rihanna likes strip clubs for fun

Rihanna Loves Strip Clubs For Fun

Rhianna Loves Strip Clubs For a Fun

On a recent trip to Florida for pop megastar Rihanna, Miami strippers were the entertainment of choice. According to a story that got leaked by TMZ, RiRi went to popular nightclub King of Diamonds to watch how the girls danced to her music but ended up enjoying herself so much that she stayed for well over 2 hours and dropped over $8,000 in tips to the dancers.

This is not the first (and definitely won’t be the last) time that the pop princess has partied with strippers; just checking out her Twitter and Instagram account will pop up plenty of tweets and photos with some of the sexiest exotic dancers in the country.

There should not be too much surprise, though, as Rihanna and strippers in Miami go together nearly as well as milk and cookies. If you have ever heard her song Pour It Up, it is easy to see that Rihanna has quite a bit of experience in strip clubs. Lines that refer to making it rain “throw it up, watch it fall down from the sky” and the obvious references to strip clubs do not leave too much to the imagination.

But the relationship between Rihanna and strippers in Miami is a two-way street. While the millionaire pop artist not only sings and writes songs about strip clubs, the strippers themselves often use Rihanna’s music during their shows and performances. When looking for a nice beat for a classy (but still extremely sexy) song to gyrate and dance to, it is hard to go wrong with just about any of Rihanna’s up-tempo songs.

In fact, entire strip shows can be crafted around Rihanna routines; having a hot, sexy stripper lip-syncing to a Rihanna hit is a great way to play out any entertaining fantasies of having a personal concert from Rihanna herself. Who wouldn’t want a private dance from Rihanna?

Having a stripper perform a Rihanna routine is a great way to make that come to life. Using services like hotpartystripper.com reviews it’s easy to find a sexy stripper who can incorporate a Rihanna song or lip sync into her show—and you don’t even have to drop $8,000 like Rihanna to get it.

Rihanna loves hanging with strippers in Miami and music all seem to mesh together pretty well. Strippers love to dance, lip sync, and perform shows to Rihanna; Rihanna loves to watch the girls perform their routines. It seems like a great relationship to me.