Chocolate Shake Thick Black Male Strip Dancer

chocolate shake model

Height : 6’0″
Weight : 240
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Bio: : Chocolate shake is in male dancer in Fort Lauderdale available for all types of girls night out and divorce parties. You can contact our staff and add him to your party maybe even with a passion party woman to bring lotions and toys to your party.

We have tons of male dancers in South Florida. You may want to look at Flex or Romeo these are two guys that are readily available that are slightly smaller than chocolate shake but they’re very good at what they do. Some may call them pretty boys.

You can also add a female exotic dancer in Miami to come and add a unique flavor to the male dancers show. Friend since you could have both of them dress up as police officers and put on a nice seductive and burlesque show before lapdances excetera

We provide the most epic events for your friends around here in South Florida we have over 500 costumes as well. you may want to add something to your wedding for instance LED robots which we have. You may want to add Samba dancers to your wedding. we have it all. Another thing you could add is stilt-walkers down here in South Florida to your event.

Chocolate shake has done numerous holiday parties like a black Santa Claus located here in Dania Beach Florida.

If you girls are going to go rent a boat or a yacht you may want to have one of our professional exotic dancers join you on your boat.

If you’re doing a business promotion we have promotional models located here in South Florida may want to include them to your event or your corporate party.

Office parties are always a great thing to break up the monotony with your staff. You may want to just add chocolate shake to come in as a UPS delivery guy and surprise surprise for everybody. these surprise prank parties are absolutely fun.

There are some beautiful resort hotels on Fort Lauderdale Beach as well as South Beach. We have listed some of the favorites on our site to better serve you to save you time and shopping around.

You may also want to consider getting a little person stripper to go with chocolate shake, how funny would that be? so you have one huge male dancer and one little tiny 4 ft midget. dress them both up as police officers partners in crime or better yet showtime baby.

Even though it conflicts with our business, we’ll go ahead and list some of the strip clubs in Fort Lauderdale. Now keep in mind when you go to a strip club you’re not going to get costume strippers, or exotic dancers doing toy shows, and you’re not going to get the type of time dedicated to you and your guest. You will have to compete with every other client at that strip club. And then the strip clubs have rules with this local city government that doesn’t allow the strippers to do all types of different routines. A strip club’s primary focus is on liquor sales and we could deliver liquor bottles to you as the owner has a beverage license in Florida.

Let’s try to serve you a little bit better we’re going to list some of the local attractions in Fort Lauderdale. You can check out some of these hot spots to set up an itinerary around your male dancer coming out to your event.

If deciding to move the location of the bachelorette party to a nearby location:

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