Boston Massachusetts 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Boston Massachusetts 50th Birthday Party Ideas

Boston Massachusetts 50th Birthday Party

  • Strip Tease Dancer

  • Male Stripper

  • Midget Dancer

  • Dinner & Show

  • Cheers Favorite Drink

  • Massage Girls or Guys in Provocative Clothing

  • Burlesque

  • Funny Prank Stripper

  • Female Wrestling in Bikini

Celebrate a 50th Birthday Party in Boston Massachusetts

Boston is a monster bar city, but there is no lack of amazing lounges, too. From Downtown Boston, to the Back Bay, Seaport, and beyond, these lounges are the best place to celebrate your birthday. Boasting amazing music, big drink menus, and stellar services, you would not be sorry planning your Boston Massachusetts birthday with Boston Strippers at any of these most excellent spots.

50th Birthday in Boston Massachusetts


Empire is over in Seaport, is another chill place for a low-key birthday. The menu is killer, and each of their twelve rooms have a special aesthetic that set various tones. The bottle menu is extensive, the Opium Dream is a flavor summery cocktail, and the scorpion bowls are toxic. You can order group drink like the scorpion bowls right via Table list, and actually toss in a few bucks for a food spend.


Bond is placed in the Langham, another historic landmark placed in Boston actual Federal Reserve Building. This is another place that I would advice for a beverage and food spend along with your bottle orders, for drinks like the Franklin or Lincoln, as well as the charcuterie plates. Amazing impressive menu, birthday spot, and an all-around best choice for a night out.

Chalet at Bastille

This place is a sweet location, and with a swiss chalet vibe, it is a really special place in the city. You can throw in a beverage and food spend when picking bottles via Tablelist, and you should, because menu is imaginary. The Fruits de Mer Platter is a target for the seafood lover: lobsters, shrimp, clams, oysters and a salmon tartare.


Alibi is a classic Boston, with service in the lounge of the beautiful courtyard patio of the old Charles St. Jail. Either is a remarkable choice for groups ranging in size from two to twenty. My advice in the hot months to crush mucho tequila on the patio, may be with a few chill Sangrias or Hand Cukes. In the winter, keep hot in the cozy bar place while a DJ spins top forty and mashups on Thursday to Saturday night.

Bridal spa days

Bridal spa days are very tense affairs, during which ladies-in waiting seriously for their requirements to target on an often-frazzled brides. A birthday bacchanal beauty, anyway, is another matter fully. At Exhale spa, private groups can reserve multiple treatments – pedis, mani, messages, facials, as well as core fusion class or private yoga, and enjoy fit seeming yet generous munchies like chocolate-covered strawberries.