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Party with us! We do have male and female exotic dancers in Panama City Beach Florida. We only have a few in selection in this area of Florida. Please call us to determine which dancers are available for your event. Party ideas for these events are for example birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, divorce parties, going out nights, or any reason to have a female or male stripper come out to your celebration. Reserve your entertainment now. During this festive season, gift your guests the exotic Panama City Strippers. Summertime is here so let us heat up your evening!

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Panama City Beach Throwing A Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Are you looking to host a bachelor or bachelorette party in Panama Beach, Florida, but you do not want those traditional boring activities such as bar-hopping, etc.? You planning for bachelorette party should depend on the choices and personality of the bride and her guests. If you are not that close, and you are getting the responsibility, then you would definitely choose a safe way to throw a party. You can tame the activities you choose and wild one as well again depending upon your friends’ nature. If your friend is a wild one, you should hire Panama City strippers to give a surprise.

Organize Treatments and an upscale Dinner

Go out of a local spa and enjoy being pampered with the bride and rest bridesmaid. Finalize the variety of services, including makeup and other beauty treatments. You can also hire some massage therapy professional to release the whole day’s stress and relax. You can rent a limo for the evening in order to avoid any last minutes hassle. You get a night to live the last few moments of your bachelorhood, and therefore it is important to look as much beautiful as possible. You may head to a strip club night to see the performance of Panama City strippers.

Plan a Dinner

If the bride is not up for the club and party thing, you can go out to see a theater or attend a dinner theater for her bachelorette party. The play could be in a small town or you could involve a trip into a large city where Panama City strippers are having a show. Another option is in dinner theater, you can enhance the enjoyment by offering some mouth-watering food and drink. Consider hiring a limo to keep everyone safe on the highway.

Adult toy Party

Invite all your friends and common friends to have full-night adult entertainment. It will also include hiring professional Panama City strippers. One idea is to add a passionate girl or company to come and demonstrate the products she sells that are fitting for the bridal party. Men could hire a waitress to help out in the strip dancing bachelor party with serving up liquor for body shot games which are great party ideas for bachelor parties. You can buy some if you wish and laugh at others that have not heard of such a thing. Visiting strip clubs can also provide you adult entertainment in which exotic strippers, no matter whether male or female display some dance moves and do their best to make the atmosphere light. You will not face any problem with hiring them, and how do you handle that. Once you learn, you could make more money.


I’m sure you won’t be reading this unless you are looking out for exciting, fun bachelorette party ideas that will be nice to your memory for so many years. If you are the one planning the bachelorette party and need fresh, new ideas, here are some ideas you can use.

Are you getting ready to throw a bachelorette party in Panama City? Do you need to be tested, proven bachelorette party ideas? Chances are, regardless of how you go about it, they are always a night to remember for two things: fun or boring. A well-planned bachelorette party can be spicy, fun, wild, and loose, and the last thing you want is a boring night. If you’re ready, here are a few suggestions that you might want to explore.

The stripper’s theme is popular for bachelor parties. But why should men be the only ones allowed to enjoy the beauty of the opposite gender . More and more ladies are enjoying watching Panama City Strippers. This would not be a bad idea for your bride at all. If you live in Panama you might have an easier time finding Panama City Male Strippers at a club where you can enjoy the male strip shows. If you don’t like the idea, you have the option of hiring a private stripper for your house party.

Another type of bachelorette party idea is the Lingerie party. I’ve come across a couple of businesses that have consultants who will arrive at a venue for a lingerie party. What they do is bring lingerie for the visitors to wear and model for the other guests. This is also not a bad bachelorette party idea as friends shop gifts for the bride to be. If you like this idea, a quick internet search will bring up the names of companies that have at home consultants to help you with your lingerie party bachelorette theme. One that I found was

The good thing about the bachelorette party is that you can hardly go wrong. If you want something naughty, why not host an Adult Novelty Party where guests get to look at beautiful models in catalogs? If the bride is open and free with her fantasies, I think we have a winner here.

You can also hire a driver, rent a limo or van depending on your budget. There are several lovely, hot bars where you can hang out with the girls, or you can really spice up the evening by going to the club and get to really soak up the night you’ll hopefully live to remember.

I’m sure you already know that ladies also dig the Poker night. Enough of the monopoly by Men who believe they are the only ones who enjoy a good card game. Bring all the girls and have a poker night. Trust me on this one, you’ll have fun. Arrange enough food and drinks, because you never know what’s in store on these nights of bliss!

Testimonial Reviews For HOTPARTYSTRIPPER.COM

There are very few parties that can be as fun as the parties that are thrown for bachelors and the reason for this is that it usually means there will be hot women dancing involved in it. We decided to hire the services of and they sent us the most amazing looking woman we have ever seen. She was amazingly professional and so beautiful we could not believe our eyes. She made sure that this was a night that we would never forget and our friend who got married even got feed strawberries while getting a lap dance. She was a very sexy and professional stripper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Been online exactly 12.5 years now.
Loves the art of exotic dancer showmanship. Cares deeply about bringing a quality time to your event & is strict on who will be on his team. Danced all over the world 22yrs, winner of USA strip off twice, playgirl man of the year, hired by Chippendales many times, been on and coordinated over 300 TV shows and music videos.
Well prices vary depending on package your putting together. The dancers are commensurate based on their level of performance quality judged by owner Sean Michael’s and customer feedback.
Both are great. Sean Michales is friends of many strip club owners and partial owner of one himself. It depends on what convenience your looking for. What you want to spend your money on for what value. It’s a multifaceted construct e.g. drinks, dancer show, intimacy, music choice, games, lighting, a la crate options.

Sean Michael’s has responded to this many times on TV & Radio interviews. Anyone can dress in a costume, exercise etc. However, the intangibles that Sean Michael’s brings to teaching his male & female dancers is invaluable. Being an entertainer is both a science & art requiring much more than what a performer can learn just by being thrown on stage with a costume. Costumes and roles as well as additional party games relative to the Bachelorette party. Bachelorette party supplies are a great additional option. Speak to the trained bachelorette event planners to give you ideas and other options we provide.

Speak to bachelor party event planners on our phones. These representatives will give you dancer package ideas, hotels, air bnb, places to eat and daytime/nightime activities, wait staff, little people, other types of entertainment that can work with your bachelor party. Sean Michael’s is friends with many nightclub owners, owns some air bnbs and other businesses that can bring even more excitement for your bachelor party.
Well, strip clubs have many dancers but they also have a lot of customers. Most clients at strip clubs get left out or have limited time with the strippers. Private Strippers devote all concentration to the clients at the party. Private Strippers also can play any music you want and perform with toys as well. Private Strippers do not need to follow strip club rules like 3 minutes per lap dance. Private dancers make their own rules with the clients. So, overall, private exotic dancers have much more to offer.

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