San Diego Bachelor Party Activities to do

San Diego is one of the most famous bachelor party destinations right after Miami and Las Vegas. From the beach to wonderful hills and all between there’s a limitless supply of fun. Today’s bachelor parties are just about bars, food, strip dancers, and hot girls. Below you’ll learn about some great activities you can do to kick off our friend’s bachelor fun.

Enjoying Golf with Bunker Mates

Most guys have fun slapping the ball around the golf course for the day. So when you’re looking for San Diego bachelor party activities this should be at top of your mind. You can make your golf around unforgettable with a few elegant lady golf caddies. That’ll help with caddie jobs on the course. These are include keeping score, diving the golf cart, raking the sun bunkers, and assuring you have a fun day on the field.

Fishing Fun

Another best thing to do during the day is to go fishing. San Diego has a few of the finest fishing venues in the world. You and your friends can take either a 4hr or a complete day excursion. Unless your friends are diet fishermen the 4hr fishing period is more than enough. We suggest you go Point to Loma Sports Fishing which is very conveniently situated just a few miles from downtown.

Strip Clubs

What bachelor party would be complete without exotic dancers? Get your closed buddies jointly for a fun night at the finest strip clubs San Diego has to offer. Play it safe and make a money withdrawal from a safe place if you do not want your future wife to find out what you’ve been planning. Your buddies will help you craft the best cover story.

Grab a bite to eat

You’ll need to refuel after your fun day and prepare to hit up the city nightlife with strip dancers. There’re plenty of restaurants to pick from. The Crock and Craft house a brewery, restaurant, and winery. The restaurant features a full open kitchen where you can see your meal being cooked. Duke’s La Jolla gives an elegant atmosphere and delicious food. You can watch the wonderful sunset over the Pacific as you enjoy your meal. Of course, you will need breakfast the next day too. Hit up the breakfast republic, any of the 4 locations has its own delicious, unique menu.


Since your partner might soon control your finances, why not hit the tables and roll the dice with a little betting at one of the city’s premier casinos, like EI Cajon, Viejas Casino in Alpine. Put your skills to the final test at the poker table or put your fate’s hands by spinning reels of your most favorite slot machines. You’ll never run out of exciting activities when you take a shot at the jackpot, trying to be the next winner. If you win a big amount, consider opening a 2nd bank account and asking your buddies to keep your secret.

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