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For the hottest female and male Frisco strippers ready to turn up your private party. Having your very own group of private Frisco Tx exotic dancers is the only way. Step away from the regular dull entertainment. Call 469.795.1988

Entertain your guests by planning a special event with our hot dancers nearby. Prepare for some epic activities with some exotic strip shows. Some examples at parties are lap dances, friction dances, roleplay performances, and portable pole dancing for all your private venues. Make remarkable memories turn your house party. It would help if you enjoyed some of the local fun in Frisco, Texas. Fasten your seatbelts because your engines are going to roar. Our party planners are on the phone to reserve you’re Frisco female strippers online.

Ladies, former Labare Frisco male strippers Sean Michael’s, owns this company and has an abundance of top-notch strippers in Frisco, Tx for you. Dressing up and all types of sexy role-playing costumes is a fun way to live it up. Frisco Tx is part of North Texas that brings spice with sweetness. This is a football town, so put on your helmet and get ready for an amazing time with our role-playing cheerleaders. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction and celebrate your surprise party. Heat up your event by booking male or female exotic dancers who can make your party one that lasts.

Female Strippers Frisco Tx

Smile. You’re a little excited, we’re a little excited, and you will have an epic time. Whether you need to get ready for a business event or are celebrating the bachelor party of your lifetime, Hot Frisco Strippers is the place to go. You’ll have access to the best female exotic dancers in Frisco, Tx. We have a variety of stunning female strippers. You can check out all of our girl’s bodies. Some girls are petite, and some are thick in the right places. Some are blonds, and some are brunettes. We also have every culture working for us.

Affordability. Quality. Variety

Frisco strippers

Bachelor Party Choice for Frisco Tx Burlesque Queens


Strip clubs have a lot of exotic dancers and even more customers, all competing for attention. Many of the exotic dancers at a strip club spend very little time with you. The artists have to cover their side stages and have many rules to follow.

Hot Party Strippers Frisco Tx Tx focuses on private bachelor parties. We provide personal attention to the guest of honor and all close friends. We also offer food and beverage delivery. We don’t have many rules. You get to play your own music. The center of attention is you. Our girls are the center of your attention. Role-play in costumes is another fun option.

Best Private Party Strippers in Frisco Tx

Both strip clubs and private events are unique. Both have different pros and cons. It depends on what you’re searching for. The amount of money you will spend.

  1. Private parties combined a show with costumes. The Frisco Tx strippers will bring toys.
  2. You get to make your own music decisions.
  3. We serve you like kings.


Cost varies depending on the distance of travel and how many strippers in Frisco Tx. Consider that we bring the actual strip club to you. it makes no sense to think somebody that’s good-looking is going to take their clothes off for a little money. Artists are not sitting around on the sofa at our office. They have other things to do so please call and be patient with our services on the phone.

male Frisco strippers

Frisco Tx Male Strippers

Are you visiting Frisco Tx, Texas, for a bachelorette party and looking to have a Magic Mike or Labare-trained male stripper? Well, we have a variety of male dancers in Frisco Tx, Texas, available for your special event. Our male strippers are available for all events, including bachelorette parties, birthdays, corporate parties, and more. We have a variety of male strippers in Frisco Tx, Texas, trained in different dance styles.

Our male dancer costumes are Police, Firefighter, Hotel Manager, Construction, and more. Our male strippers are trained in many different styles of dance. They can perform a choreographed show, strip down to their underwear or even go full nude if you desire. We offer a variety of packages (pardon the pun) that include multiple male strippers, games, party favors, and more.

Novelty Sexy Frisco Tx Striptease Dancers for Bachelorettes Parties

For the ladies, you want to put a little tip on the hip and a little kiss on the lip. Have some of our handsome Frisco Tx male strippers perform in various costumes. Popular costumes are police officer or suit and tie representing a hotel manager. Get fancy and have a male dancer do the Leave Your Hat On Routine. You can make it cool and have a guy deliver pizza with goofy glasses and buck teeth. Make your bachelorette party wild and crazy. Call 469.795.1988

Hot Party Stripper LLC – Trusted Launched in Frisco Tx

Sexy lady worker attractive legs for private bachelor parties

Private Strippers in Costume


Sean Michaels addressed this question in many TV and radio shows. Anybody can dress up in a costume and go to a gym. It takes a talented individual to put on a good show. We bring experienced male strippers to your special events. Ladies, Sean worked out a Labare for many years, and I coach all the male dancers to be 50 shades of magic.

