Strip Club Irving Tx

If you’re looking for something fun that doesn’t require much planning, I would definitely recommend checking out one of Irving , TX. many strip clubs!

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to go. But don’t worry—we’re here for you.

Irving has some amazing strip clubs. Have some gorgeous exotic dancers at the strip club in Irving entertain your best friend for their birthday. Is your friend celebrating a breakup with his girlfriend? Thats the perfect reason to distract his mind, and go celebrate with some entertainment at a local strip club.

If you are looking for something different than just going out to a club or bar, then a Irving strip club is the perfect place to visit with friends or family. The atmosphere of these clubs is very relaxing and elegant, making it an ideal place to unwind and enjoy yourself.

The dancers at these places always dress very nicely to create a pleasing atmosphere on all levels. You will find women who range in age from 18-45 years old so there will be someone who appeals to every type of guy!

Irving Strippers

Hot party stripper is the number one choice for hiring private strippers in Irving, TX. We wildly serve Bachelorette or Bachelor parties. We service all types of events. Like office parties, guy’s night out, and bar hopping nights. For the ladies, we do divorce parties turned up. People from all over the world contact us. Our Allentown exotic dancers are trained by the best.

Our Dancers

We recruit the ultimate male and female strippers in Irving. Our male and female strippers are highly trained. By one of the top proficient male strippers known. We provide tasteful and novelty established shows. However, we are not hesitant and spicing up your event with some wild party favorites. Our clients continue to call us back as we have been in business for over 18 years online. You are welcome to check that reference.

Variety of Strippers

Our Irving strippers come from all sorts of backgrounds. We have all types of colors and all types of cultures that work for us. We have a mix of beauty and passion.

What Distinguishes Us

We love our job, and we love serving you. We have a terrific work ethic and reliably take care of your party. From the start, with our team on the phones organizing your event to the night of the event. We will bring you the most epic experience possible.

How To Decide On a Stripper

Choosing a stripper for the first time can sometimes be complex. That’s why we have staff on the phones that can quickly help you out. Our phone girls can reduce your stress and book your male stripper. You guys want to narrow down the choices and specific needs. Our girls on the phones are fantastic at this job.

Matter of Privacy

Privacy is one of our immediate concerns for not just your clients but also our entertainers. We do not give out personal information about our exotic dancers. For various reasons and from our experience, this is better this way.

Bachelor Party

We are experts in Bachelor parties. You are welcome to check out the bachelor party packages page. We have all types of different packages that have explicit features. The ultimate package is the greatest adventure, just like the specified term says. Our Allentown strippers will take care of you in every sexy aspect of an inch of your body. Cheers to the end of single life copy for you. Make sure to experience a night that all of your friends will love. This event is, of course, centered on the groom. Your memories are also vital to us.


Birthday Party

Birthday parties are a novelty event; most of the time, we are open. Make sure to try to call in advance. We have a great staff with various costumes to roleplay for a milestone birthday party. Party games for the special man of the evening are our Focus. What better way to celebrate a milestone’s birthday party. Then to have a surprise female or male stripper arrive in costume?

Bachelorette Party

The owner of hot party stripper was a male dancer for 22 years and the winner of Playgirl Man of the Year. we are well-versed in bachelorette parties putting together the perfect package for you. We have a few different packages of what we offer. You’re welcome to look at The Bachelorette party packages page. We have extra types of services like pool Cabana Boy and shirtless Waiters. Your memories are important to us.


So are you going to celebrate a holiday party and Allentown, Pennsylvania? Any holiday you’re having, we can dress up in costume and roleplay for your friends to have a good time. Do you want a sexy Santa Claus for you ladies having a Christmas party jointly? We have some hot sexy male strippers for you. It doesn’t matter what holiday for Valentine’s Day. This holiday is one event that we like to send out male and female strippers for your couple’s event. Then there is Halloween, and we have some wicked enchantresses. They are ready to dress up end lap dance you with their special enchanted toys.


Q: Do you come to a house with a solo guy late at night?

A: Yes, only if you order two or more strippers. You will have to provide ID to staff on phones for safety reasons. There are no negotiations on this.

Q: How much do the strippers cost?

A: Chat with staff so get live time ticket prices. Generally, one stripper costs roughly $250-300 per hour. Two strippers cost $500-700 per hour, and three strippers cost $800-1000 per hour. There is a required deposit of $100-150 for one stripper. $200-250 for two strippers, and $300-400 for three strippers. Pay cash to each dancer upon arrival (generally $150 plus per stripper due upon arrival). You can discover more about our rates at our prices page. As rates change, the best option is to talk with us on the phone.

Q: Am I allowed to touch the dancers?

A: Irving law does not permit the dancers to be touched. So, the dancers use their preferences.

Q: What if the stripper is late?

A: Do not call us in a panic attack, spreading your anxiety. Be advised that there is a little wiggle on time. So chillax, our staff has a little play on the clock to arrive. Don’t get nasty with staff on the phone. Nobody deals with tragic emotions here.

Q: How long do the dancers stay?

A: This depends on what package you order. It is that simple. If you want the dancer to stay longer. Discuss it with our staff on the phone because we have scheduled back-to-back events.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Pay your deposit for us to take you seriously. Pay the difference to dancers. Sometimes, we don’t need deposits. Situations vary. Most of the time, we need a small deposit. We are a large company that’s in 100s of locations. We have been online for over 18 years. Check the way back machine on the internet for proof. We have videos and pictures on TV with celebrities and more. We are not going anywhere. Put a little skin in the game if you want us to spend the time on you.

Q: How do I contact the dancer to speak to them about ideas at the party?

A: Please call us at (214)-256-4252 and let us know what the unique request is. We do not give out our dancer’s private info for protection reasons. However, our dancer will reach you when she is on the way with an eta.

Q: Can I select which stripper I want for the event?

A: You can suggest or pick off the site which type of stripper you would like. We have to look at our schedule to see which one is open. All of our strippers in Arlington have active lives. We have to see which one is available for the time that you request.

Q: How do I become a stripper?

A: We are always looking for new talent with great attitudes. Please apply through our employment page or call us at (214)-256-4252. We are an equal-opportunity employer. Unlike other strip clubs in the news. We provide our private dancers with the most enjoyable and safest work environment.

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