Justin Bieber spends $75,000 at a Miami Strip Club

Justin Bieber Spends Lavishly At A Strip Club

The young superstar Justin Bieber appears to be courting controversy these days. He has continuously been a part of several happenings that have only provided his fans to hold their breath and write hundreds of comments on social networking websites. The latest news about him is that he spent around $75,000 in a strip club in Miami with Miami Strippers. He was attending the birthday party of fellow rapper Little Scrappy who had reportedly hired the club for the night. The venue was the King of Diamonds, one of the premier strip clubs of Miami. The baffling amount of money was reportedly spent in $1 bills. All this happens when the nudes of the superstar were floated on the internet and his nasty texts to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez were leaked.

It is quite hard to believe that such an atrocious amount of money was spent by Bieber that night. However, TMZ reported that a KOD representative confirmed that the singer spent such an amount and that too all in $1 bills. One of the representatives even tweeted about this on his account. So apparently, the news is true. The representatives even said that Bieber went wild in the club. Where did he get all those $1 bills from? Bieber apparently had a suitcase or might have gone to the local bank to get all those bills. Apparently, Bieber intended to give the club members a hard time in counting all the money that he had spent.

Before this event, Bieber was snowboarding in Aspen. Also reported, is Bieber urinated his initials on the snow during his stay. The singer reached Miami and also went to another club called Mansion before he visited the King of Diamonds which has some the best female strippers in Miami. He already became a part of the scandal first when his texts with ex Selena Gomez was made public. These texts, that have definitely brought Bieber in bad light, were even authenticated as per the reports by Radar. The young singer was begging Gomez to come back with him and when she denied, he even sent her a picture of his genitals. When Gomez didn’t respond well to that, he started becoming quite nasty and went on to tell her that she was famous only because of him.

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This is not the end of the controversy. Bieber has also been reported for his drug problems. The police even raided his home recently for the same, which was obviously denied later. This has been a tough time for the singer, to compensate for which, his partying has gone out of control. Andrew Gruttadaro from Hollywood Life went on to say that though he is a superstar, he is still pretty naïve. Moreover, he is trying to become a part of the big boy brigade, partying and sounding cool and hard like them, which doesn’t quite match with his own age or style. He is still not a part of their league and doesn’t believe that he has a problem with anything.

Last Tuesday, his mansion in Calabasas was also searched by the police after he was reportedly throwing eggs on his neighbor’s lawn. The police said that they found drug paraphernalia and drugs in his house. There were two big cookie jars in his house that were filled with Marijuana. Not only this, they found drugs all over his house during their raid. The law enforcement officials later denied this claim. It is being reported by Radar that the family and friends of the young 19 year old singer are now deeply concerned about his behavior and habits while he is in no mood to go to a facility to get any kind of help. Bieber reportedly believes that nothing is wrong with him and he is doing what any 19 year old should be doing. Another controversy has started as he had uploaded a pic of himself smoking a Cuban Cigar, which are illegal in the United States.

In the meanwhile, Bieber has really no way to get out of a lawsuit in which a photographer has claimed that he was ordered to be beaten by the superstar and his bouncer even stole his memory card from him. The heartthrob is now seen partying with Little Scrappy on his 30th birthday, throwing dollar bills at the strippers after having thrown eggs at people. It is quite possible that he was simply trying to party his way out of the issues that he is facing right now. However, it only seems that controversy’s favorite child has added another feather to his cap. However, his massive spending at the strip club has come under the scanner for now and he is being called outrageous and atrocious. Meanwhile, the Believers are busy defending their favorite singer on the internet saying that he should be left alone.