Las Vegas 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Las Vegas 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Las Vegas 40th Birthday Party

  • Strip Tease Dancer

  • Male Stripper

  • Midget Dancer

  • Dinner & Show

  • Wine Tasting

  • Dessert Buffet 

  • Burlesque

  • Funny Prank Stripper

  • Female Wrestling in Bikini

Celebrate a 40th Birthday Party in Las Vegas

With some amazing 40th birthday party ideas in Las Vegas, plan bash as you pass on into mild-adulthood.
A surprise party is forever amazing if you are planning a party for your near ones 40th birthday.
An over the hill gathering will just right, and can be remarkable fun with back decoration, mock tombstones and over the hill cakes with messages.

40th birthday party ideas in Las Vegas

A party celebrating the activities and life of the 40th birthday girl or boy can a best 40th birthday party ideas. You can publish a book carrying old snaps from poems, and family albums, or stories on the person whose birthday it is. Invite contributions from friends asking them to write about the memories they had shared with him or her. These booklets would actually, make amazing party favors.
White and black theme would again be a mocking reminder of the passing youth. Oversized white and black photos of the person can standard around the room to bring a nostalgic air to the party, a best 40 birthday party ideas. They do have private party rooms to rent out which is common for having some Las Vegas Strippers come out to do a strip tease show for the birthday boy or girl. This birthday party idea is all about amazing food and remarkable company.

Ask the guest to dress up in the 60s fashion. Bell-bottomed and bright decors guests dancing to a dynamic 60s rock and roll with truly set the party rolling.

If the birthday is in the hot month, a beach party will be a chill idea. Surfing, scuba diving, a sunset cruise will just complete the fun. You can even set up an indoor beach party with the guests dressed in the Hawaiian costumes.
A charity party would a best act on your 40th birthday. This would be a best idea if you are running low on your budget.
The gifts for a 40 year old should ring a bell that the person has climbed over the hill. Over the hill shows are simple to find, and with a pretty inequity, you can get special presents just for the age. A very funny one would be a coffin shaped box stuffed with goodies to make the beneficiary chuckle over the piece of mockery.

Coffee mugs with the age printed in bold, or t-shirts carrying amazing messages. You can even personalize the t-shirt with an image of the birthday person for his wonderful forty.

You can even think of making a scrap book with some images from the family album, and scribble your thoughts for her or him. If you are looking for more sober ideas, you can forever go for a perfect set of wine glasses, with a bottle of best wine.