A message from the owner Shawn Michaels experienced male dancer for 22 years. Our female exotic dancers in Frisco Tx are professional and coached by Sean. This makes the performers so much more complete. We bring excitement and hype up your bachelor party. Even if you’re going out to have a surprise birthday party, we have all kinds of wild ideas. We come to you and revitalize your bachelor party to life. We do this with our frisky Frisco Tx strippers, sexy strip shows, music, and unique party games. You have to call to ask about our ballers package and specific toys. 

Something WILD for Frisco Tx Bachelorettes Parties

For the ladies, you want to put a little tip on the hip and a little kiss on the lip. Have some of our handsome Frisco Tx male strippers perform in various costumes. Popular costumes are police officer or suit and tie representing a hotel manager. Get fancy and have a male dancer do the Leave Your Hat On Routine. You can make it cool and have a guy deliver pizza with goofy glasses and buck teeth. Make your bachelorette party wild and crazy. Call 469.795.1988

football party strippers for guys house parties

Football Parties


A fantastic idea for guys. Our Frisco Tx strippers come to your game day while you live the dream. Don’t you wish football was every day of the week? Think of our girls dressing up as Frisco Tx Cowboys dancers. Our girls will cheer and put on a Frisco Tx Cowboys dancers show at your house party while watching the game on your big screen TV. Can you imagine having your private cheerleaders serving you beer, chicken wings, and all the pleasures that beautiful women bring? Don’t delay of game, guys, and don’t procrastinate. That would be a penalty. So put one of your guys in motion, snap the ball and contact our staff now. We will be your new offensive coordinator. We are sure to put points on the board. Let us add real fantasy to your fantasy football day. Have our strippers in Frisco Tx get you truly ready for some football.  

Hot Party Frisco Tx Strippers for Private Birthdays

If you’re looking for fun things in Frisco Tx, Texas. Celebrate the 40th birthday, bachelorette, or bachelor party. Look no further! We’ve gathered some of the best exotic dancers in Frisco Tx for you and your friends to enjoy. Bar crawls to adventurous activities. There is something for everyone on this list. So get ready to party like it’s your 40th birthday!

Bar Crawl: A bar crawl is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday. Start at one of Frisco Tx’s many bars and end the night at a club. Make sure to drink plenty of water between drinks to keep the party going all night long!

Adventure Activities: Consider doing an activity like zip lining or indoor skydiving. These activities are perfect for getting the adrenaline pumping. They make great memories with friends.

Spa Day: Sometimes, you need a relaxing day with your besties. Spend your bachelorette weekend getting pampered at one of Frisco Tx’s many spas. Get massages, facials, and mani/pedis before heading out for a night on the town.

A Group of Adult Frisco Tx Exotic Dancers For Any Event

We use the most popular performers and challenge them to be the ultimate Entertainers. We elevate the bar and set the standards in the stripping industry. You get no hidden fees or charges. Our staff on the phone goes over the different packages. We find out exactly what you want for your private party strippers in Frisco Tx, Tx.

Elite Private Frisco Tx Bachelor Party Entertainment

Guys, transform your stag party into an epic encounter! You will need at least two female strippers for your event. Energize your buddies with extraordinary Frisco Tx strippers. Have two young ladies entertain your guests. Our Frisco Tx exotic dancers represent our brand name Hot Party Stripper. And for this, you must check out our two-girl fantasy show. These shows are something you have never seen before at a strip club.

Entrusted Famous Female and Male Dancers on TV Shows

We have a variety of dancers that have appeared and TV shows, magazines and model shoots. Many of our Frisco Tx male strippers perform at our large male revues at local nightclubs. Our girls are the hottest around and they also dance for bachelorette parties. These guys bring better than Labare-type shows you have never seen at a strip club.

Does Frisco Tx have a good nightlife? If you’re looking for a fun-filled night out. With a whole bunch of activities. Fantastic cuisine. Concerts and festivals. Then Frisco Tx, Texas, is the place to be. Many of the Frisco Tx Cowboys dancers work part-time at the clubs too. These famous dancers take great pictures with your group while spending the night out.

We have authentic strippers in Frisco Tx with actual pictures on our site for you to choose from. We trust you to look into Hot Party Frisco Tx Strippers. Check out all our videos to see how we turn up. Have us finish off your night the right way.

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