix drinks. They greet guests and serve people at your event. They will take pictures with guests, be the eye candy needed at your venue, and do anything you want them to do! At corporate events, office parties, trade shows, the holidays, business networking, and private parties – they will handle any event you want them at. Have a special occasion coming up? Let us help out! Contact us today to hire some of our beautiful ladies for your party.

male strippers New Orleans

Male Strippers

Check out pictures of our beefy, ripped, and hot male strippers in New Orleans. Looking for the best male stripper for your bachelorette party or exotic dance show in New Orleans? We have a big selection of tall dark and handsome guys, muscle men, and hunks to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party in New Orleans is different than it used to be. The bride-to-be and her friends can get their naughty on with a female stripper. Bachelorette parties no longer have to be male-dominated, as there are plenty of top-quality female exotic dancers. Whether your bachelorette party has two males and fourteen females or is made up entirely of females, we can accommodate your request. We have a wide variety of options available for booking at almost any budget and venue choice. We know that you and the girls will have one heck of a good time!

Private Party Saved by NOLA Strippers

New Orleans strippers for last minute bookings nearby

Common Problem: The bachelor party was all ready to start, but there was a problem. As a bunch of guys, we ordered from some independent girls on social media. The NOLA strippers did not show up. After a frantic phone call. The bachelor party organizer from HOT PARTY found us exotic dancers nearby. They arrived in time to save the night! HOT PARTY manages the strippers in New Orleans by putting each on salary. We dancers own the company as partners.

Make your bachelor’s night special by grabbing him a NOLA stripper babe! Our experienced strippers are sure to bring your bachelor party fun to the next level. Whether you are looking for a wild night of dancing or a more private party, our strippers are sure to make your bachelor party one to remember.

Birthday Party

Searching for an adult birthday party idea in New Orleans then look no further than The Hot Party! Our female strippers in New Orleans will do that! Our female exotic dancers are the perfect way to celebrate any birthday. Hire a New Orleans stripper today! Book now with Hot Party and get additional discounts using the promo code on the phone, Hot Party!

Office Party

Are you looking to surprise someone at the office? Hot Party’s female strippers are ready to pick up the energy at the office, big or small. They will surely please even the most discriminating of tastes with their sensual dance moves and stunning good looks. Our strippers are ready to make your next party a memorable one.

Whether it’s a birthday party, Christmas party, or just a regular old Friday night, our strippers are ready to bring some fun and excitement into your life. We’ve got all kinds of girls—from busty blondes to brunette bombshells—and they’re all ready for whatever kind of celebration you have in mind. Whether it’s a birthday party or just a regular old Friday night, we’ve got all kinds of girls—from busty blondes to brunette bombshells—and they’re all ready for whatever kind of celebration you have in mind. So what are you waiting for? It’s time for some fun!


We don’t blame you if you’ve never been to a holiday party. All the talk of mistletoe, Santa Claus, and jingle bells tends to make people a little wary of what’s going on. But we have the solution at Hot Party New Orleans: our female strippers.

Our female strippers are ready to help you celebrate any holiday and make your party one long-lasting toast to success. To hire our female strippers in New Orleans, not only will you be celebrating with your close friends but an elite group of beautiful women. Hot Party has the most attractive strippers in New Orleans and can provide the entertainment you want for your corporate event, private birthday party, or even a wedding proposal.

So this holiday season, don’t just throw some tinsel and tree lights up on the walls—throw some hotness into your life!


We invite you to join us in celebrating your upcoming graduation. Let off some steam before you enter the workforce full-time by hiring a New Orleans female stripper from The Hot Party! Our ladies of pleasure will ensure that all your friends have an outrageous time. Hot Party is proud to provide you with the best female strippers to make your fraternity parties look like nothing.

