San Diego 40th Birthday Party Ideas

san diego 40th birthday party

San Diego 40th Birthday Party

  • Strip Tease Dancer

  • Male Stripper

  • Midget Dancer

  • Dinner & Show

  • Wine Tasting

  • Dessert Buffet

  • Burlesque

  • Funny Prank Stripper

  • Female Wrestling in Bikini

Celebrate a 40th Birthday Party in San Diego California

if you are a lady turning 40 then you know it is time to enjoy. You may just be unsure as to how to go about the celebrating. These San Diego California birthday party ideas were made with you in mind. Elevate the feel of your party to a level of stylish fun that cannot be imitated. This celebration is going to be all about tailor making every and each party detail to your flavor. Think about planning a group celebration with all your buddies who are turning 40. Below are some remarkable 40th birthday party ideas for women to get you begun.

40th birthday party ideas in San Diego California

Celebrate the foodie in your life with nothing other than birthday party with food themed. Book a table at your domestic cooking class or food-ify your home for the best soiree. Complete with personalized aprons and chef hats, this will be a 40th birthday bash every person will want a bite of. Pick a certain kind of food and use that dish as party inspiration. Let’s say the birthday girl definitely loves sushi, you could then use salmon hues and bright greens to guide your party planning. Dress up some San Diego strippers in a cook costume and give her a real surprise. Just get creative and have thrill. Oh, do not forget to bring your desire for food.

Wine tasting party

This party idea is about the wine, do forget to dish up some appetizers. Consider providing crackers and cheese after or before the stomping and tasting. This exciting activity will just include to the celebrity feel of the big day.

A custom engraved wine glass is the best addition for this party theme. You can make these perfect personalized glasses with a “Happy Birthday” sentiment. Additional, once the day is done you can send them home with your guests as the best party favors. Since this will be a 40th birthday destination, target all your decorating focus on the party bus. Bring streams, balloons, and make a custom playlist including all of the guest of honors best tunes.

Host a dessert buffet

Set up a long table for the buffet with a scheme of color in mind. Use the birthday girls best colors or opt for more natural colors like shades of brown and sandy tans which are best and match just about everything. Use these colors to support you pick out a custom table runner as well a dessert table essentials like matching plates and cake stands.