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Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness. Have a great time in this new year. It is that time to heat it up with this summertime coming and New Orleans is the spot to do this. Bring out some gorgeous exotic female dancers for your special bachelor party or guys night out event. The event planners can set up specifics for your theme say 40th birthday, divorce celebration, 30th birthday, bachelorette or bachelor party, girls or guys night out, the girls trip Mardi Gras and even business conventions. You name it we have organized the venue. Now, are you in need of some hot New Orleans male strippers for you ladies to have that costume dancer come in as a police or fire fighter? Ladies, these men make it rain, hot male dancers always ready to come in 50 shades style and bring that magic to your bachelorette party. Guys, turn it up, start your engines, check out all the packages offered with the hottest party strippers in New Orleans.  Bring some beautiful female exotic dancers out to your bachelor party celebration, this is a traditional event that should be planned thoroughly with hot party stripper event planners. Call today and get ready for the hottest time of your life!

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new orleans strippers

Strippers In New Orleans

strippers in new orleans

Strippers in New Orleans

New Orleans Strippers

new orleans strippers


new orleans female strippers

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Bachelor Party in New Orleans Louisiana

If you are looking a memorable and rowdy bachelor party place, consider New Orleans. Packed with restaurants, historic bars, and nightclubs, this Deep South city is the best place for your guy’s weekend. Whether you are after booze, seafood, or jazz, this New Orleans bachelorette party guide and route has the whole things you need to drink, eat and party.

New Orleans Louisiana bachelor party restaurants

La Boca

For one of the top places in Montreal, look no additional than La Boca, a place that provide tasty pasta dishes, delicious desserts, and an extensive selection of cocktails and wine. La Boca is best for big groups, as you have the choice to order from the chef tasting menu which contains desserts, salads, pastas, steak, appetizers and sides for only $49 per person.

Café due Monde

The best New Orleans Louisiana breakfast is cafe au lait and beignets, and no one’s does it better than Café Mu Monde. The restaurant is popular for their take on the French pastries, which are very tasty. The café is open twenty four hours a day.

Felix Restaurant & Oyster Bar

A tour to New Orleans is not finish without enjoying the city’s new, domestic seafood, and Felix Restaurant & Oyster Bar provides the top. Felix is most popular for their burn-grilled oysters, but their food list also contains fish and shrimp dishes, as well as their own autograph cocktails and domestic draft beer. The included bonus to Felix is that you would not have to wait in line long – unlike other famous spots in the neighborhood.

New Orleans Louisiana bachelor party activities

Go to Strip Club or Get Party Strippers To Come To You

No New Orleans stripper’s bachelor party would be complete without having exotic dancers coming out to your event, and this place has lots to pick from. Larry Flynts Hustler Club, placed on Bourbon Street, is one of the top in town, with charming dancers and friendly bartenders. Other clubs to visit contain Rick Cabaret and The Penthouse Club. However, these STRIP CLUBS have so many RULES and GUIDELINES to follow. Whereas, the hot party strippers have limited rules to follow making for a more fulfilled event entertainment with the hottest New Orleans strippers around for your special event entertainment.

Listen to jazz

New Orleans Louisiana is synonymous with jazz; there are lots of clubs you can visit to take in some remarkable tunes. The Jazz Theater, placed within the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street, is a remarkable location to enjoy to Jazz while tasting a cocktail, and there is never a cover charge. Other locations to enjoy add the Spotted Cat Music Club and Maison, both placed on Frenchmen Street.

Hire Private Strippers Online

Hire Private Strippers vs the Over Priced Strip Clubs with Many Rules

Celebrate a 30th or 40th Birthday Party with Exotic Dancers in New Orleans Louisiana

Here is a gentle strippers clubs in the city for 30th or 40th birthday party celebrations.

Strippers in New Orleans Louisiana

Lary Flynts Hustler club

This club provides bottle service for night for only $400. Plus, the club is famous for having some of the top dancers in the city, and the 40ft strippers pole at the Hustler Club is the best location for them to showcase their expertise. Bookings are a must, since both clubs are standing space just on weekend during best season.

