Hey, guys! We’re throwing a bachelor party this weekend. It’s going to be so much fun—you’ll definitely want to come.

The theme is “overall fun times with friends.” What does that mean? It means we’ll be doing whatever we want and having a blast. We’re going to play games, eat snacks, drink drinks, and just have a good time. There will probably be some dancing as well with Hot Party this never gets old. And don’t worry: we’ve got more than enough room for everyone who wants to come!

Our Private Party 3-Day Weekend Shows Are Happening

We’re all planning on spending the whole weekend together, so if you can make it Friday night through Sunday morning (or even longer if you need), come on by! This is going to be an awesome time for all of us—we hope you’ll join us! Hot Party, is heating up several locations this January with private venue events. Take flight, and travel to selected areas for VIP private events.

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