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Imagine this for a second: it’s the night of the big game and you have invited 10 of your old high school buds for your annual reunion party. There’s beer in the refrigerator and the wings you ordered (you don’t cook and you know it) finally got delivered. Great; it’s time to chill with your friends and watch the game. Shit—you’re thirsty.


You don’t want to miss the game and no one else is close enough to the refrigerator to get you another beer.

You know what you need right now?

A sexy girl to bring you a beer…actually make that two. And some more wings, too; you just noticed you’re still kind of hungry.

Sounds like a great plan doesn’t it? Want to know the one way to make it better?

Have the girls serving your beer and wings do it naked. It’s what you wish it was like in Hooters.

Now that’s how you have a football party. Beer, wings, and hot naked women. Unfortunately you aren’t going to get any of your guest’s wives or girlfriends to parade around the house wearing nothing but the beer in their hands.

Luckily for you (and your guests), there is a solution: the private strippers from

Whether you’re watching a football game, NBA game, a UFC fight night or whatever sport you’re into, having a strip show and girls walk around the party bringing you your beers and food completely naked is going to be one of the most memorable nights of you and your guest’s lives. I mean seriously: you can have your fantasy play out while you play fantasy football.

Private strippers aren’t just for sports parties, though. Whether you’re having a send-off for a co-worker that’s moving to a new job, throwing a bachelor party for your best friend, or want to have the most kickass birthday party of all time, having female strippers is the way to go.

Never hired a private stripper before and don’t know what to expect? Are you on the fence about hiring a female stripper for your best friend’s bachelor party because you don’t know if it’s worth it? At Hot Party Stripper we guarantee the show you receive will be one of the most mind-blowing experiences of your life. The typical show can be broken down into 4 parts; here are the game day stages of a female stripper party:

1st Down – All about the special guest.

If you’re throwing a bachelor party, you want the main focus to be on the groom-to-be. It’s one of his final nights of freedom and it’s time for him to really live it up. When the girls arrive, they’ll take the bachelor away from the rest of the guests and make sure he feels special. This is where your
best friend will get the first taste of what the girls have to offer—he’ll have to sit there and watch as they slowly slide their costume off, and do his best not to go insane as he gets teased. Clothes will be flying off, your friends will be cheering, and the bachelor will barely be able to contain
himself…and then things will get even better.

2nd Down – Toys aren’t just for kids.

Now you might be thinking “it’s 1st down the same as I’d get in a strip club” and you might be right except you get to choose the hottest girls exclusively for your party, you get to pick their outfits,and the show is completely private and blows anything you’d ever find in a strip joint out of the water. Your skepticism will fade away when you see what the girls do next…

Possibly the wildest part of the evening, you will get to witness one of the sexiest, most amazing shows you will ever see. A complete girl-on-girl show will have your strippers doing things you wouldn’t think were allowed. Don’t forget to have everyone bring tip money as well—the more tips that roll in, the naughtier the show will get. This portion of the show is intended to be as hardcore and XXX as possible—if you’re afraid of women, though, the girls can tame it down (but you know you don’t want them to).

3rd Down – Football? These are the games you want to watch.

After you sweep your guests eyeballs off the floor, things will start to get a little more interactive. Starting with the bachelor the girls will play a few games with the guests—I’m not talking about checkers here, guys. I’m talking about body shots, sexy oil rubs, seductive whipped cream and one of the all-time favorites: “Feed the Kitty”. (We’ll let your imagination run wild trying to figure that one out.) Every girl has a different set of games she likes to play so you’ll be in for a treat the whole night.

4th Down – Special plays and requests.

This is the point where the rest of the guests get their special treatment. All of the girls will provide lap dances to the guests (including you) so everyone gets the interactive, sexy private dance they’ve been dying to have all night. Afterwards you and the guys can relax (or at least try to) and the girls will serve your beers and let you watch the game.

So how much is your ultimate party night going to cost?

At we understand that people have different budgets and desires. We’ve broken down your female stripper party into four different price categories so you can get a hot show that fits within your budget:

Bronze Package or Game day Stripper/Waitress

Working on a budget or don’t have a lot of time before you and the guys go to a different venue or location? The bronze starter package may be for you. With the bronze package you get everything from the 1st down; this includes:

• Special attention for the bachelor
• A one-of-a-kind strip show
• 1 hour strip show

Price: $ call in (1 girl) , $ call in (2 girls), or use form for Reserve Stripper Online
Price: Game day Stripper/Waitress – same price as above (but only $100-150 per hour/girl there after)

Silver Package – Most requested package !

Want to take the party to the next level? The silver package will take the show from being focused on just the bachelor and give everyone a night they will be talking about for weeks. The silver package

• Everything from the bronze package, PLUS
• More interactive show for the bachelor
• Amazingly hot 2 girls girl-on-girl show
• 1.5 Hour Strip Show

Price: $ call in or use form for Reserve Stripper Online

Gold Package

Now you’re talking. With the gold package you will give your guests one of (if not THE) greatest show they have ever seen; this is the type of party they will talk about for MONTHS. The gold package includes:

• Everything from the bronze and silver packages, PLUS
• A hotter, naughtier performance for the bachelor
• A wilder 2 girls girl-on-girl show (I can’t stress how amazing this is)
• Wild, interactive, and extremely SEXY party games
• 2 Hour Strip Show

Price: $ call in or use form for Reserve Stripper Online

Hot Party Stripper Package – Best value

This is the ultimate party stripper package. Your friends won’t be talking about this for weeks or months. They will talk about this for the rest of their lives. If you’re ready for the best stripper experience you will ever have, the Hot Party Stripper Package is exactly what you need. Here’s what
you get:

• Everything from ALL of the other packages (bronze, silver, AND gold), including
• A premium, unforgettable striptease for the bachelor
• The hottest 2 girls girl-on-girl live show available today
• The craziest party games you’ll ever play
• Lap dances for everyone
• And best of all: there’s no time limit!

Price: $ call in or use form for Reserve Stripper Online

I know you’re already excited just thinking about how amazing your party is going to be so don’t hesitate: go through our extensive list of insanely hot strippers, pick the girls you want for your event, and reserve your package today.

Hurry, though, as our girls are in high demand all over the country—the longer you wait the greater chance there is your girl won’t be available. Click the link below to reserve your party strippers now. Your guests will thank you for the rest of your life.


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