Nashville 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Places to celebrate your 30th birthday in Nashville Tennessee

For Franklin Tn, probably the only location that makes the grade in terms of bar/atmosphere/lack of kids would be Red Pony, Sol. I have judged both have slightly brought down their average entrée cost in the last few months. I would select Red Pony over Solas as its best for Nashville strippers parties and it is a more mainstream fine new southern menu/fine dining. Wine selection is pretty perfect and the bar turns out some perfect cocktails.

Wait a minute! I forever seem to forget that saffire exists, which is a shame as the food is quite perfect and atmosphere/bar works pretty perfect. Entree fee are all over the map from the teens to the 30s, but the cooking perfect, not quite an official feeling as Red Pony, but I like the food here more. Cocktails are on par, if not perfect than Red Pony, wine list is tasty.

Boxwood Bistro also might make the cut, but just servers wine and beer as I recall. Personally, while I like the food pretty a lot, I would have wanted to enjoy my 30th birthday here as the environment is little to airy and light.

Another choice would be the recently opened 108 Grille in Franklin. The menu is remarkable and they are still finding their identity. I did check again in June to see how things have worked. It veers a bit too much into sports bar for me with Television in most rooms but they still allow Nashville female strippers. I would advise this as, but the location does have potential and is still finding its pace.

It’s only been four years since my 30th, and if I was going to celebrate in Franklin it would have been at either Saffire or Red Pony. Of those two, you would not bad. Check the menus and enjoy a relax time.

Now if you bring strippers in Nashville Tennessee into the mix, the field extends enormously. If you want to post which locations you liked. Here are the names of the some best locations: Tazza, Silo, Thistle stop café, Etch, Urban Grub etc are best places to celebrate your 30th birthday in Nashville Tennessee.

Another famous place is 3 Crow restaurant and bar is the type of place you can go to cut loose, let your hair down, and celebrate your birthday at this place. If you are looking for a best location to enjoy and drink, you will find lots of open-minded people hanging out at 3 Crow on weekend or weekday afternoons.