Celebrate a Girls Night Out 30th Birthday in Salt Lake City Utah

Visit Utah Hogle Zoo, stroll through the botanical garden and arboretum at the Red Butte Garden, watch a remarkable ballet performance, plan a special wedding, see a rare birds at the Tracy Aviary, the biggest bird park in the America, explore West Valley City, or get married at one of these special wedding venues. For a fast tour of the city’s best attractions.

Girls 30th party ideas in Salt Lake City Utah

Clark planetarium

The Clark Planetarium offers a big range of opportunities for educational learning and fun within their multidimensional complex. It’s time to spice up your event with Salt Lake strippers coming out to entertain all of your guests at your event. A free hall of interactive and educational exhibits greets guests, and it contains information on the solar system, planet earth, and space exploration. Within the Hanson Dome, guests can explore 360-degree immersed screening of a big range of little educational films.

Natural history museum of Utah

The natural history museum of Utah offers guests with the chance to learn about the special geography, history, earth science, and natives’ cultures of Utah past. With ten permanent exhibits, the museum offers both interactive and interpretive educational experiences to its many visitors. Exhibitions contain past worlds of Utah, depicting the places progression over the past five hundred million years and the Great Salt Lake, which offers interactive chances to smell, touch, and even taste the special qualities of the epic lake.

Tracy aviary

Housed on 8 acres within Salt Lake city’s costly and historical liberty park, Tracy aviary provides visitors a chance to watch and learn about a diverse collection of habitats and birds. Time to get some hot strippers out to your night out with friends so that night is memorable and it’s a great idea to get exotic dancers. The aviary contains over four-hundred individual birds deriving from over 135 different species, and an important percentage of these birds are considered rare and endangered. Guests are capable to view the birds in a big range of natural habitats and ecosystem shows.


Ariosto’s is renowned for its wonderful Greek cuisine, which it serves for both dinner and lunch. Owned and operated by Aristo himself, the chef relies on his Cretan background to find idea for the restaurant’s tasty dishes. Adhering to a primary belief in the excellence of Greek cuisine, Aristo maintains that domestic produce and a farm-to-table mentality is a very important standard of Mediterranean food.

Penny Ann’s cafe

Often proclaimed as the premier lunch and breakfast place in Utah, Penny Ann’s Cafe has 2 places. The initial cafe is placed downtown, while the second establishment residues south of the city in Sandy. Family run and owned, Penny Ann and her family are the trustworthy pillars of the restaurant.