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We have the hottest Reno strippers ready for your private party. When people think of casinos, gambling, bars, nightclubs, and adult life in the US, they usually think of Las Vegas. As such Reno Nevada is often overlooked, which highest shame for anybody who is traveling here for the party and missing out on the best of that Reno Nevada has to offer.

Along with the bright lights of the cubs and casinos here, there’re a wealth of other things to do including walks by the might Truckee River, also visits galleries, zoos, and museums. If you venture out of Reno Nevada slightly, then you’ll come to the stunning and iconic Lake Tahoe, well worth a trip in its own right.

If after all this you still want to try your luck, the city also lives up to its value as a place to come for some gambling fun, and you’ll find several iconic casinos here. Adult life in Reno Nevada is next level, you can party with hot ladies and make your party unforgettable.

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Common Questions About Reno Strippers


Costs are fickle. Rates rely upon the performer. It likewise relies upon the area. If it’s not too much stress, consider that we are bringing the strip club to you. It is silly to figure somebody will take their clothes off at low rates yet be a hottie. At modest rates, you can not accomplish the greatest outcomes. For a long time, clients call us without a second to spare. They try to supplant a cheap dancer that they recruited someplace else. It is too hard to even think of getting a stripper without a second to spare. Hot strippers are not just sitting around waiting for parties. 


Both private functions and strip clubs are unique. Both are various benefits. It relies upon what you are seeking. What you need to get. The amount you will spend: 

  1. At private parties, we blend a show with a costume. Likewise, we offer epic toy shows. 
  2. You will have your own music choices. 
  3. We serve you like a boss.


Sean Michaels spoke about this on TV and Radio shows. Anybody can exercise and wear a costume. In any case, our male dancers realize how to put on a show. Ask the private party organizers to give you ideas. Request that they provide you with the full monty on all choices of our men, treating you like a goddess. 


We have experts to create your event. They will give you fun ideas. Besides, they will give insights concerning hotels and Air BnB that many of our clients use. 


All things held strip clubs have many artists. In any case, they have a ton of clients. In this way, you are battling with multiple customers for a few dancers. The strippers have restricted time. For instance, one tune rises to one lapdance. 

Conversely, we give you a VIP treatment of private time. We focus on you and your partners. We are centered around you for the whole time. You can play any music you need, it is your club. Our dancers perform with toys, which strip clubs cannot do. Private artists don’t keep club rules, for instance, 3 minutes for each lap dance. They make their own guidelines with the patrons. 

The amount SHOULD I TIP? 

This is up to the client. Just spread out the dollars. On the off chance that one can tip a server to carry food to your table, one should tip an entertainer, requiring substantially more expertise and looks.

Reno Bachelor Party Packages

How much can Reno girl dancers or strippers entertain you?

Clients complain that they pay high but get a little show. But HOT PARTY STRIPPERS has taken its job seriously. We provide the maximum fun with Reno exotic dancers. We will never disappoint you. These girl performers know how to put on a great show. Here are a few ideas for dancers coming over to perform a show.

Dance with you

It will be beyond heaven when girls start dancing. They will do pole, lap, or belly dance for you. Girls have hot curves and sexy shapes. When they start moving their assets, you will have a blast. Your friends will talk about the night for many months.

A show during games

If you want girls to play the game, they will add more fun to it. Collect your friends and arrange a game. Girls will make the game even more exciting. They will undress seductively for you during your games. And you will be hard watching their assets.

Bachelor Party in the Cities of Nevada Ideas

You can have water fun on the beaches in Nevada. From gentle to wild parties, you can witness all here. Below is a list of cities in Nevada with some bachelor party ideas.

Atlantis Resort

Wild parties are made for this great hotel. Bars and nightclubs are here. Your bachelor party will be extreme with great drinks and vibes. You can also visit the all-you-can-eat buffet here. You can relax at the poolside with drinks.


Want to enjoy a party place? Visit this awesome resort. You will witness burlesque shows and comedy. Also, there are great craft beers and burgers here for guys to enjoy. Enjoy the huge pool here which throws pool-parties.

A strip club

There a few strip clubs in Reno. Both a private party with us and a strip club are great. If you do both, that would equal amazing.