Any Occasion 

Hire a stripper in New Orleans when you want to celebrate any occasion. Maybe you’re having a party because of getting over a divorce. Maybe you just started a new job and want to celebrate with some sexiness. Maybe you like to have fun and want to hire a stripper for no reason, and everyone will love it. Our female strippers in New Orleans La are prepared to help you celebrate any occasion, even for no reason. Enjoy your life and hire a stripper in New Orleans to celebrate being alive!

Divorce Party

When you’re going through a divorce, it can be tempting to just lay low and not do much of anything.

But we’re here to tell you: don’t do that! You deserve to have fun, too. And what better way to celebrate your new-found freedom than by having hot strippers come out and dance for you?

At Hot Party Stripper, we know that when people get divorced, sometimes they want to party like never before—and we’re here to help make that happen. We provide male and female strippers in New Orleans, Louisiana that will show up at your place in no time. They’ll get right down to business and start dancing away your worries (and hopefully most of your clothes) so that by the end of the night, you’ll feel lighter than ever. And if things go well, maybe they’ll even remove some of their clothes!

Our private strippers can only legally remove their bottoms while performing on stage or in private rooms. Still, if you want to have a little more fun with them privately, we can organize an after-party where things will get pretty wild (but still within legal limits). It’s a perfect way to bond.


Hot Party Strippers is a premier New Orleans exotic entertainment company. The owner is a former exotic dancer who retired after 22 years to start a company supplying the New Orleans area with beautiful, sexy, and fun adult entertainers. Strippers NOLA will put hundreds of smiles on everyone’s face with their entertaining strip teases out of this world. Give a baby boomer a wonderful gift from private strippers in New Orleans.

House Party

Private parties done at home are referred to as “house parties” by Hot New Orleans Stripper. Our owner has done over 12,000 house parties in the New Orleans area. Having no rules and being convenient are two reasons our private parties are some of the best entertainment ideas you will find.

After Party

So, are you guys looking for something late at night to do after the club? Well, we have male and female exotic dancers in New Orleans, Louisiana, that will come out late at night and make sure to finish your night amazingly. They’ll share some soft skin, super hot bodies, and lap dance on all of you. Or ladies, you went out bar hopping and want to spice things up before sleeping. You can enjoy some fireball with our male dancers. Many of our guys have appeared in Playgirl magazine, so they are packing high horsepower.


You’ve got a fun weekend ahead. At your planning meeting, discuss New Orleans strippers serving you by the pool during a brunch party package. Guys, our exotic dancers can serve you and give lap dances in your hotel room (if you’re into that sort of hotness). Ladies, hire our cabana boys who come out in boy shorts for entertainment…then all the other women at the hotel will be jealous. If this sounds like an enjoyable time, okay, great. I’ll just be over here in my bubble bath eating Rice Krispy Treats while listening to the soundtrack from the movie “Clueless.”

Here’s what we need:

-A list of names of people who will be attending so we can make sure we have enough staff available to accommodate everyone’s needs

-What kind of entertainment do you want? We offer male and female strippers and cabana boys/girls who are available for private parties or entertaining larger groups—we can discuss options at our planning meeting if we don’t cover everything here!

-Where will this event be taking place? We’ll need to know how many rooms you need so we can provide enough staff.

College Party

College is the best time of your life, but it can also be a lot of work. Between all the homework and studying, it’s hard to find time for fun! That’s why [company name] offers a great way to celebrate your fraternity or sorority without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re looking for a male or female exotic dancer, we’ve got you covered. Our performers are talented and experienced in ensuring everyone has a good time at their event. We have wild ideas like a Harley Quinn w/popcorn on top or even an Easter Bunny full monte! Hot Party Stripper in New Orleans has many wild epic ideas to take your fraternity or sorority to the next level. Our adult entertainment in New Orleans is what memories are made from.

We want to ensure that when you choose us as your provider of adult entertainment, you’ll get more than just some guy with his pants down. We want you to get an experience that will last forever! So if you’re looking for something different and exciting, look no further than Hot Party Stripper in New Orleans!

