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Denver Strippers

Time to live it up and get some beautiful ladies dressed in hot bikinis doing party games and lap dances with you. They will bring your lucky charms and they are magically delicious. Get ready to turn up the heat at your birthday or bachelor party with the hottest female Denver Strippers. Bachelor parties turn the engines on and let loose! Start the summer off with a sensational entertainment by seeing the exotic dancers dressed up as a police, school girl, play bunny, French maid or any other unique preferred character. We provide what is demanded so that you can have your very own Denver strippers today. Be the Lord and entertain your guests by planning a seductive and wild night with the professional party planners at Hot Party Stripper. We specialize in talent search and operated by the one and only Sean Michael, winner of the USA strip off twice, Playgirl man of the year and was just on the Jillain Michael’s show on the E-channel. Get yourself prepared for some extra fun this season. Enjoy summer festivities for many events especially athletic ones and all the parties that will be taking place throughout Colorado. Add exotic dancers to be at your side and then after off to the hotel room strip tease show. Just choose any of the performers and sit back! Reserve your strippers in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Boulder and many other locations now by calling on (720)-835-2111 or booking online!

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Denver strippers

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Denver Male Strippers
Denver male strippers

Denver Male Strippers

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Denver Strippers

Denver Strippers

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denver female strippers

Denver Female Strippers

Female Strippers

Las Vegas may be the top destination when it comes to doing a bachelor or bachelorettes party with its thrills and frills. But if you think the “Sin City” is too expensive for your budget, then your next best option is Denver, Colorado. This bustling city offers just the right amount of dirty to make your bachelor or bachelorette party extra memorable. One of the best ways to achieve an unforgettable night is by hiring Denver strippers. If this is your game-plan, then make sure to tap authorized clubs and event organizers in your area. This weekend girls and fellas catch the amazing dance event with salsa, bachata and more, with shows these professionals will put on making it a great daytime thing to do.

Like marriage, a bachelor or bachelorette party only happens once, hopefully, in someone’s life. It’s like saying ‘goodbye’ to single hood and waving ‘hello’ at the life of being married. So, if you are doing this for your friend, you better do it right by hiring Denver exotic dancers. Take note that it’s not all about getting dirty and naked. In fact, you can also toy with a concept that would fit the night’s theme. Hiring Strippers in Denver can be done in two ways. Either you ask the permission of the groom or the bride or surprise them completely. Asking permission beforehand ensures that everything runs smoothly. Some grooms or brides may be even privy to their partners when it comes to plans like this. If you think your friend won’t be too cool about having strippers at your party, then it’s better to ask permission first.

On the other hand, if you want to make it as a surprise, then the ball is in your court. Pick a theme for the party. Playboy and Hawaiian-inspired parties are the common themes. You can also assign the costume of the stripper during the party. Denver exotic dancers are available in a variety of ways. There are a lot of online websites that offer professional strippers at different packages. Typically, these are clubs and authorized event organizers who customize the package according to the event. You can even tweak the package like additional car and equipment rental. You can also scout for Denver strippers at local clubs located near you. Oftentimes, their strippers can also be hired for special events. You can also ask for a referral from your friend. This option saves you more time in scouting for strippers. Plus, you can guarantee that the strippers can be trusted through a referral.

You also have to take note of the rules and regulations that come with hiring strippers. First thing off the list is making sure that the strippers you are about to hire are aged 18 years old and above. Also, you have to agree on a specific rate so that you can wick away from overspending. If possible, do not pay in full yet until the party is over. This is to make sure that the job will be performed well according to your agreement. You also have to read through the documents before signing anything. Professional clubs do impose such rules so you really need to have the eye for details. Keep in mind that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event so better make it fun and memorable.

Bachelor Party Ideas In Denver Colorado

A bachelor party is a groom’s last hurrah in being single and loose. It’s the last time in his life where he’ll have an excuse for going home late and probable wasted. Needless to say, it’s the last time where he’d be hanging out with the boys as a single man. Hence, it is the duty of the best man to make a bachelor party really memorable. Sounds like a huge task? Don’t fret. Here are some exciting bachelor party ideas when you are in Denver Colorado. From exciting casino activities to erotic Denver Strippers, you are sure to give that wonderful pre-marriage present to your best friend.

