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There are so many events that can benefit from getting girl strippers to perform for your party or event. Examples of some events are birthdays , bachelor parties , divorce party , business promotions with these models , office events , going away party , retirement together , holiday parties and much more. These Orange County Female strippers typically do 1 hour strip o grams  that concentrate on the guest of honor initially with the role play chosen. Some role plays that are common are a police costume , school girl , french maid , party guest or hotel manager. Other parties like at offices may be just a quick 15-30 minute strip o gram to surprise that special person for instance a birthday surprise at a office. Other options like having the Orange County female dancers come out for a 2 hour beach pool party. Many option to chose from and these dancers bring their own music box and costume of choice.

  • Bachelor Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Guys Night Out
  • Divorce Party
  • Football Party
  • MMA Party
  • Basketball Party
  • Baseball or Soccer Party
  • Boat Party
  • Office Party
  • Couples Party
  • Comedy Prank Party

Orange County Football Party With Female Strippers

Like Orange County Ram Cheerleaders Dancing While Serving You Food & Drinks

Places to celebrate your Female Strippers Show in Orange County California

Lock & Keys

Placed in the Koreatown, you may just drive by this spot if you don’t understand where you are going. The signage is closely nonexistent except for a little neon key. And, once you are in, this amazing bar throws challenges visitors even additional. After the enter the main door, you will be faced with a wall holding a digital of door knobs covering a compact wall that exactly will let you into this beautiful spot. Your challenge is to check out which one will let you in. once you have checked it out, a signature of craft concoctions and cocktail menu awaits you. Enjoy the celebrations. No doubt, this is a place for guys night out celebrating Orange County female strippers in their party rooms.

The Varnish

The single entrance is secreted away in the back of Downtown Orange County famous Cole restaurant. In the middle of stained cluttered wood with sepia-character images is a door of oak untouched with the exception of cocktail glass image. Once within the varnish, intimate fifty sea venue, you will love cocktail list that rotates daily and special list for birthday or bachelor entertainment.

The Crocker Club

The amazing bar and set for Orange County girl strippers party place, which is in the basement of Springs Arts Tower, patrons can love signature cocktails in closets where clients used to check out their secure deposit boxes and drink in a location that feels all things private.

Beachers Madhouse

Half circus, half night and all intrigue, Beach Madhouse is one of the remarkable and special venues placed within the stylish Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. The twist is in the entrance, which is secret behind, definitely a bookcase and means crossing an area into club. The excitement does not prevent there. Inside the venue, ready for speakeasy fun straight from the days of the untouchables, in the type of live comedy, and definitely, vaudeville routines.

Good times at Dave Wayne

Guests enter the bar through a refrigerator door which will make you experience as if you are entering a speakeasy. The bar, which is generally a 70 speakeasy, provides up stiff drinks and big crowds. Whether you search an area at one of the bar lots of thrift store couches or love a snow funnel out in the “backyard,” best times at Davey Wayne will definitely live up to its names. This is also a best place for your get together divorce party lets say. You can enjoy here big list of cocktails and bears.

Step aboard with our boat strippers, where our hot exotic dancers, sexy golf caddy girls, and scantily-clad girls cooking your ‘legs and eggs’ breakfast are there to serve you. We even have an exciting strip pong game for you to enjoy. Have a blast, meet new people, and be ready to party. Come and join us for an exceptional entertainment experience!

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