Couples Theme

The hottest and freshest entertainment in the party scene! We have both female and male strippers that own costumes and can bring a new appeal to date night. Some themes are one-couple themes, some are lesbian couple themes, some are gay couple themes, and some are multiple couples themes. We fully cater to any party’s needs. Get Hot Party Stripper for your next party!


Hot Party Stripper is a studio with girls and guys that do yoga. Our studio’s clients include ladies who want to do yoga parties and have private lessons with a little added hotness to them. So, if you ladies have a group that wants to do yoga with a little added hotness to it. Well, Hot Party Stripper in New Orleans can provide you with exactly that. A male or female personal sexy yoga instructor will come out and teach everyone all the proper positions.

We also offer private lessons for ladies wanting to learn how to pole dance or something fun like belly dancing. If you want a private lesson with one of our instructors, please get in touch with them directly!

Our instructors are professional dancers and certified yoga instructors who are very knowledgeable on how to teach different styles of dance and Yoga properly. Our instructors will help you accomplish your goals by teaching you how to perform each move correctly until you feel comfortable doing them on your own time without guidance from our instructors.

Small Group Personal Training

Personal training party and boot camp. Say a group of women are at the pool and need one male stripper in a swimsuit that is also a personal trainer but is also wearing booty shorts and doing lap dances during exercise. Our bad boys are high-energy and ready to rock your workout. Some of them are your naughty but nice type, while others are those intense types that love the burn. Girl trainers are also available in lingerie or bikini. We have the best exotic girls who would love to lap dance during exercises called supersets. They can increase metabolism while increasing libido. If your libido is elevated during a workout, your results will improve. So, if you are a group of guys wanting to change fitness goals, we have female trainers in bikinis who can help you get ripped and fit soon.

Costume Party

We are the leading supplier of adult costumes. Hot Party Stripper is a costume party for those who want to escape their everyday lives. Set a fictitious theme in all your guest’s hearts. You’ll have an unforgettable night with your friends or family.


Toga party move over. This next-level toga party surprise will shock you as we bring in hot female and exotic male dancers for a wild sexy toga party where everyone is in the buff. From Aphrodite to Spartans, from half-naked to all-naked, this show is a blast you’ll want to experience again and again.


Let Hot Party Stripper put you in a tropical paradise and have fun. If you’re bored at work, throw a gay party, or want some mall dancers to dance at your bachelor party, we can supply you with the best performers for your gay black male dancer entertainment. Our flamboyant male strippers will give you the full monty show.


Are you ready to party with hot lesbian strippers?

If you’re planning a bachelorette party or want to have fun with your girlfriend and her friends, our lesbian strippers are perfect. Our exotic dancers in New Orleans are here to cater to lesbian parties, and they have just the right outfits to please horny dykes. We have all kinds of lesbian strippers who will excite your girlfriend and her friends with naughty lap dancing and even girl-on-girl shows. Book them for your bachelorette party or any other girls-only cum partying!

We’re sure that once your girlfriend has seen our lesbian dancers in action, she’ll ask you to book us again soon! These hot babes know how to start the party—and keep it going all night long.


Hot Party Stripper is a transgender strippers service that caters to all transgender parties. The owner of Hot Party Stripper is a transgender who starred in the Birdcage movie with Robbin Williams. We are seeking employment of transgenders for our New Orleans transgender strippers, and we do not do transgender school parties.

Party Bus

Our party buses, filled with cocktails and strippers who can mix drinks, will make great bachelorette or bachelor parties. You can do a little strip tease with the stripper pole on board.

Party Boat Fishing

If you’re planning on going on a party boat fishing trip in New Orleans or the surrounding areas, you should consider hiring one of our female strippers to come along with you! They can serve drinks, food and be topless waitresses for your group. The 2-3 hour time slot is enough for most people to have a good time. Our strippers get you in a better mood to catch fish.

Our female strippers are available year-round and have been known to bring in more catches than any other service in the area. We know that when people have fun, they tend to relax and enjoy themselves more, making them better fishermen!

Top Golf Party

Let’s face it: birthday parties are one of the most fun ways to celebrate.

