Manny Guy Model In Doral Fla

manny a doral model

Height : 5’11”
Weight : 195
Hair : Dark-Brown
Eyes : Brown
Bio: : Manny is a Colombian born but raised in Miami male dancer for bachelorette parties. You can contact our staff today to book him. Manny has several costumes like construction worker, handyman, Suit & Tie, police officer, firefighter, and a ninja.
He’s a prominent choice when looking for male dancers in Miami.

One of the hotspots located close to downtown Miami is Club 11. This place is fantastic to go after hours typically after midnight. Definitely want to check this place out to listen to some good music.

Are there places you could also see close by downtown Miami is in the Brickell area are there a lot of things to do in Brickell Florida

If deciding to move the location of the bachelorette party to a nearby location:

Florida | Miami | Orlando | Tampa | Jacksonville | Panama City | Tallahassee | Fort Myers | Naples | Pensacola

Prices subject to change depending on location of party.

  • Ideas for Bachelorette Party in Miami Florida
  • Birthday Party
  • Divorce Parties
  • Girls Night Out
  • Sports Parties
  • Fantasy Football Parties
  • Business Convention Promo
  • Couples Party
  • Solo Just Strip For You
  • Surprise Office Parank
  • Yacht Boat Party
  • Improv Any Event

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