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The Best Nightclubs In Atlantic City For Guys And Girls’ Nights Out

Atlantic City, known locally as AC, is a great place to go if you want to cut loose with friends for a night of decadence, noise and fun. A true nightlife center of the infamous Jersey Shore, a trip to AC is a great way to enjoy life with your buds especially when trying to get some Atlantic city strippers for your bachelor party. However, this is a city that is notorious for hit or miss night clubs, so make sure you go to one of the top night life centers in AC if you decide to hit up this Vegas-like town.
HQ Night Club – Girls who want to go to a nightclub that allows them to have a great time without worrying about too many creepy guys will love HQ Night Club. As one of Atlantic City’s best concert venues, visitors get to enjoy a large dance floor, sweet lighting, and a great lineup on just about every night. And, the prices for cover, drinks, and just about everything else are very reasonable. Dress to impress, and you’ll have the time of your life at HQ.

The House Of Blues – If the name sounds familiar, then don’t worry, it’s because it is familiar. The House Of Blues is the top music venue in all of AC, making this a hotspot for groups of guys and girls who want to experience great music. People who visit this Atlantic City mainstay should check to make sure that a band that they actually enjoy is playing, since this venue is infamous for its wide variety of different acts. This venue also serves decent food and drinks, for those who are interested in noshing while listening to toe tapping music.

Bally’s Bikini Beach Bar – Want to enjoy a little surf and sun? The Bikini Beach Bar has you covered. A favorite place for groups of friends to chill out, enjoy ice cold beers, listen to catchy top 40’s tunes, and of course, ogle the hotties in swimwear making a great place to spend for a bachelor party in Atlantic City, Bally’s casino definitely has earned a name for a great bar. It’s a seasonal bar, and best visited when the weather is top notch. Dancing in a swimsuit isn’t only OK here – it’s encouraged!


Boogie Nights – Do you and your best buds want to enjoy a classic 80’s night life experience, complete with over the top décor and personalities? Then Boogie Nights, located at the Tropicana, is the only place you should even consider going. Even in Atlantic City, Boogie Nights has a reputation for being a little bit on the wild side. Whether you are a huge fan of Blondie or a big fan of everything 70s, Boogie Nights is the best retro-spinning club you can attend in all of AC. As a relaxed yet crazy club, we highly suggest this for groups who are sick of the top 40 mixes being spun in other venues.

Anthem – Groups looking for a top venue with amazing lighting, a slick atmosphere, and plenty of options at the bar will love Anthem. This super hot club has gotten a rep for being one of the best places to go for groups who want to mingle with hot people, as well as groups who love to chill out with VIP bottle service. Best of all, Anthem is known for being affordable, so even budget-conscious groups can feel the glitz and glamor of AC.

Delilah’s Den AC – Guys who want to go out as a group to a strip bar but don’t want to deal with dancers who aren’t that attractive do have their solid picks to choose from in Atlantic City. Delilah’s Den Atlantic City is one of the most well known strip clubs in the area for New Jersey strippers, especially when it comes to quality dancers, decent cover prices, and interesting events.

Haven Night Club – This top Atlantic City night club is a great place to go as a group of girls, a group of guys, or as a group altogether. Outfitted with a setting that is made for massive parties, a sound system that can put many New York nightclubs to shame, and an excellent bar menu, Haven Night Club is one of those places that everyone should visit once. Its laid back atmosphere, decent prices, and amazing performance artists make it an experience worth checking out – and that’s even if you’re not usually a night club person.

The key to having a good time in Atlantic City is to do a little bit of everything. Go out to eat, go gambling for a bit, and then head to a nightclub of your choice. Of course, with all the fun performances and night life aficionados you’ll find in this beach city, you’ll likely end up finding yourself with more than one good night of partying.