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We are the #1 strippers in Miami company. Add some exciting exotic dancers to be flirty, fun, high-energy, and leave a memorable event for all of your friends. Relish our honest VIP pricing with no hidden fees hitting you last minute at the event. You pay what you are quoted on the phone. Our party planners are ready to assist you in using their experience to make your celebration the best.

Topless Waitresses for those corporate or get-togethers. Gogo dancers for when you want to add a change to your house party. Two to ten girl Fantasy Shows. Exotic Dancers to bring energy. Some other examples of fun are Samba Dancers for crazy happy hour events. Salsa Dancers, which is always great. Little People can bring smiles overall. We happen to own a local costume store that our exotic dancers use. A stripping event with costumes is a level up from a strip club. We assure you a time you will not forget.

Girls’ bride-to-be parties and birthdays. We also provide other types of events.

  • Boat parties.
  • Card parties.
  • Golf or Top Golf trips.
  • Divorce party.
  • Girls’ passion parties providing lotions and games.
  • Female oil wrestling in a blow-up pool. Check out our videos for an example.
  • Sports parties with our cheerleaders serving you like kings.
  • Prank surprise for a good laugh.
  • Pizza delivery girls to give you a moon over Miami.
  • Bottle Girls delivering great beverages from a local franchise we work with.
  • Little People can bring smiles overall.
  • Holiday parties.

We have over three-hundred costumes in South Florida. Ask the sales staff about what we have. Some examples of costumes are Police to simulate an arrest. A School-Girl is submissively wanting to learn. Conversely, is our school teacher, that tutors, making every student pay attention. Yes, play hot for the teacher as the opening song. The hotel Manager is ready to role-play and kick you out of the hotel for being too square. Pizza Delivery always works, because when a man is full he is happy. Playboy Bunny for the cute roleplay, bringing you a Hugh Hefner Robe to play as her mentor. A French-Maid with whatever accent you want, even Asian, haha. We have every superhero one can think of. We have villains too. We have three pirate costumes, for you men to do a treasure hunt on your knees. We have goddess costumes as follows: Aphrodite, Athena, Cleopatra all ready to serve and fan you. We have a few queens as well. We have the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. The Dragon Queen from Game of Thrones. Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones. Also, step out of the box and think of other actress roles. Let’s talk, Harley Quinn, a daddy’s bad little girl. Wonder Woman with Lighted Lasso of Truth/Shield/Sword/High Boots. Yea, have Wonder Woman come over and wrap the bachelor up with the lasso of truth Meet the Fooker style. Batman, or Catgirl with a whip, to purr your night away. Spartan Warrior for women wanting a strong character. 70’s Disco Outfits for the more baddie role play. Superman or Captain America role for bride’s rescue. Ironman equipped with Lights in Chest/Helmet/Hands. Hey gamers, we have Diva the Gamer. Giant LED Robots 9 feet tall, for corporate additions. We can bring you more fun than you expected and way more fun than a strip club.

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Birthday Parties: Is one of your friends having a birthday soon? Your first question is, where can one find dancers near me? It can be one of the best chances for a person to spend some together and laugh. Here the person can enjoy a lot of good times and hold on to some pretty striptease dancers. In short, a person can do a lot of things that they can’t do at a nightclub. However, they cannot do it on their own. Here is a quick look at the things that one can enjoy.
Have toys added to the show? Well, you can’t get this help at a strip club. Think about it, the strip show at a strip club doesn’t have this, and you deal with all the other customers in the club for the dancer’s full attention. Now, let’s add toys, and let the show turn up with some fun energy.

  • At the divorce party, you can play passion party games with them.
  • You can share your cocktails, whip cream, hot fudge, or other food to eat.
  • You can get up and dance with them.
  • Lap dances are fantastic after the striptease show. It is like a massage with the softest body parts.

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