Cobra Black Male Model

black male model named cobra

Height : 6’0″
Weight : 190
Hair : Black
Eyes : Brown
Bio: : Cobra plays local football for the sub-Pro Football League. He’s very athletic in shape and his high energy for a long time. Our Miami male dancers for bachelorette parties are ready to turn your engines on. His energy doesn’t run out like Domino’s Pizza in 30 minutes or less. This guy can bring the energy all night long baby. Ladies, do you want to turn up your party? Well then contact our staff right now what are you waiting for.

Prices subject to change depending on location of party. If you have any concerns what the age requirements before hiring Cobra the black male model dancer for your party you’re capable of checking out here for all the legalities in the state of Florida.

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If deciding to move the location of the bachelorette party to a nearby location:

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