Montreal Canada 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Montreal Canada 40th Birthday Party Ideas

Montreal Canada 40th Birthday Party

  • Strip Tease Dancer

  • Male Stripper

  • Midget Dancer

  • Dinner & Show

  • Wine Tasting

  • Dessert Buffet 

  • Burlesque

  • Funny Prank Stripper

  • Female Wrestling in Bikini

Celebrate a 40th Birthday Party in Montreal Canada

40th birthday party ideas in Montreal Canada

Cabaret Underworld

Did you know you could rent out this place for a night? Invite all your friends, your much loved band, and get ready for the largest party you have ever throw. For $500 on weekends and $400 on week nights, you can book the full Cabaret for you and your guests. If each guest pay just $5, with eighty people you will be capable to have a private concert for you and the gang. They do have private party rooms to rent out which is common for having some Montreal Canada Strippers come out to do a strip tease show for the birthday boy or girl. This birthday party idea is all about amazing food and remarkable company.

Terrace at Abreuvoir

The cool atmosphere is best for a laid-back type of birthday. You can reserve a section at the bar without an issue without spending a dollar. Anyway, if you plan on bringing fifty of your friends and want to reserve a big section of the bar, you will have to pay.

Croisières AML

With Croisières AML you can book a boat for an evening and have a big party with a bar, DJ and lots of people. If this sounds remarkable, but you do not have enough cash to rent the full ship? Buy tickets to attend one of their organized parties which are commonly from 12am to 3am.


Apt.200 has different rooms in which you can relax and have a few drinks. It is designed like an apartment, with a living room, dining table, and even a bedroom. It would be a remarkable place for a 40th birthday party, but if you want to ensure to get in, you should reserve. Generally, you and your guests have to order drinks for a minimum of $30 each if you want to book a selection or a few tables.

Casino de Montréal

Go to the Montreal Casino to view if you can win some extra cash. Have a few drinks, with some cash, and at like large shots. This is the best place to begin the night before hitting the bars, but if you are lucky enough to target the jackpot, you will be capable to take it to the next level and go to Las Vegas for the rest of your 40th birthday celebration.

House party

When you invite your large group of friends, and they all invite their friends, you have got yourself a pretty large party. Ensure your neighbors would not call the cops on you and you are best to go! A few games of beer pong later, you have got yourself a wonderful party. And a few bottles later, you have got yourself the top house party of the year.