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Happy New Year from us to you, let’s start it with a good time. Traveling to Dubai and in need of some entertainment with some beautiful girls? Well hire some Dubai exotic dancers to come out to your event or private venue. Reserving all kinds of events from birthdays, business party ideas, bachelor parties, stag parties, vacation celebrations and couples night out events.

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exotic dancers in Dubai

Exotic Dancers In Dubai


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Exotic Dancers in Dubai

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Celebrate Entertainment with Exotic Dancers In Dubai

Are you getting ready to travel in a luxury rental car in Dubai? You have lots to look forward whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. One step off of your plane and you will realize why this location is fast becoming the most famous city for visitors everywhere.

It thrills the senses with its towering skyscrapers including the globe tallest skyscraper, the wonderful Burj Khalifa. It has lots of malls featuring 100s of name brand, deluxe retailers all waiting for you. The city comes alive at night dancing LED lights and music along the Mountain Dubai base and there are 100s of nightclubs that welcome you at all hours.

It is pulsating and vibrant nightlife attracts entertainers and singers from all across the globe. Famous dance groups from America and Europe routinely cover the Dubai circuit as do ballet firms and theater groups. Theater plays, cultural shows, song and dance performances Dubai exotic dancers performers open to packed houses on weekend making the city an attraction for culture buffs.

Providing the best of entertainment and food, Dubai watering holes are virtually the second house to party animals who love to revel in the dynamic ambiance of these locations. On your next holiday to Dubai do visit the African star club, a location where you can rock to the beat of African drums and savour tasty Ethiopian food. For more fun, go to the Mayfair hotel where you can find the sun downer, a best location to relax, chill out and play video games.

Golfing followers should make a trip to the nineteen hole of the Hyatt Regency Golf park that has a bar dedicated fully to patrons of this classy sport. If you truly want to explore Dubai culture area, then you should visit a few of its museums. Make a tour to the Driving and Heritage village that not just hosts a craft fair but also provides amazing glimpses into the city’s medieval past. Visit the Islamic Sharjah museum that provides remarkable insights into Islamic ideology where you will get a best view of Islam a religion misunderstood by many.

To know contemporary Dubai history, check out the HH Sheikh Saeed home that served as the seat to the administration during the twenty century. Before you finish your Dubai holidays, do visit the Narish Khyam, a museum that provides a glimpse into Dubai’s special boat culture. It is not simple to gain an in-depth understanding of Dubai culture landscape in single trip. You need to visit this Emirate again and again to know the finer details of its special Bedouin culture.

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Great company, very professional with Cher getting us guys the entertainment we needed for our night out mingling. The exotic dancers were fantastic and very beautiful. They came out to our party room rented in our hotel room. The experience overall was more than amazing. Thanks again


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Been online exactly 12.5 years now.
Loves the art of exotic dancer showmanship. Cares deeply about bringing a quality time to your event & is strict on who will be on his team. Danced all over the world 22yrs, winner of USA strip off twice, playgirl man of the year, hired by Chippendales many times, been on and coordinated over 300 TV shows and music videos.
Well prices vary depending on package your putting together. The dancers are commensurate based on their level of performance quality judged by owner Sean Michael’s and customer feedback.
Both are great. Sean Michales is friends of many strip club owners and partial owner of one himself. It depends on what convenience your looking for. What you want to spend your money on for what value. It’s a multifaceted construct e.g. drinks, dancer show, intimacy, music choice, games, lighting, a la crate options.

Sean Michael’s has responded to this many times on TV & Radio interviews. Anyone can dress in a costume, exercise etc. However, the intangibles that Sean Michael’s brings to teaching his male & female dancers is invaluable. Being an entertainer is both a science & art requiring much more than what a performer can learn just by being thrown on stage with a costume. Costumes and roles as well as additional party games relative to the Bachelorette party. Bachelorette party supplies are a great additional option. Speak to the trained bachelorette event planners to give you ideas and other options we provide.

Speak to bachelor party event planners on our phones. These representatives will give you dancer package ideas, hotels, air bnb, places to eat and daytime/nightime activities, wait staff, little people, other types of entertainment that can work with your bachelor party. Sean Michael’s is friends with many nightclub owners, owns some air bnbs and other businesses that can bring even more excitement for your bachelor party.
Well, strip clubs have many dancers but they also have a lot of customers. Most clients at strip clubs get left out or have limited time with the strippers. Private Strippers devote all concentration to the clients at the party. Private Strippers also can play any music you want and perform with toys as well. Private Strippers do not need to follow strip club rules like 3 minutes per lap dance. Private dancers make their own rules with the clients. So, overall, private exotic dancers have much more to offer.

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