Whether you’re having a small gathering with close friends or a huge bash with your entire family, a birthday party is an opportunity to let loose and have some fun—and Top Golf ensures that your party is remembered for all the right reasons.

Top Golf birthday parties are about making memories with friends, music, food, and drinks (oh yeah…and maybe some exotic strippers).

The best part about these parties? You can customize every detail to make it exactly how YOU want it.

You can choose from three different room types or even rent out the entire venue to have plenty of space to invite as many people as possible!

You can also choose from four different packages: “The Standard,” “The Deluxe,” “The Premium,” or “The Ultimate.” Each package comes with different amenities, such as food and drink options.

And if you want an even more memorable occasion? You can order exotic strippers for your party that will turn heads no matter where they perform!

Football Party

Football season is here, and we know what you’re thinking: “What can I do to make my football party even more amazing?”

Well, look no further! We have the answer for you. Our New Orleans strippers can help you throw a party that will impress your friends and family. We hire attractive and talented girls who can serve food and drinks and even give their best halftime show, all while dressed in the hottest football outfits.

We understand that not everyone knows what a party foul in football is, so let us tell you about them: spilling your drink or someone else’s, dropping your tray of food, or even getting a penalty flag thrown at you. Failing to interact with others at the party, showing up empty-handed, shouting constantly, and refusing to participate in a group shot, among other things.

If you want your guests to have an unforgettable experience this season, hiring our New Orleans strippers will be one of the smartest decisions ever!

Basketball Night

Hot Party Strippers will serve topless and give lap dances and body shots at your basketball party. The team of exotic dancers will dress in uniforms that look like cheerleaders. They will deliver food and drinks to your guests seated at the tables. This is a way to celebrate a basketball in style!


Topless or in bikini body shots to the guys and lap dances to the girls, baseball party strippers from Hot Party Strippers in New Orleans deliver a high-energy party that will make your party go viral. Tell us about your next baseball party by clicking on the link above!

UFC Party

Hosting a UFC watch party is a great way to bring friends together. There’s so much energy and excitement around the fights. But hosting on game day can be a bit chaotic. That’s why we offer Hot Party Stripper UFC watch parties on game day with our New Orleans strippers, that dress as cheerleaders or referees and deliver food. Our dancers serve topless or in a bikini. They serve drinks and food topless as well. Before or after the main fight, they will provide adult entertainment with lap dances. This is a way to celebrate a UFC watch party in style, and your guests will love you for it.

Halloween Party Prank

You’re throwing a Halloween party. You want it to be fun and memorable but don’t want to take too many chances with your guests’ safety.

We can help you with both! By hiring male and female police costume strippers, we can ensure that everyone is safe while having a lot of fun. No one will know what’s going on until the strippers arrive—and when they do, they’ll threaten to shut down your party unless you give them money or do some other embarrassing thing. Your guests will have no idea what’s happening, so they’ll be confused and paranoid (which will be great for laughs).

And don’t worry about looking like an idiot: our hot strippers will appear in their finest police uniform! They’ll arrive at your front door dressed as cops, ready to kick some serious ass. The only question for you is whether or not you want them to arrest people at your party… or if that sounds too much fun for even those already drunk on wine coolers.

Christmas Party

We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and laughter. It’s the time of year to be thankful and give back. When you decide to hire our female strippers for your party, you’re celebrating more than just the holidays—you’re celebrating the spirit of generosity. At Hot Party New Orleans, we’ll help you celebrate in style by matching smiles on your face with secret smiles in your heart. You can enjoy three levels of smiling at our female strippers: 1) The smile on your face when they enter the room, 2) The smile in your heart as you watch them dance, 3) The smile from knowing that by hiring these beautiful women, you’ve made someone else’s day brighter too!

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Let’s bring on the party! Our hot New Orleans strippers will make sure your bachelor party is one to remember. From wild dancing to private shows, our strippers are sure to bring the heat to your bachelor party.

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