Miami is the best place for bachelor or bachelorette party celebrations with the girls. Gather all of your friends before the big wedding and head to Miami for some wonderful moments, where you can enjoy relaxing on the beach and exploring Miami’s buzzing adult nightlife options. From wonderful beachfront resorts to hip boutique hotels, there’s a hotel Loews hotel Miami Beach suite every type of grooms to be. Enjoy a memorable filling before the ring when you book a stay in Loews hotel Miami beach for a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Loews Hotel Miami Beach for Bachelor party

While the state-of-the-art white exterior of Loews hotel Miami beach mightn’t have the Art deco look of its neighbors, the 2017 renewed interiors are a modern homage to the historic style. In addition to the decoration, the hotel spent fifty million bucks revamping the spa, lobby, pool deck, adding a VIP check-in, and updating every room with stunning and luxury decoration.

The outcome is a sleek property that lacks the pretension found in a few of South Miami Beach’s other luxurious hotels, and a decoration that focuses on blending art into the atmosphere, from the lobby’s geode inspire wall mural to amazing black and white patterned tiling at Bar Collins.

Big pool areas with adult-only cabanas

Here you can enjoy beach access, adult-only luxury cabanas, a complete service spa as well as 6 onsite eateries and bars at Loews hotel Miami beach. After a huge multimillion-dollar renovation, this South Beach Loews hotel is the perfect place for private and guys party before the wedding with dancers. This beachfront hotel has over sixty upscale suites that’d make the unforgettable stay for a hot girl’s weekend.

Though the pool remained the same after renovation, the pool deck was updated. Luxury pool perks include a dedicated pool concierge, a self-serve suntan lotion area, chilled towels, occasional surprise treats like frozen grapes kebobs.

The adult-only cabanas need high fees and the included AC, a personal butler, rooftop sundecks, and rooms for guests. Daybeds are also available and come with a shared hot tub. Though, this place is often empty and takes the area away from the rest of the pool area. Try the fun-loving party with Miami male or female dancers coming out for your special night.

Relaxing beach area with drink and food service

Your guest can expect warm waters and soft white sand, plus a reserved area with beach lounger setups and drink and foods service for your guests. Though, it is great to note that, by the regulations, the Lowes Beach hotel Miami is public. You can also enjoy several water sports which make this place one step ahead for any bachelor party enthusiast.

Stunning views of City and Beach

How many hotels in Miami Beach provide stunning views? This Loews hotel Miami beach provides breathtaking views to every visitor. Usually, you get a wonderful ocean view and a beautiful city view. The ocean view from the Loews hotel Miami beach is wonderful and let everyone gaze over the beach and Miami Skyline.

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