Experience Colorado’s “Mini Las Vegas”

Tagged as Colorado’s “Mini Las Vegas”, Black Hawk is the best place to get the dice rolling. This place is full of casinos where the groom and the rest of your group will surely have fun. It is the largest casino place in Colorado and you won’t run out of things to do when in this place. If you are planning to stay the night, you can also opt to rent out a hotel dotted in the area. Of course, bars are also scattered in the place where you can drink a few rounds of beers after playing casino.

Party and hire strippers in Denver

Admit it or not, strippers complete a bachelor’s party. If you don’t want to travel that far, you can simply rent a place and hold the party there. Of course, the main highlight the night are Denver strippers whom you can hire at authorized clubs and event organizers. It is important that you hire Denver strippers from authorized agents to make sure that you get quality service without compromising anything. You can browse through some websites and see which one offers the best package. These organizers also offer other services such as car rental depending on your needs. If you are transacting this online, make sure that you request for photos of the strippers that you are about to hire. Also, double check on the documents before inking anything. If the agency is not open to these security checks, then find another one.

Go crazy over games

Who says bachelor parties are just about getting down and dirty? While having Denver strippers at your bachelor party may be hard to beat, you can still have tons of fun while keeping it wholesome and low-key. Organize a game night with the groom’s closest friends and go crazy over Rock-band 2 and NBA Jam. Be sure to stock up on beers and food, too. Remember that this may be the last time that the groom can entertain spontaneous and crazy nights with the boys so make sure that you make the best out of it.

Organizing a bachelor’s party may be a daunting task which requires thorough planning. So whether you are going for the dirty Denver strippers or the low-key game night, don’t forget that this night is all about helping the groom reduce his wedding jitters.

Bachelorette Party Ideas in Denver, Colorado

Male Strippers

A bachelorette’s party is one of way of reducing the soon-to-be bride’s wedding jitters. This event is her last party as a single woman so it is a must that everything goes smoothly and unforgettable. If you are tasked to organize this important occasion, there are several ideas that you can choose from to make it fun and sassy. From mild activities like bar hopping to wild adventures like hire Denver strippers, there’s always something that would fit your best friend’s personality.

Spa Party

If you want to organize a party that will never go wrong, then go for a spa party. This can be done at the convenience of your home or at a rented spa place. Some party planners now offer this amazing service by sending professional masseurs to your home. You can also be a little extravagant and splurge on a spa resort. While this party is all about relaxation, it doesn’t mean that there’ll be no room for interaction. You can kick off the party by having some games like charades. If you’re with a really tight bunch, you can even tweak this game a little by having “Name that Ex Charades.” Simply split the group into two teams and play like one of the soon-to-be bride’s former flame, crush, or special someone. Do not forget to include food and cocktails, too.

Pool party

Another way to celebrate the soon-to-be bride’s last hurrah to singlehood is by having a pool party. There are a lot of hotels in Denver, Colorado that offer accommodations options with access to swimming pool. Simply book a night or two and reserve the pool area to make it a private event. You can also set the theme for the night and ask the attendees to wear costumes. You can also ask a few ones to do a short intermission number for the bride. If you have the time, prepare a brief audio-visual presentation highlighting the bride’s most precious moments.

Hire Strippers in Denver

If you want to go extra wild, then the best option is to hire Denver strippers. Hiring strippers in Denver is a fun way to bid goodbye to single-hood. After all, this moment gives everyone a valid excuse to get drunk and, maybe, dirty for at least one night. If this is your first time to hire a stripper, it is best to ask for a referral from someone you trust. This ensures that you get professional Denver strippers who can perform the task well. You can also scout your area for local night clubs that offer this kind of service. Aside from strippers, some authorized night clubs may also provide additional services like equipment and car rentals. If you are doing the search online, make a quick check on the details like the profile of the Denver male dancer and the reputation of the club or event organizer. When it comes to payment, it is recommended that you give the full amount once the job has been completed. This is to make sure that you get the most out of what you pay for.

female strippers in denver


We celebrated my buddies 50th birthday party which was a blast with Jenna and Kimmy. This company starting with Cher on the phone went very easy all the way  through planning the event with the dancers showing up on time and doing a great show with games. We went with the ultimate package which was perfect, the girls spent 3 hours with us and our group of 12 guys had an amazing time. Thanks again Cher


Thanks so much for preparing our bachelor party event with Tessa and Kimmy. The show went great with the girls dressed up in police costumes. They had whips and really put on hot show and embarrassed the best man and guest of honor. We really appreciate Cher for putting our event together last minute for us. Thanks again 

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