Rafael (Puerto Rican – Hablamos Espanol )

model guy named rafael former labare dancer

Height : 6’1″
Weight : 195
Hair : Dark-Brown
Eyes : Brown
Bio: : Raphael is one of the old-schools Labare male dancers in South Florida. He danced with the owner Sean Michaels for many years. He comes out of retirement to do over 40 year old birthday parties and Bachelor parties. Divorce parties are welcome as Raphael is always available. Dade and Broward County contact us today and we’ll set you up with Rafael. Ladies it is your turn the party with the Latino male dancer right here. Are you ready? We have many male dancers locally in South Florida. Many others to choose from that have similar looks to Raphael.
So, think about seeing all options with the Miami male dancers.

Ladies if you want to change up everything and go with some female models in Miami, we have you covered. Or bachelorettes if you want to order your groom some of the girls you could check out the menu here and local South Florida.

Costs subject to change relying on location of party.

  • Bachelorette Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Divorce Parties
  • Girls Night Out
  • Sports Parties
  • Fantasy Football Parties
  • Business Convention Promo
  • Couples Party
  • Solo Just Strip For You
  • Surprise Office Parank
  • Yacht Boat Party
  • Improv Any Event

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