Funny Inventions That Will Make You Laugh: From the Absurd to the Hilarious

The invention is often born of necessity. But sometimes, it’s just run out of boredom and a desire to see what can be created. These are the funniest inventions- the ones that make you laugh because they are so absurd or simply because they’re hilarious. These inventions will have you chuckling with delight (or horror) from the useless but funny to the downright dangerous. Let’s take a peek and laugh at some of the most amusing inventions ever made!

We Can Add The Fish Skin Bikini To Our Hot Party Stripper Girls

The Fish Skin Bikini is a unique and hilarious invention that has caused quite a stir in the fashion world. It was created by designer Nicholas Daley and is made from the skin of tilapia fish. The bikini is meant to be eco-friendly and sustainable, as the fish’s skin is a waste product that would otherwise be discarded. However, many people find the idea of wearing fish skin creepy and distasteful, and the bikini has been met with mixed reactions. So far, it has only been produced in small numbers and is not yet available for sale to the general public.

  • So for all of you bodybuilders that enjoy eating fish every day, this might be perfect for you. Eat the fish bikini off one of our hot girls. This could be a bachelor party gift if the groom enjoys fish. Add the fish skin bikini see your party package.

Do You Want To Blow Dry Our Hotties Bras At Your Bachelor Party?

The bra dryer is a hilarious invention that will make you laugh. It is exactly what it sounds like- a dryer for bras. The inventor, Marianne Ryan, came up with the idea when she struggled to keep her bras from becoming wrinkled in the dryer. The bra dryer is a small, handheld device that uses heat and air to dry your bras quickly and easily. It is perfect for busy ladies who don’t have time to wait for their bras to air dry. The bra dryer is currently available for purchase on the inventor’s website.

Our Hot Party Girls Portable Toilet So No Golden Showers At Your Bachelor Party

mans funny invention

This invention is pretty self-explanatory- it’s a toilet that you can take with you wherever you go. It was created in the 1970s by James W. Buchanan and has been a boon to campers, hikers, and anyone who doesn’t want to miss an opportunity for a bathroom break. Of course, our Hot Party Strippers use these to make sure they are not running late. You do not want a Golden Shower during a lapdance, so we make sure to use these.

The Clapper To Turn On or Off The Lights For Our Hot Girls

This one falls into the category of useless but funny inventions. The Clapper is a tool that permits you to turn on and off lights or other products with just a clap of your hands. It was invented in 1985 by Alan Thicke and was a massive hit in the 1990s. Of course, with the advent of innovative home technology, The Clapper has become pretty much obsolete- but it’s still a great piece of nostalgia for those who remember it from their childhood. Our hot girls love the lights to be on versus strip clubs love them off for a reason.

funny inventions with strippers

This one is dangerous but funny at the same time. The Segway is a two-wheeled mobile device that you stand on and control with your body movement. It was invented by Dean Kamen in 2001 and quickly became popular to get around town without having to walk or drive. We love to use these in some instances in big cities or on weekend ski trips, camping destinations, and so forth.

funny inventions for men

Hot Party invented the pizza delivery girls for all of you food lovers, especially for pizza you can eat a slice off-hour, gorgeous girls. Basically, when you order one of our packages of girls, they will pick up a large pizza for you and then the pizza party pants. This is great for bachelor parties and, of course, Game Day events like football games, the Superbowl, NBA playoffs, March Madness, UFC fight night, Golf tournaments, Boxing, NHL Stanly Cup, Ski-trips, camping in need for food, so on and so forth. Even have a barbecue party and have the pizza delivery girls come to the back patio. Everybody gets to eat pizza off the girls lying down on the lounge chair—Sunshine and Sizzling hot pizza girls sure to fill you up.

See Our Hot Girls or Guys As Your Police Officer On Duty

funny stripper inventions

Let’s face it, guys, if this pretty police officer pulled you over you wouldn’t have any problems with that, would you? You would be perfectly happy, and that’s why the invention of police officer costume strippers makes sense for most parties. The role-play that a police officer girl can do at a bachelor party has so many options. Our hot girls can turn it up and be such bad police officers. Then ladies at your bachelorette party, I as the owner have done thousands of birthdays and bachelorette parties as a bad boy police officer. The last police officer that I was the owner did was on the Jillian Michaels show on the E-Channel 4 years ago for her mother-in-law. A police officer costume is extremely sexy to most women, and that’s why it’s requested for most bachelorette parties.

See The Invention Of Hot Tutor The Cure for Low Exam Scores

hire pretty tutor

College students, there’s nothing better than this. Your professors are boring, or you just can’t understand them, right? Well, men like me, the owner of Hot Party Stripper created this sexy tutor hiring to guarantee you hi-scores on your exams. So, give a hot tutor a try to raise your exam scores.

Our Invention Of Our Hot Girls Game With You

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Gamers, you’re playing Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, or any of your other RPG or online games. A threesome to us is playing a game and having a girl play with us while sitting on our lap. That’s okay if you only have one Gamer chair because our hot girls will sit on your lap while playing a game as your partner. Having a gamer party, all your buddies are coming over. Have a couple of our girls come over too. This is the Ultimate Gamer experience.

The Hangover Cure Invention

invention of breakfast on legs

Legs and Eggs breakfast is a new invention for a hangover cure. The answer is legs and eggs, that’s right, guys, our hot girls will serve you breakfast, and you will eat that breakfast off of them. Your eggs could be sunny side up, over easy, or scrambled. Add bacon on top of the eggs for all of the bachelor parties. For your bachelorette parties, we always add pancake syrup sausages.

The Ultimate Invention Created By Men

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