Looking to host a birthday party in Baltimore Maryland? Or looking birthday party ideas in Baltimore Maryland? Look no further than our list of the top places and birthday party venues host your celebration. From little, quiet restaurants to a bigger private room for all of your friends, you are bound to find the best party place in Baltimore. Bring out some gorgeous Baltimore Strippers to dance for all of your surprise birthday celebration.

Barcocina – Baltimore

From the group at the back Bond Street Social, Barconina, Baltimore amazing restaurant and social location in Fell point waterfront. The restaurant specs Mexican encouraged cuisine with new ingredients. Barcocina cocktail list highlight new squeezed juices for next level taste and freshness. With wonderful outdoor area and uninhibited views of the habor, Barcocina is a premier location to drink, eat and socialize. The fully renovated and charming area spec and garage door aluminum walls that open to the waterfront, so every bench outdoor and indoor will make the charming harbor view a part of the Barcocina experience.

Bond street social

Bond street social gathers an upscale, actual dining experience with a lively, hip social scene. Executive Chef Marc Dixon’s artistic menu of “social plates,” attracts social dinning with a variety of international dishes that combine Latin, European and Chesapeake Bay cooking. The menu is planned to attract to a diners want to sample a range of dishes, as opposed to traditional course style dinning. To improve the dining experience, this restaurant offers social drinks brought to the table in glass infusion jars.

Bar Vasquez

This new world argentine lounge, bar and restaurant will be enjoying the blessed trinity of Argentine cooking: fire, meat and seasonal items. In this restaurant, you can expect amazing seasonal cocktails provided and at the upstairs bar, we will have a qualified bourbon master to support you navigate broad whiskey menu.


Cinghiale provides 2 different environments for you to enjoy perfect dinning establishment. The Osteria at Cinghiale has the feel of a stylish tavern with white table-clothes and leather and mahogany banquettes. It specs a big farm table for a unique family-style dining experience.

The Enoteca at Cinghiale enjoys the new Italian cuisine. It is planned to be a good-humored section of the restaurant, as well as a combing location. The area has a dynamic urban bustle that specs top woods, wrought iron chandeliers and a handcrafted marble floor and tile. Adjacent to the big bar is a Salumeria that specs traditional cheeses, meats and antipasti.