Cartegena Colombia Bachelor Party

Bronze Package

(Game Day Stripper)

Working on a budget or don’t have a lot of time before you and the guys go to a different venue or location? The bronze starter package may be for you. With the bronze package you get everything from the 1st down; this includes:

• Special attention for the bachelor
• A one-of-a-kind strip show
• 1 hour strip show

Price: $ call in (1 girl) , $ call in (2 girls), or use form to get a quote.
Price: Game day Stripper/Waitress – same price as above (but only $100-150 per hour/girl there after)

Silver Package

(Most Requested Package)

Want to take the party to the next level? The silver package will take the show from being focused on just the bachelor and give everyone a night they will be talking about for weeks. The silver package

• Everything from the bronze package, PLUS
• More interactive show for the bachelor
• Amazingly hot 2 girls girl-on-girl show
• 1.5 Hour Strip Show

Price: $ call in or use form for Reserve Stripper Online

Gold Package

(Way Better than a Strip Club)

Now you’re talking. With the gold package you will give your guests one of (if not THE) greatest show they have ever seen; this is the type of party they will talk about for MONTHS. The gold package includes:

• Everything from the bronze and silver packages, PLUS
• A hotter, naughtier performance for the bachelor
• A wilder 2 girls girl-on-girl show (I can’t stress how amazing this is)
• Wild, interactive, and extremely SEXY party games
• 2 Hour Strip Show

Price: $ call in or use form for Reserve Stripper Online

Ultimate Package

(Baller’s Package)

This is the ultimate party stripper package. Your friends won’t be talking about this for weeks or months. They will talk about this for the rest of their lives. If you’re ready for the best stripper experience you will ever have, the Hot Party Stripper Ultimate Package is exactly what you need. Here’s what
you get:

• Everything from ALL of the other packages (bronze, silver, AND gold), including
• A premium, unforgettable striptease for the bachelor
• The hottest 2 girls girl-on-girl live show available today
• The craziest party games you’ll ever play
• Lap dances for everyone
• And best of all: there’s no time limit!

Price: $ call in or use form for Reserve Stripper Online

  • Boat w/Captain Rental

  • Brunch/Lunch

  • Shooting Range

  • Party Bus

  • Paint Ball Games

  • Kidnap the Bachelor

  • Massages

  • Midgets for Hire

  • LED Angel Wing Girls

  • Stretch SUV Limo

  • Girl Wrestling

  • VIP Nightclub Connections

  • Sexy Wait-Staff

  • Topless Bartender/Waitress

  • Special Costume Requests

  • Fish & Strips

  • Exotic Dancers Strip Show

  • Dinner & Show

  • Dinner Sushi on a Stripper

  • Bottle Service w/Sparklers

  • Poker Night

  • Fantasy Football

  • Transvestite

  • Steak & Tits Dinner

Boat Cruise with Boobs & More

Minimum 10 guests $300 per guest or ($3000)

  • 3 hour private boat rental with Captain
  • 2 beautiful exotic strippers take it all off
  • Gourmet lunch or dinner buffet for all guests
  • Personal event planner

Girl Wrestling

Minimum 10 guests $200 per guest or ($2000)

  • 1.5 hour LED blow up pool
  • 4 beautiful exotic strippers take it all off
  • 1 Male Referee in Costume of choice (we have over 100)
  • Personal event planner

Baller Poker Party

Minimum 10 guests $200 per guest or ($2000)

  • 2 hours Party Room in Major City
  • Poker Table
  • 1 hot Poker Dealer
  • Platters of Finger Food
  • Sexy Strip Tease Show
  • Personal event planner

Bottle Girls

Minimum 10 guests $200 per guest or ($2000)

  • 1.5 hour Bottle Service 2 bottles
  • 5 beautiful exotic strippers take it all off
  • Silver Package Toy Show also
  • Personal event planner

Cartegena Colombia Bachelor Party Ideas

Celebrate a Bachelor Party in Cartegena Colombia

Cartagena is a Colombia Carribbean coast port city, improving bright buildings, a rich history and lots of things to view and do.

Bachelor party ideas in Cartegena Colombia

Centro Amurallado

This is the center of Cartagena, the old wallet city protected by the fortress intended to save the city from storms and pirates. Within the walls, there are plaza, regal buildings, convents and churches.

Restaurants and hotels within this place, known as El Centro, draw attention to their colonial origins. Also within the wallet place, the section of Getsmani is less costly but value a daytime stroll.

Convento de la Popa

Alternatively known as convent and monastery, this grand complex is a remarkable location to visit for a look at the wonderful religious life, superb views of the city, the Caribbean and close by islands.

The Convento de la Popa is a best spot for sunset with flowered patios and best view of the city, it was once a further fortress and is house to a museum and the chapel of the Virgen de la Candelaria.

Tayrona beach

Placed in the national park, it is where many visitors relax after amazing hike to the Lost city. With white sandy beaches alongside the jungle, there is a chance to camp in best surroundings.

EL laguito and Bocagrande

These 2 areas are placed on an L-Shaped Peninsula facing the Caribbean. While the beaches are dull, this area has become the site of hotels, restaurants, and shopping. There are also wonderful clubs to dance all night.

Las Bovedas shop

Shop and enjoy art in which once were storerooms or jail cells for the fortresses.

These twenty-three dungeons built in the end of 1700s were built by the army during colonial times and after that used by Spanish for storage and finally into a jail before becoming souvenir shops.


There are lots of optiins in Bocagrande, Getsemani for tabernas, the center of town, , El Centro, discos and bars. Use caution in Getsamani, but all the night is dynamic, with Colombia and Caribbean music. Take a nap before you go nightclubbing.

Museo de Oro y Arqueloguia

This golden museum and archeological is placed on Plaza Bolivar. While much of the pre-Columbia gold set is in Bogota, there is a fit collection of gold artifacts and pottery from the Sinu culture.

If you are eager for more history and culture go to the close by Palacio de la Inquisicíon showing colonial structure and design. With a wonderful front wall, the museum presents the black side of history with presents of the tools of torture from the Spanish inquisition, pre-Columbian, colonial, and independence age art.