Deja Vu

Yet another club owned by the group that owns the Barely Legal and Hustler Club, but this one is commonly less crowded than the giant stripper-plex that is the Hustle club. Prices are the same, but on weekends, it is commonly not standing room just. It is also a remarkable club for quirkier act like the Voodoo Burlesque show, if you are uninterested in traditional clubs, you are hanging with hipster-y friends.


Listen, no one going to make believe that Scores Mansion is the best club in NOLA, or even the best club on Bourbon Street. Actually, it is one of the clubs that lost its liquor licenses in the recent string of strip club. But scores has single thing going for it. No cover charge, even at night. So if you are only a French Quarter looky-loo, or are trying to get your club on for a bargain, you could definitely go wrong.

Club Eden

Perfect, so this club will take you out to the suburbs, and domestic bylaws mandate that the dancers wear pasties. That said, strip club locals and aficionados alike swear by the laid-back attitude at the club and the common friendliness of the talent.
With free parking, affordable drinks, and the advantage of being away from the vomiting visitors on Bourbon Street, New Orleans domestics looking for a night at the strip club usually opt for this more out-of-the-way venue. Dances also run approximately $20, which is half the typical price of those in the Quarter.

Penthouse club

This club has long been the king of the New Orleans strip club scene. Famous for having the most wonderful dancers in club, the area itself is downright opulent, with 2 floors and 3 bars. Covers are fairly affordable $12, and dances will run you around $40. Anyway, beware the upsell; every person from dancers to servers is looking to keep the chandeliers on in such a remarkable setup. It is definitely our classiest choice for a New Orleans strippers bachelorette party, with VIP packages beginning at $350.

Testimonials Of Customers

Cher, thanks so much, the 40th birthday party was a hit with Jazelle, she was beautiful and very professional in every regard. We really appreciate your assistance on such short notice. All of us had a great time and looking forward to calling for more entertainment in the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Been online exactly 12.5 years now.
Loves the art of exotic dancer showmanship. Cares deeply about bringing a quality time to your event & is strict on who will be on his team. Danced all over the world 22yrs, winner of USA strip off twice, playgirl man of the year, hired by Chippendales many times, been on and coordinated over 300 TV shows and music videos.
Well prices vary depending on package your putting together. The dancers are commensurate based on their level of performance quality judged by owner Sean Michael’s and customer feedback.
Both are great. Sean Michales is friends of many strip club owners and partial owner of one himself. It depends on what convenience your looking for. What you want to spend your money on for what value. It’s a multifaceted construct e.g. drinks, dancer show, intimacy, music choice, games, lighting, a la crate options.

Sean Michael’s has responded to this many times on TV & Radio interviews. Anyone can dress in a costume, exercise etc. However, the intangibles that Sean Michael’s brings to teaching his male & female dancers is invaluable. Being an entertainer is both a science & art requiring much more than what a performer can learn just by being thrown on stage with a costume. Costumes and roles as well as additional party games relative to the Bachelorette party. Bachelorette party supplies are a great additional option. Speak to the trained bachelorette event planners to give you ideas and other options we provide.

Speak to bachelor party event planners on our phones. These representatives will give you dancer package ideas, hotels, air bnb, places to eat and daytime/nightime activities, wait staff, little people, other types of entertainment that can work with your bachelor party. Sean Michael’s is friends with many nightclub owners, owns some air bnbs and other businesses that can bring even more excitement for your bachelor party.
Well, strip clubs have many dancers but they also have a lot of customers. Most clients at strip clubs get left out or have limited time with the strippers. Private Strippers devote all concentration to the clients at the party. Private Strippers also can play any music you want and perform with toys as well. Private Strippers do not need to follow strip club rules like 3 minutes per lap dance. Private dancers make their own rules with the clients. So, overall, private exotic dancers have much more to offer.

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