Must-See Las Vegas Shows

With so many shows in Las Vegas, it can be difficult to find a general consensus on what is best. These Las Vegas shows consistently come up in conversations as the top of the heap so plan your vacation and include at least one of these performances. Use Best of Vegas to compare prices on Las Vegas shows before you get into town.

If you are looking for a cheap show (under $50), there are some options, or you can see if you can score half-price tickets when you get into town. Las Vegas strippers are readily available to be the part of your strip show entertainment for your special event.

Remember to exhibit patience. Do not be in a hurry to buy your show tickets. Start checking prices before you leave for Las Vegas and if you find a good price after you have done some comparison shopping then go ahead and buy the ticket. It does not make sense to buy first. Call the hotel where the show is appearing and see what their price is. If after you do a little searching and you know you have found a good deal, then that is when you make the final purchase. Patience might save you some money.

If you still have to book a hotel or are not sure what to do while there, the options are seemingly endless.

The Beatles “Love” at the Mirage

Stand outside the theater as ​The Beatles “Love” at the Mirage lets out and that should be an indication to you as to how good this show is. It is the perfect combination of good music and stunning performers. If there is only one show in Las Vegas that you will see, you will not be disappointed if you choose “Love.” Plenty other Las Vegas shows will entertain you, but this show will move you.

The music alone makes this a great show, but then the performers bring the music to life. The personalities of the iconic band seem to be transported into the room, into the energy of the performance and into the audience. You do not have to be a fan of The Beatles to enjoy this show. One thing you will realize when you leave this performance is that their music is very familiar and holds up very well. People love this show because it is hard not to.

Absinthe at Caesars Palace

Absinthe is one of the best shows in Las Vegas for its comedy, thrilling acrobatics, and adult themes that remind you that you are in Sin City and not Disney World. The seating in the small theater will have you so close to the action you will feel like you are part of the show.

To save money for this show, make sure you check ticket prices at the Caesars Palace ticket booth before you buy online. Sometimes those tickets are discounted. When you walk past the giant tent in front of Caesars Palace, look for the people who are handing out discount coupons.

They are there most days and you can save a good chunk of money on your tickets.

Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s

The Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s is a must-see. For the money, it is hard to beat this kind of entertainment. It should go without saying, but please do not start eating goldfish after seeing this show.

Compared to other Vegas shows, it is a bargain with normal prices about $30 to $50. And, if you have kids, it’s even more fabulous because it’s good, clean fun for everyone. This afternoon show is better than plenty of evening shows on the strip. His act is reminiscent of something that was once so common but is now a lost art. See him and try not to like it. You won’t be able to.

Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay

You don’t have to like Michael Jackson to love this show. You will leave the show with an appreciation for the music and a fascination for Cirque du Soleil. The effects and performers are impressive, and the music is catchy. Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay will surprise you so do not be shocked when you start singing at the top of your lungs. It is a journey through Michael Jackson’s music as well as a walk down memory lane. Time is here and it’s time to hire strippers near me type of party idea that will be the focal point of your celebration.

Blue Man Group at the Luxor

Some Las Vegas shows are not for everybody. The Blue Man Group is. This is a Las Vegas show that can work for the entire family.

You’ll be entertained like never before, you’ll surprise yourself with the need to tap your feet, and you’ll engage your senses with a desire to experience it all. The Blue Man Group has been in Las Vegas for quite some time so you can bet they are doing something right.

Once the show begins, you’ll understand why there is so much excitement as you are treated to a bombardment of lights and sounds. Very little is needed to convey the energy from the performers to the audience as the sensory experience will enthrall every ounce of your attention. Blue Man Group is filled with laughter, rhythm, and activity. This show is perfect for anyone who enjoys quality entertainment, and you do not have to worry about inappropriate or racy suggestive behavior. The real show starts before the performance when the performers dance through the casino. Get in early and get the full effect of the sensory experience as the showroom is alive way before the real show starts.